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What We Learned From Andy Reid on Saturday

Coach Reid spoke with the media on Saturday

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, so welcome out. We are very excited to be here for the rookie phase of this minicamp here. They got a little bit of introduction today with meetings and with a walk through. We have a practice this afternoon where the players can wear helmets and that's it. They'll have their jerseys on but no pads. Again, it looks like a good crew. I'll probably have more to tell you after I see them this afternoon, but for what I saw this morning, it was all good. Time's yours."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star): Regarding Tyreek Hill, would you guys have felt comfortable selecting him had you not spoken to the district attorney prosecutor who consulted with the victim on the plea?

REID: "Listen, I believe it's important that you do your homework. Every situation is different. I know Dorse (General Manager John Dorsey) and his guys did that. I really wasn't involved in that part of it, but I know every possible stone that they could overturn, they did. So within that, along with the part that I mentioned after the draft that the young man is trying to do the right things, whether it's counseling, whatever it is, he's trying to do the right things to better himself. I think all those things go into the evaluation. Everyone is different. Every situation is different."

Paylor: Have there been times that you've communicated with a kid and feel good about it, and then once you meet him you feel differently?

REID: "Well, that's one reason we brought him up here. Normally you want to make that part of the homework, part of the equation there. We brought him up here and had a chance to meet him and have him kind of mingle around. The players were here, our players were here, at that time. I think that was a positive thing."

Paylor: Have you vetoed guys before just because you didn't feel that they were changing their ways?

REID: "Yeah, sure. There are people that you've done that with, yeah."

Bob Gretz (Topeka Capital-Journal): With the rookie symposium gone by the league, are you planning extra classroom time with these guys?

REID: "Yeah, that falls under BJ (Stabler)'s area there. He does that. The league has a plan for it for the guys that are in the player engagement program throughout the league. BJ will do a good job with that part."

Gretz: Scheduling-wise, that will come after the veteran minicamp?

REID: "Yeah. Yes."

Adam Teicher (ESPN): What did you see in Tyreek Hill as a player that would lead you to pick him in the fifth round?

REID: "He's an explosive athlete. Obviously he's got return ability. He's had success as a player when he's been on the field and that's what enticed us looking at him."

Darren Smith (KLKC): Is the risk worth the reward?

REID: "Yeah so listen, I'm not much on the crystal ball and looking into the future. We do enough homework where we feel that he's headed in the right direction and deserves a second chance. I'm not here—listen, I understand the situation. I've been involved with it for a number of years with my wife and our charity. I've see different situations and I'm not here to judge. I am not the all-mighty. I'm not saying that at all by any means, but from what we gathered, and we tried to be as thorough as we could with it, we felt that he deserved an opportunity."

Smith: It almost feels as though he has to make the team, otherwise it becomes a wasted draft pick?

REID: "No, I wouldn't say that. I think he's got to keep doing the right things. He's got to go play football. He's got to do that part. Those all become parts of the whole there. He still has to make the team. Like anybody else, he's not guaranteed a position at all and that's how it goes."

Q:Is it tiring to see the judgement that you and the organization have taken from people saying "not in Kansas City" and people not willing to give this man a second chance?

REID: "No, no. I completely understand. I'm sensitive to the situation. I get it. I've talked to women on the other side of this, on the receiving side. So I'm very sensitive to that. A lot of guys don't try to right the wrong. I give the kid credit for doing that and he's really working hard at that. I completely understand the other side."

Paylor: So the amount of discussion, the amount of second-guessing hasn't surprised you at all? Did you know that amount was coming?

REID: "Yeah, we had the benefit of doing all the homework. Not everybody had the whole story and then you guys have had time now to kind of follow up on it. I understand it. I get it. I got it."

Paylor: You've mentioned your wife's involvement in working with domestic violence victims before. Since you've talked about that, I'm curious to know what she thought?

REID:"The counseling was a big part of it. Is he willing to go and do that? That step is huge. To actually admit that you were wrong. A lot of people won't do that, they just won't go there. Then on top of that, to try to fix yourself and make it right. To her, those were valuable, valuable steps."

Paylor: Is there stuff you guys can do to give him more support? You already do a lot with rookies, but does he have to do more or is there more for you to give him?

REID: "It's not protecting him, it's teaching him. He'll continue to receive counseling and that. So it'll be ongoing. And he's got the right frame of mind with that. We've got people here, support groups that can help him out there."

BJ Kissel ('s unique about this weekend, getting to get the rookies on the field?

REID: "It's a clean slate. You're out there and you're installing – where you're in your fourth year with the other guys, this group here, they're hearing it for the first time. Every little step and detail, you better have covered. It's not all going to go in the first time – and we're throwing a lot at them to digest. But it's a nice challenge for them. That's the exciting part."

Vahe Gregorian (Kansas City Star):You alluded to Michael Vick last week. Looking back at that, can you describe why you felt strongly that that would work?

REID: "Michael kind of did that same thing. When he got out of jail, he worked and tried to head in the right direction. He faced the people that were really scrutinizing him and tried to help them the best he could. Understanding that he did a wrong and, like this, it's been done, so now where do I go? He tried to help out and make it the best he could and I thought he did that."

Danny Clinkscale (WHB):Is there some bottom line that precludes somebody from being drafted?

REID: "I think it comes back to the question of have there been people that we didn't draft – there are. There's situations that you don't feel comfortable with. You have to dig in and do your homework. And our guys do that, they do that on every player, they try to exhaust it on every one. Not everyone, you feel, is comfortable – and I'm not even sure comfortable is the word – that you feel worthy of bringing in and giving them an opportunity."

Adam Teicher (ESPN):Are there going to be enough snaps to go around for Kevin Hogan, Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray to sort through what you need to?

REID: "I think we will, yeah. I think we'll be okay there. And one nice thing is they all have a good head on their shoulders. So they're smart guys. I think we'll be okay there."

Gretz:Do you have everybody here that you expected?

REID: "Yes, yes, yes, yes."

Gretz:No one missing?

REID: "No. Everyone's here."

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