Upon Further Review: Chiefs vs. Seahawks

Andy Reid weighed in after watching the game film


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid held a conference call with the media Sunday afternoon. Here were his thoughts on some members of the team after reviewing the game film:

WR Tyreek Hill (1 reception, 6 yards)

"He didn't have a ton of opportunities. There's a couple things he has to work out in there, but I thought his effort was good. That one that Nick [Foles] ended up throwing to [Demetrius Harris], he probably could've come back. It was a good throw, but Tyreek did a nice job on his route on the basic cross. That was a check that Nick put [Harris] in. He went to that side with it, but he could have also gone to the other side. We had a couple guys open on that play."

DL Chris Jones (2 tackles)

"I thought he made some really good plays. One thing he did well was get off the ball. He's very long, so he was able to reach and make plays all over. I thought he did a good job at playing on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He also got a few different looks and was able to go up against a few different players."

LB Dezman Moses (1 tackle, 2 quarterback hits, 1 pass defensed)

"Dezman did well. He had a couple where guys didn't block him. There were a couple of plays that were good effort plays."

TE Ross Travis (2 receptions, 12 yards)

"He did a pretty good job on the run game, which I didn't think would necessarily be his strength. I'm not telling you that he's a blow up run blocker. I thought he handled himself well with it. With the exception of that one long ball that (Aaron) Murray threw I think that he did a pretty good job in there on the rest of the stuff we asked him to do."

CB DJ White (4 tackles)

"I've been impressed with him. He's done a nice job. Again, he's a guy that has improved a little bit every day, he's feeling a little more comfortable in the scheme. We kept it pretty vanilla yesterday so we'll see how things go as we keep adding stuff in, but so far he's been handling it pretty good."

LB Ramik Wilson (3 tackles)

"Ramik did some good things. He's got to keep working though. There was some hesitation when coming downhill on a couple things. He just needs to cut it loose, trust his eyes, and go.

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