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What We Learned From Andy Reid During Postgame Media Availability

Andy Reid spoke to the media Sunday


Opening Statement:"As far as injuries go (Eric) Murray has an ankle sprain or foot sprain, they're working on that right now. Other than that, injury-wise we were fine. That's my responsibility when the offense starts that slow and I'll go back and look at that. Really we didn't get much rhythm going until the second half and then we got a little going. Again, I'll take responsibility for that. I thought our defense, again, started fast, did some good things. Field position ended up being a bit of a factor, we weren't able to flip it from an offensive standpoint which you need to do in the first half. Again, we need to do a better job. We need to score touchdowns and we're not doing that."

You say that it's your responsibility, but you also say at times that everybody's got a piece of it. How big of a piece does the quarterback have?"Everybody's got a piece on that when you say that. He's going to stand up here and tell you that same thing. I can do a better job of putting him in better positions to make plays, the offensive line can block better and receivers, you know, every catch isn't going to be an easy catch. So we've all got a little of this."

Do you see teams putting more up toward the line of scrimmage now than the first five games?"This group was different. They did a little different thing with us. It wasn't anything that we haven't seen or haven't been successful against. We were off. We have to get through this and get it changed around."

Like you say everyone's got a piece of this, but still the quarterback is one of those guys and you guys need a spark right now. Did you consider at all making a change at quarterback?"No. I didn't"

Going forward would you consider it?"No. That's not where I'm at right now. There's a couple other things that I've got to take care of."

What's your message to the guys right now?"Every game is not a perfect game, so you're going to go through some hard times. You stick together, you work hard and you get through it. Then you're real with your game. We're all real with our game and then good things will happen."

You said last week that the defense played well enough to win. Do you still have the same takeaway from today's game?"I thought we started fast defensively. That's what I thought we did and we've got to do the same thing offensively. We're not doing that. That's what I'm telling you is my responsibility. You have to get going and we're not."

Is there a sense of shock when you lose a game like you did last week and you expect a much better performance and this one was just as bad?"We expect better of ourselves. Yeah, we expect better of ourselves and you should. Again, that's something that I've got to make sure that I work out."

How do you feel like you did in terms of clock management in the second half and does the quarterback have a piece of that too?"I'm not sure exactly what part you're talking about."

Just like in the fourth quarter there wasn't a lot of hurry up, there was a lot of going back to the huddles."What was the score?"

16-10."Yeah you get a touchdown you're right there. We had plenty of time. When was the interception? You look at the interception there was plenty of time of on the clock, that wasn't the problem."

What have you seen from Reggie Ragland as far as how he has helped the rush defense?"This is without looking at the tape, but I thought he made quite a few plays out there. He's getting better every week which is a plus."

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