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What Are the Chances the Chiefs Make the Playoffs?

Sports analytics website FiveThirtyEight weighs in


If you're not familiar with "FiveThirtyEight," it is a website that focuses on politics, economics and sports analysis using statistics.

Each year, before the season and then after each week as it goes on, the website offers playoff predictions using something called an ELO rating and a "simulator program that plays out the NFL schedule thousands of times and projects a team's likelihood of making the playoffs, based on a team's record up to that point in time, its remaining schedule and the NFL's various tiebreaker rules."

Entering 2016, FiveThirtyEight gives the Kansas City Chiefs the third-best chance in the league of making the playoffs at 69 percent, tied with the Seattle Seahawks and only trailing the Denver Broncos (74 percent) and Carolina Panthers (75 percent).

Here are all of Kansas City's FiveThirtyEight projections entering the 2016 season:

Make Playoffs:69 percent
Win Division: 39 percent
First-round Bye: 29 percent
Win Super Bowl: 9 percent

For the full list of every team's ELO ratings and playoff chances, click here

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