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What We Learned from Andy Reid and Tyler Bray on Wednesday

Andy Reid and Tyler Bray spoke with the media following practice at Training Camp on Wednesday




Opening Statement: "Great to be back out on the field. Guys have had a couple good days of work. We got it in today even with the rain. They are working hard. They are learning. It looks like they have retained a lot from the OTAs, so it has been a positive couple of days here. Don't have any injuries for you, which is also a positive thing."

Q:What went into the decision to bring Michael Vick into the fold? Did you have a chance to help him get his internship?

REID: "I do have a chance. I invited him here. He had been coaching at the high school level. He really enjoyed that. Like a lot of players when they get done playing, they are searching for different things to do with the rest of their professional life. He has a bunch of routes he can go, but he had an interest in coaching, so I invited him up here and I said 'Hey, give it a try and see what you think. See if you like it.' He has been great for the players to bounce things off of. He has been in this offense before so he understands it."

Q:What kind of coach do you think he will make?

REID: "Michael is a great communicator. Not only does he speak well, but he sees things and can articulate that, and in coaching, you have to be able to do that. Guys are attracted to him. They like his presence and the way he carries himself, so they are not afraid to talk to him and likewise, he is not afraid to talk to them."

Q:How is Derrick Johnson moving?

REID: "You know, he did some good things today. I think he was testing it a little bit yesterday and then today he was able to get out here and make some plays and that is good to see. If you talk to him, he is only here for these two days and then he is off tomorrow as a couple of the other vets are too, (Travis) Kelce and Alex (Smith). For those guys to get out here and knock some of the rust off is good."

Q:How important is it for him to be here for the young guys?

REID: "Certain guys handle it certain ways. The three guys that are out here, and you are asking about DJ, but his attitude says everything. He comes out like he is 20. That is the way he practices anyways, and that is the way he is coming out here and done this. His attitude has been great."

Q:There has been a new study that has come out about CTE. What are your thoughts and how has the NFL progressed?

REID: "I think the league has done a great job of looking in and researching all of that. I know the study and what has been put out there. I cannot tell you how valid that study is, but I would tell you that from the league's standpoint, they have attacked the issue. They surely have not walked away from it or shied away from it. I think that is an important thing."

Q:Travis Kelce already plays a lot, but do you feel like you are just scratching the surface with him?

REID: "I think every year you will see him probably get a little bit more here and there. Different things, like you said, he plays a lot, so it will not be play time necessarily, but just variations of the passing game. He can basically do everything a wide receiver can do. He gives you some flexibility there."

Q:What do you have to do to get more out of him in the red zone specifically?

REID: "Well, he is pretty good in there. We can use him even a little bit more and just keep staying creative with it."




Q:How is it going the last couple days?

BRAY:"It's been good. Weather has been good. Getting out there with the rookies, they are getting a lot of reps, we are getting a lot of reps. It is getting us some good practice before the vets get here."

Q:How important are these first few days?

BRAY:"It is good to get your feet back under you. Of course, in the offseason, you are training and throwing. To get your feet back under you from what you are doing here and, also from the mental aspect, it is good to get back a couple days early."

Q:What is it like working with Michael Vick?

BRAY:"It is great. I used to play as him in Madden all the time. He was unstoppable. Growing up, you look up to a guy like that, you want to be like him when you grow up and to finally meeting him the first day he walked in I was kind of star struck—I didn't know what to say to him."

Q:When did you meet him?

BRAY:"First day of camp."

Q:What are some of the words of advice he is given you or some of the things you will be able to take away?

BRAY:"He has given me some advice about footwork. I know we are a little different style of player, but he has been in the game a long time, he knows what he is talking about. Just footwork and being on time, making the right reads."

Q:Where has your biggest area of growth been?

BRAY:"The mental aspect of football. Last year, I was there, but I wasn't where I am now. I am able to get guys lined up, run the offense. I don't even need to think about what I need to do as far as calling the play and just getting out of the huddle. It just comes natural."

Q:How difficult was it to get to that point and how?

BRAY:"It takes a lot of time in this offense. So you are sitting there, you get back at 9:00, you still have to study and grind. Trying to get to sleep is a little tough, you are still thinking about the plays and what you did that day. Getting out of the huddle, getting up to the line of scrimmage with enough time to see the defense and get a look at what they are doing, maybe a hard count, it helps a lot."

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