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What We Learned From Andy Reid on Monday

Coach Reid spoke with the media on Monday.

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, so it was great to see these kids out here playing the last couple of days here. I've told them – this is probably the best group we've had, just in the way they went about their business and learning and so forth. We were able to actually have a good camp and get some things done there.

We got good snaps on each kid, they all got plenty of reps. Dorse will take it from there and make the decisions if there's any changes in the roster, he'll make that decision on that.

But, again, it was great – I appreciate the effort that they put forward."

Darren Smith (KLKC):What's been the most enjoyable aspect of coaching these players?

REID: "Yeah, listen, it's a fresh slate. They're coming in here, they don't really have any idea of your offense, defense or special teams. That part's always a bit fun. And then seeing them execute after the things that you've been able to teach them."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star):What's your first impression of Kevin Hogan? What do you see out of him?

REID: "Kevin is highly intelligent, I think we know that. And then he's a very good timing thrower. You saw that, that ball's out, there's no wasted motion. He's on top of it, he can get the play in and out of the huddle fast, which is important. We throw a lot of words in there, so he's able to digest all of that and get the guys in and out. You see guys that might not line up right, but he's able to adjust and get that taken care of."

Paylor:Does he grasp that quicker than quarterbacks typically do this early?

REID: "I was actually impressed, I was impressed with that group, they did pretty good. But he did a very nice job."

Paylor:Are you okay with Hogan's delivery?

REID: "Yeah, listen, I mean Philip Rivers is pretty good that's all I need to say. Philip's got a little bit of an awkward delivery and the guy plays. I don't care about that, I don't even go there with that. There are other little things with the feet and just the placement of the ball and the drop that you can talk about. But the delivery, he's done it so many times – that's him, that's what got him here. You just leave it alone."

Paylor:Does a delivery like that ever preclude a quarterback's ability to make certain throws?

REID: "I don't think it's that, I think it's more the velocity on the ball, those things that take place with the delivery. And he's able to sling it good enough. It doesn't really bother me. He's got great anticipation, which, if there's anything that needs to be covered up, he can cover it up with his smarts."

Adam Teicher (ESPN):Are any of your draft picks going to have to sit out the OTAs?

REID: "You know, there are a couple guys. I'll have to get that to you – I think there are two of them because of school, graduation. I'll get that to you. I don't think it's the OTA part of it, I think it's more of this phase two part. We'll get you those names, though."

Teicher:Hogan wouldn't be one of those guys?

REID: "No, he's already graduated."

Herbie Teope (Topeka Capital-Journal):Did Terrance Smith practice today?

REID: "He's got the flu. He's got the stomach flu."

Teope:What have you seen out of Parker Ehinger that gives you optimism heading into minicamp?

REID: "He's obviously got good size. He's smart, he picks things up well. He and Chris (Jones) were kind of going against each other there. Both of them, I thought, had some good snaps against each other. You can't do much right now, there's no contact, so it's hard to tell until we get into pads with those guys. He looked pretty good, I know he can run a screen, so he did pretty good with that."

Teicher: What did you get from your three drafted defensive backs?

REID: "We kind of rate them. We got them all corner reps, and actually, they looked pretty good. And then you can always move them into the back end if you need to, into the safety position. I thought they did a pretty good job with the corner reps."

Teicher: Is the fact that the guys you have in those roles are fairly young, anywhere on your radar?

REID: "I grew up with that whole Bill Walsh thing where he went in with the four rookies in the secondary and won a Super Bowl. I've seen it done the other way, so I'm not quite as worried. As long as they can play, I'm okay."

Teicher: So are you making a prediction here or what?

REID: "No, no. You set me up for that."

KMBC: Any of these undrafted players impress you, make you take a second look at them?

REID: "Listen, I thought they all did a pretty good job. I'm not going to pick any guys out, they all busted their tails and did a nice job."

Tod Palmer (Kansas City Star): What about Donnell Alexander, Derrick Thomas's son?

REID: "I thought he did a nice job. I thought he did a real nice job. He's actually got a tattoo right on the back of his head there. Right on the back of his neck. It's pretty neat, with an arrowhead and the whole deal. How many guys have an Arrowhead tattoo at all? He's got that and I know he's proud of his dad."

Shawn Rooney (Dos Mundos): Do you think the younger guys are going to have to step up more on defense or offense or what?

REID: "If you're in there and you're young, you've got to step up, right? So I'll put it to you that way. Whoever makes that roster, and in particular who is starting and playing, you've got to step up to the challenge and make sure you do your homework."

BJ Kissel ( What was your message to the draft picks and free agents you've signed who will be here, in regards to what they need to know in two weeks when they come in with the veterans?

REID: "They'll start tomorrow when the vets are back in for phase two. We'll jump right in and we go. That's all they really need to know right now. It's going to be similar to the stuff we've done. It will just be increased a little bit in volume."

Kissel: Before practice during the punt returns, was there any reason Jay White got out there and was kicking it to Tyreek Hill) after using the jug machines?

REID: "Yeah, just to see what he can do with them. We couldn't do all of it because Jay couldn't handle it. No, I'm kidding. Jay—that's quite a deal when one of your equipment guys can be a punter too. That's not bad."

Paylor: What have you seen early on from D.J. White and Eric Murray?

REID: "We tried them all at corner and they've all got corner ability. That was what we wanted to come out with. We wanted to give them an opportunity in that area. I thought both guys did well. I thought they showed well for themselves, and at the corner spot, that's specifically what we were looking at. We'll just see with all three of them. You mentioned two, but I thought all three of them showed pretty well."

Paylor: Early on, can you tell if those guys reacted well, even without pads?

REID: "Yeah, I thought all three of them transitioned well at the top. When you're looking at corners, that's what you're looking at. Can they come out of the break? How well do they see a transition, and then be able to drive and make the play. I thought all three of them did—as far as the physical part of it, you can't do anything. You can't play bump and run, you can't tackle. All those things, we've got to get later."

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