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What We Learned from Andy Reid on Wednesday

Andy Reid addressed the media on Wednesday

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, we'll just start with Alex Smith here. So, as an organization, I've had the opportunity to talk to everybody including the doctors, Rick [Burkholder], Alex, our owner, Clark Hunt, Mark [Donovan] and John [Dorsey]. We've all talked and addressed Alex's situation. So, I have all the semantics right here. He's in the return to play protocol right now. He's still been symptom free of a concussion. It's just the best interest of all that we allow him to go through this, and we'll go ahead and start Nick [Foles] this week. He's got lumps on the back of his ear, cut ear and all these things – just let that heal up and everything settle down. We'll have a chance to evaluate him, he'll practice. He'll go ahead and practice, and he'll run the scout team and do those things, so he'll be out there. He's worked out and he hasn't had any symptoms there. Everything is positive. I just think it's important that we just step back and just take a peak and see how he does this week and Nick [Foles] will take it from there. We talked about Jamaal [Charles] and his situation, so we should be set there. We had some additions, some things happen here – Bishop Sankey, Mike Person and Terrance Smith – have all been added to the roster. [We] released Sio Moore, Sam Barrington, and then, Joseph Cheek was added to the practice squad. With that, it's most important that we talk about the Jaguars. We understand that they're a good football team, and they're one of the top defenses in the National Football League – production wise. They've got an offense that just made a switch there to give them a little juice in a positive way. So, we're coming in and we understand all of that. We have to come in and prepare ourselves to play a good football team here at home. Look forward to getting everyone out for the game. It should be a beautiful day for football, and two good football teams playing each other. Gus Bradley, I think, does a heck of a job with, he and his staff, down there coaching. We understand that, so we have to get ourselves right. We started with a walk though this morning, and we'll just keep it rolling here this week."

Q:Will Alex Smith be available to play if Nick Foles gets hurt?

REID:"No. I'm not going to have Alex [Smith] up at all. Not at all. He's going to be down. We'll let time take care of that part. Tyler [Bray] will be up, to answer your question. Tyler will be up, and then, we'll just roll from there."

Q:How important was it to make the decision of Nick Foles starting earlier in the week so he could get those reps in?

REID:"I think that has a couple answers. First of all, we're lucky to have a good quarterback group. They're all friends. They get it. They work well together. Alex [Smith] will put on the coaching hat this week and help out in that area, and then, Nick [Foles] will take over. Everyone has confidence in Nick. So, he'll get in and do his thing, and we're lucky that [John] Dorsey made these moves to where we are, to have a good quarterback group. Not every team has that, so that's a positive thing."

Q:How much of your discussion with the organization was about the concussion protocol not being perfect and better to be cautious?

REID:"No, that wasn't questioned. We believed what the doctors said. That's not the point. I just think it's best that you just step back here. Whatever happened, happened. There are things there and let's just not let it happen again to the best of our ability. Let's step back and see how he does this week. I think time will take care of that."

Q:When do you think Alex will be able to play?

REID:"Yeah, well I would presume it would be next week without any symptoms. I would think that would be the case. We want to see him get out, and run around and do all of those things that he has to do. Let these things behind his ears calm down and his ear heal. He's got a pretty good cut on his ear. Let all of that heal up, and then, we'll go from there."

Q:There was one guy that you added to the roster and we didn't recognize his name?

REID:"Mike Person – offensive lineman."

Q:How do you feel with where you're at with running back on Sunday? Is Spencer Ware going to practice today?

REID:"Spencer [Ware] will not practice today. Let me tell you, I didn't give you all that. So the people that won't practice today: Tamba [Hali] will not practice, which we've been doing. Mitchell Schwartz made it through the game – did a nice job – we're going to back off of him today with his ankle. Nothing new on that. Jaye Howard has a hip flexor that's bugging him a little bit, so we're going to back off on him. Then, Spencer won't practice today. He hasn't passed all the concussion protocol yet."

Q:Have you ruled him out of Sunday yet?

REID:"Not ruled him out – no. I'll let you know on that."

Q:Can Bishop Sankey be up and ready to go on Sunday?

REID:"Yeah, I think so. He's been hanging out with EB [Eric Bieniemy] since he's been here, so he'll keep doing that. He comes from a good place. He's been well coached. He'll be okay."

Q:Any update on Parker Ehinger yet?

REID:"I don't. When I get it, I'll get it to you."

Q:Can you talk about Zach Fulton's versatility on the offensive line?

REID:"Yeah, he can play anywhere really. He can play tackle too. We've seen him at guard and center, but he can kick out to tackle. Again, I'll tell you that everybody has confidence in him – that he's a starter. He'll step right in and do a nice job. Nobody questions that. It's the way that he prepares himself and gets in and plays. He's a good football player."

Q:Does this feel unusually chaotic with you – all of these injuries and roster moves?

REID:"Yeah, it really doesn't at all. It's part of the National Football League. We all have confidence in each other, so we go out and the next man comes in and goes. We're not going to have to do a whole lot of different things, and we can just go play."

Q:What do you like about Bishop Sankey as a player?

REID:"Yeah, well I saw him in college. I looked at him in college. He's a quick back, good hands. He's not the biggest guy – that's not what he is. Probably a little bit like Charcandrick [West] that way. So, he's a very productive runner, watching him, and he had a nice career there."

Q:Where do you feel like Nick Foles is at right now?

REID:"Yeah, I feel pretty good that he has a grasp on it. We didn't have to change anything when he went in. He was fine doing the offense. I wasn't looking at the sheet going what I can and can't call. That's not how I felt with him. I think he's pretty good right now."

Q:Your thoughts on Mike Person?

REID:"Yeah, big, good looking guy – I'm going off what [John] Dorsey presented to me – tough kid. He's got good feet, good athlete. He's not the heaviest guy. He probably could use some of mine right there. He's a good athlete."

Q:Terrance Smith?

REID:"Terrance [Smith] is smart. Again, a good athlete. Has earned the right to do this with the way he's handled himself, which I think is important to understand. So, to give him a chance to get in there and contribute – whether it's on special teams, or whatever it is, or on the defensive side – give him an opportunity."

Q:How do you feel with where you are at running back, having Charcandrick West and the new guy [Bishop Sankey] for today?

REID:"I'm okay with that – yeah. I'm alright with that. He has to get caught up now – quickly – if he's going to be in there. I think we should be okay."

Q:If it comes to that on Sunday, that Spencer Ware can't play, are you comfortable with going in with two guys? REID:"Yeah, we should be alright."

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