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What We Learned from Andy Reid during Friday's Media Availability

Andy Reid addressed the media on Friday

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, as far as the injuries go, the guys that didn't practice today: Tamba [Hali] didn't practice today, Jaye Howard did not practice today and Jeremy Maclin did not practice today. The last two, [Jaye] Howard and [Jeremy] Maclin, they'll be listed as out. We'll go ahead and say Justin Houston, most likely, will be listed as out. We haven't put the final on that, but most likely that'll be what takes place. Anyways, I just want to do a shout out, real quick here, for the veterans on Veterans Day. Awesome day – we all pay tribute to them and for letting us do what we do here. It's a beautiful thing. Not only the veterans that are there now, but the old guys – thank you for everything that you've done. Then the Panthers, we've had a good week of practice. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Panthers. We know they're the reigning NFC Super Bowl team. We respect that. The guys are focused in and worked hard on getting the game plan down. We look forward, again, to that opportunity to playing against a good football team."

Q: Did you just feel like Justin Houston wasn't ready?

REID: "Well, we haven't done it yet. So, we'll get it to you in a little bit, but he moved around good. I wanted to just have a chance to talk to him before we put anything down."

Q: When you hear that the Panthers and Ron Rivera are using what you guys did last year starting 1 – 5 and now they're going on a roll, they kind of used that as bulletin board material, what are your thoughts on that?

REID: "We'll see. We have to play the game. Those are good coaches, and I have a lot of respect for the guys. They have to do what they have to do, and then, we have to do what we have to do, and it's important that we don't lose focus on what we have to do and all the stuff they're doing. That's important right now."

Q: "Has Spencer [Ware] looked comfortable in practice this week and ready for Sunday?

REID: "Spencer [Ware] has done well and has not had any repercussions of the concussion, and he has had a good week of practice."

Q: Feel confident in [Kendall] Reyes with his ability with Jaye Howard and Allen Bailey out?

REID: "[Kendall] Reyes has had a lot of snaps over the years. We played against him, we respected him when he was at San Diego, and we're glad to have him on board here."

Q: You categorize this as a good week for Justin [Houston]?

REID: "Yeah, he had a very good week. He looked good. I'd probably tell you, I'm probably leaning more toward the other way, but I want to have an opportunity to talk to him. I haven't done that yet."

Q: It would seem like you guys would have a setback if you listed him out, but that's not the case?

REID: "No, there are no setbacks."

A look into the Chiefs practice as they prepare to take on the Carolina Panthers

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