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What We Learned from Andy Reid Following Friday's Game

Andy Reid spoke to the media Friday night

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as the injuries go not really a lot to mention. [Chris] Conley has a knee contusion, we'll just see how he does and [Phillip] Gaines dislocated a finger. Other than that everybody made it through fairly healthy. Really the game came down to two turnovers and then all of the penalties. So two turnovers, 10 points we have to do better. In those areas I was disappointed in that part of it, the discipline part. However the ones had a positive showing. I thought they came out with some good work and were able to move the ball pretty good. With that time's yours."

*Talk about Sam [Ficken] being able to come in basically at the last minute and fill in for Cairo [Santos]? *"I thought he did a nice job. That was a positive. He has a very strong leg. We've had him before in camp and we liked him, we liked what we saw there. I think it's just a matter of him having an opportunity like he had today."

*What did you see from the first-team offense and Alex Smith on that first drive? *"I thought the ones were on top of their game. I was very happy with them and we kept them in there just for a bit and then got them out. Actually Alex only played the one series and then he was out. We got the young quarterbacks a lot of throws. We didn't run the ball much and when we did we didn't run it very well. But we came in where we wanted to throw the ball and give those kids an opportunity. We had all four of them play, all four quarterbacks play, and I thought that was an important thing that we got in today."

*What did you think about [Tyler] Bray and [Patrick] Mahomes and how the two of them faired in their series? *"It was almost equal, it was close. I'll go back and look at the tape on it and see. They had plays called back, in particular the young kids."

*Anything stand out from either of their performances to you? *"I thought they did some good things. A couple of things we have to work on, but I thought for the most part they did some good things. I thought Tyler had a little bit better protection than maybe what Patrick had, but he had to move around a little bit too."

*What did you think the problem was? *"We just didn't do a very good job. We didn't get the push we needed to get. There were a couple times where I thought, and again I have to look at the tape on this, but I wasn't sure we hit the right holes that were available for us. They got us with a couple blitzes too."

*Would you say stopping the run as well? *"Well down the stretch there we weren't doing a very good job."

*What was the thought process in getting Derrick [Johnson] in the preseason game? Was it just that he hadn't played in a while? * "He did get a few reps. He needed them, but he probably got a few more than what I really wanted."

*Mahomes obviously made some nice throws but today off this, is there anything to think of improving to? *"I thought he moved around well. I thought he made some nice reads, some nice throws to start his game off but most of them were called back. But I thought he did a nice job, he had a pretty good event."

*All three quarterbacks go deep the first play, was that designed in anyway? *"It was for four, but the fourth one was playing in a little different coverage."

*Obviously DJ [Derrick Johnson] coming back from injury and Allen Bailey coming back, what did you see from Allen? * "I thought the ones did a nice job and for the most part the two's. But when we started getting the young kids in there, mixing and matching, we probably weren't as sound as we need. That's what you remember. Unfortunately you remember the last little out there when those guys are in. But I don't want to take away from what the ones and the early two's did."

*Kareem Hunt seemed like he was doing pretty well there on the special teams, what's it like to have a running back, back there?  *"He had a couple nice tackles. I would have liked to have gotten him going on the offensive side. But he did a nice job there and that's a plus. And you need your backup running backs to be good special teamers. He really did a nice job with it."

On Mahomes touchdown throw, was it drawn up that way or was it just being creative?  "They showed blitz man, then they peeled the ends against the primary against man on the back. Then he just moved around and made it happen, that was just him. That wasn't how it was drawn up."

I know it's just the preseason but how close are those guys to getting back like Travis [Kelce], Eric [Berry]? "They are close. Potentially will get some work out of them this next week, we'll just see how it goes. They've got a big rehab session tomorrow so we'll see."

CLOSING STATEMENT: "Before we leave here, Officer Gary Michael just our hearts go out to him and his family. He was killed in the line of duty and we're very fortunate that we have those guys taking care of us and unfortunately he gave his life away. Thank you."

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