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What We Learned From Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt Friday

Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt spoke with the media before the NFL Draft on Friday


Q: **Your impressions on what John Dorsey did yesterday?

HUNT: "Well I think it was a really smart move on his part. It was something that he had mentioned to me earlier in the week. He felt, to some degree, that the player you would get with the 28th pick would be largely similar to the player you could get at the top of the second round. Being able to add some picks, I think, was very appealing to him and ultimately he found a partner that was willing to do a trade that he thought made sense and pulled it off at the last minute and here we are today. Excited to be selecting two players in the second round."

Q:Are you more excited today than you were yesterday?

HUNT: "Well, you're excited every day. Although we didn't end up with a player yesterday, the importance and the value of getting a couple of draft picks ultimately will be just as beneficial as taking the players today."

Q:How would you assess the value of picks in rounds two, three and four?

HUNT: "I think you can go back over time and look at the players that we've selected in the lower-to-mid rounds and can see the value that those guys have for the team. Not everybody can be a first-round pick. Obviously you hope your first-round pick turns into a star player, but you also have to be successful in rounds two, three, four. Part of that is having more picks. To some degree, it's a numbers game and having more picks is going to help us."

Q:Losing the third-round pick, did that make it more important to get a few more picks in this draft? Did it make more sense to do what Dorsey did yesterday?

HUNT: "I don't really think the two are linked together at all. As I mentioned, having more picks is always better. I think John would have made exactly the same decision he made yesterday independent of the tampering penalties. The two don't really go together."

Q:As far as trading up or trading down – how much fun was it for you being in that room and not necessarily knowing what is happening but knowing he (John Dorsey) is on the phone and all the different options and seeing how it all played out?

Hunt: "Well, one of the things about having a late pick like we did yesterday is that there is more trade activity just by nature than there is when you have a higher pick. There were opportunities to move up, there were opportunities to move down, we were making calls, other teams were calling us. It was a very hectic period in the two or three picks leading up to ours."

*Q: *Was there any consideration when Paxton Lynch was sitting there and Denver went out – was that in the discussion at all – talking about moving up and getting a quarterback at that spot and something you were mulling over?

Hunt: "I am not really going into any specifics on who we were looking at either up or down as it relates to that. There were some players that John was interested in higher in the first round. Ultimately that didn't work out and we ended up going down – happy with that decision."

*Q: *Clark, we have talked a lot the last couple years about character. As things unfolded last night with (Laremy) Tunsil, what was going through your mind as a NFL owner?

Hunt: "Well, character, first of all, is a very important quality. You want to have as many high character guys as you can in your locker room. I think we are very fortunate to have a truly outstanding locker room in that regard at this point. You know, not everybody is going to be the kind of leader that you would like, that you draft. But certainly, you want the majority of the guys to be like that. I don't think we felt like he was going to fall all the way to 28, so it wasn't something we had to consider."

Q: In regards to the schedule, do you think you will be looking at a back-loaded schedule for the foreseeable future?

HUNT: "You know, I don't know if it's something that we are going to see every year. I think I have mentioned before that we lobby to the league pretty hard every year to give us as many games as possible in September and October. We do have a couple in September, which is great. I do like, from a competitive standpoint, having those games at home in December. Some of those games are division opponents so that will give us an advantage. But, I don't think you could say it is going to be like this on a going-forward basis because there really wasn't anything that was blocking the league from giving us more games in October. It's just the way it ended up."

Q: So you don't need to worry about keeping a weekend open for the American Royal?

HUNT: "No, that's not something that factored into the scheduling, no."

Q:Do you like having two of those three December home games at night?

HUNT: "I like having as many primetime games as we can have. I'm glad that we are going to be on Sunday Night Football a couple times this year. Obviously delighted to have the Thursday night game with the Raiders, but frankly, we feel like we deserve more primetime games. I'm disappointed that we don't have a Monday night game."

Q: How did that 3:30 p.m. preseason game versus Seattle come about?

HUNT: "I really don't know the answer to that question. I'd have to check."

Q:Knowing how successful Chicago has been hosting the draft, any thoughts on Kansas City bidding for the draft in the future since the league is looking to share the wealth a little bit?

HUNT: "Yeah, absolutely. I think we have all seen the event that the draft has turned in to, and I think Chicago has shown everybody that you can have the draft somewhere else other than New York City and that it can be very, very successful. Clearly, I am personally interested and the organization is interested, and I think the Kansas City community is interested in trying to bring the draft here. When we get that chance, we will put our best foot forward."

Q: Would there be anything that would prevent Kansas City from being able to host a draft, similar to the restrictions we face with hosting a Super Bowl?

HUNT: "I really don't think so. I think it's a question of coming up with the right venue. Clearly Chicago has a great venue and a lot of open space for the draft, but I think we need to put some thought into what the best venue in Kansas City would be to do it. I really don't see anything that would preclude us."

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