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What We Learned From Andy Reid Friday

Coach Reid spoke with the media Friday

Opening Statement: "Charcandrick West is sick and he hasn't been out here the last couple of days – with that – he's making progress. We had a couple hamstrings today – strains – (D.J.) White and (Shannon) Edwards in the secondary. We'll just see how they do. Again, good work out here this week putting four days together, and we had an opportunity to look at our opponents in the AFC West because the first game is against San Diego. We looked at Houston, so again, as a review there. Time is yours."

Q: What about Phillip Gaines? I didn't see him out here today.

REID: "We gave Phillip a rest day. No injury, no setbacks. We're just trying to keep him on schedule."

Q: Over 10 practices, even though they aren't really practices, can you see a player develop?

REID: "Yeah you can. I think what you see is guys learning the offense, the defense, the special teams – learning the new techniques. Big part of this game is putting the pads on and hitting and doing all of that stuff. You can't do that now, but you see progress in those other areas."

Q: Have you seen any surprises or anyone jump out to you?

REID: "It's good to see some of the young guys out here. I've been impressed with some of those guys – really all of them. We've thrown a ton out. They are kind of catching on to a four-year program, going on four-year program. So, by that time, you've got a lot in the plan. To pick one guy out, I probably wouldn't do that."

Q: What about Parker (Ehinger)? He's got a lot of reps in.  

REID: "Yeah, he has. A few of these rookies have. He has. He looks like he has a grasp of things. He's getting better each day. He seems to be very diligent in what he's doing, staying on top of the installs and technique."

Q: It was mentioned a few days ago that Brad (Childress) has kind of tweaked the two-minute a little bit – cut out some verbiage and tighten that package – I wanted to know from your stand point why was that necessary?

REID: "Well, it probably did get a little wordy. We have a few plays in there. As the season goes on, you have to kind of fight that. Obviously, we didn't put on a great show that last game. We had an opportunity to get it in, and we didn't do that. This is the time of the year that you work on that. This isn't something much different than what we have done in past years. You try and get some of your two-minute stuff done, some of your situational stuff done in the OTAs and in training camp."

Q: Are Brad (Childress) and Matt (Nagy) sharing the role of the two-minute?

REID: "Yeah, that's not what went on. I'm not sure where – I didn't read the clips there – it was a joint effort there to just kind of cut things back a little bit. Brad (Childress) was a part of that."

Q: I think Doug (Pederson) was in charge of the two-minute mainly. Is it going to be all you guys this year or will it be one of the two coordinators?

REID: "Well, we will all look at it and be involved. That's not Doug's (Pederson) fault. That had nothing to do with him. That's my responsibility. That's not Doug."

Q: Are you impressed with what you are seeing from your three younger quarterbacks?

REID: "Yeah, we're trying to give them as many reps as we can. Kevin (Hogan) gets slighted a little bit in that mix by just being the young guy on board here. So, the other guys are getting a majority of the reps, but they are doing a good job."

Q: It looks like particularly yesterday and the day before (Kevin) Hogan was getting a little bit more reps – is that just because you were doing scout team stuff?

REID: "Yeah, we're getting a little bit of that and getting a little bit more reps total here with the way that this practice schedule is – not quite individual."

Q: Was it a case where you thought he was earning it a little bit more?  

REID: "No, we just wanted to give him an opportunity. He hadn't got too many of the six (snaps) before that."

Q: How different will next weeks' three practices be from what we've seen?

REID: "Probably be set up more like what you're used to during the season where you have a walk through, you have a practice in the afternoon and then meeting schedule will be similar to that."

Q: But what you actually get done on the field will be the same?

REID: "Yeah, it will be the same thing. There is no contact, so same rules that we have today. We can just keep them a little bit longer in the building."

Q: You're essentially trying to set up a schedule like during the season?  

REID: "That's what I've done in the past. It kind of gets them used to what they have to look forward to for the new guys."

Q: What have you seen in the process of (Matt) Nagy communicating the plays to the quarterbacks?

REID: "Yeah, he's doing a good job. Both he and Brad (Childress) are doing a good job. You see them feeding each other the plays and then Nag's puts them in and gives them to the quarterback, so I think that's a good situation and they work well together."

Q: When you are coming up with your scripts to read today, how much of that is you guys getting together strategizing what you need to work on?

REID: "Well, what we are doing is an install everyday. Then, we pick plays out of that install and put it into the script and then, we keep it simple. Every group, we try and balance it out and every group gets a shot at that play. So, the coaches all have a part that they do with that and that's important that the coordinators coordinate, so one group isn't getting the same play three different times."

Q: Is there some stuff where you just want to see a certain play?

REID: "Well, basically the playbook."

Q: What are your impressions so far of veteran wide receiver, Rod Streater?  

REID: "I like what I've seen. I liked him when he was in Oakland. I liked him when he was in Temple. I had a chance to take a sneak peak of him there. He's catching on. You see him getting better and better here each day. That's a positive thing. I mean he's put together four good days and that's a plus for him."

Q: Are you expecting Justin Houston out here next week even if he's not participating?

REID: "I think there is a pretty good chance – yeah, we'll see. I would say there is a pretty good chance. Will he be out here practicing? No – he can't do that yet, but he'll be in town, yeah."

Q: The other guys that are injured – Jamaal Charles, Mike Williams, Tamba (Hali) be out here?

REID: "No, what you might see is them doing drills – one or two of them – it probably won't be Tamba (Hali) and probably won't be Justin (Houston)."

Q: So, we can expect Jamaal (Charles) next week?

REID: "We'll see. We'll just have to see how he does."

Q: Mike Williams too?  

REID: "We'll just have to see how he does."

Q: Did Mike (Williams) come to you injured or did he get injured?  

REID: "No, he got hurt during one of the phase two (practices), I believe when it was."

Q: Is the heat positive or negative for you out here?

REID: "Yeah, it doesn't hurt. The season is a long way away. At least it gives them an introduction to the practice schedule with the heat, which you're going to have up at camp. It's not going to hurt – I don't think."

Q: Are you expecting Eric Berry next week?   

REID: "I don't know that. That's (John) Dorsey's. I don't know where we are with that one. If he's here, we're going to coach him. If he's not, we'll coach the next guy."

Q: How are you feeling getting out here and walking around?   

REID: "Yeah, I'm feeling great. I felt great till I saw you B.J. Now, I feel a little bit better."

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