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What We Learned From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Friday

Reid met with the media on Friday afternoon

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, the only thing I really have for you would be D.J. [Derrick Johnson]. He tore that Achilles tendon, so I don't have anything to report. [John] Dorsey is going through and looking at different people. We know we've got some guys on board here that can play, but he's looking at the different options right now. [We] haven't made any decisions. Don't have anybody coming in as of yet, so it's kind of in the beginning stage here."

Q: Did something happen in the hand shake between Jack Del Rio and you after the game last night?

REID: "Not at all. Jack [Del Rio] and I are actually good friends, and I know people don't like to hear that cause it's the Raiders, but not at all. I know the picture – when we were leaving - I just patted him on the shoulder after we shook hands. There was nothing there, no."

Q: I thought after he called your offense "gimmicky" after the first time that maybe there was something going on there?

REID: "No."

Q: Do you take offense to him calling your offense gimmicky?

REID: "I don't worry about all that. I just worry about the score of the game. Anybody can say anything that they want to say. I'm good as long as we're taking care of business there."

Q: Is there something that makes Derrick Johnson unique to you?

REID: "Yeah, the thing that jumps out to me about him is, as old as he is – if you watch practice – I'm not talking about the drills, I'm talking about every play – you'd think he's 20-years old. I always joke with the old guys, 'Hey, feel like you're 20.' That's how he goes about his business – everyday he does that. It's incredible. He loves, loves, loves to play the game."

Q: Derrick Johnson has mentioned that he wants to go into coaching after he's done. Have you ever talked to him about that?

REID: "It's funny you say that. Last night, I called him up. He got out of here before everybody came in. I talked to him and I said, 'Well, you can start working on coaching now.' You get a chance to sit back and see it from that side. I want him around here. So, I don't want him to go anywhere. I want him to hang around, do his rehab and get himself back to where he can play, but in the meantime, he can work on a little coaching there with some of our young guys."

Q: Frank Zombo has played a little bit inside for you before – is that a possibility for him to fill those shoes in the middle linebacker?

REID: "Yeah, sure. That's one of the options. I gave you some misinformation yesterday. [Josh] Mauga is not eligible to come back where [Justin] March-Lillard is. So, March-Lillard can come back, but Mauga cannot. That's the information that [John] Dorsey gave to me today."

Q: How might Frank Zombo fit in that role?

REID: "Well, he's done it before for us. He's done that, so he's our emergency guy in there anyways. Then, he played there the last time this all kind of went down; he took some snaps in there. That's an option. We haven't put anything in stone here. We're just kind of going through the different options, but that's definitely one of them."

Q: If you went ahead and activated Justin March-Lillard, what would that mean for Jamaal Charles?

REID: "I haven't even got that far. I honestly haven't even thought about that or gone there."

Q:What kind of achievement is it in what you guys have done over the last couple of weeks?

REID:"I'm proud of the guys and the way they've handled themselves. The Atlanta game is a tough one to mentally overcome in the middle of two AFC West opponents -- let alone one of the top teams in the NFL.  The grit they showed to battle through these last three games can help you and it shows a good foundation under this football team. You've got to do it every week and we've got a good Tennessee team coming in next week so we've got to be ready for that. For the three weeks here, they sure have done a nice job of building something they can bank on."

Q:Are you worried about Tennessee like you were with Atlanta with it being between two divisional opponents?

REID:"I didn't say I was worried about it. I just said that's a tough thing to do. If you read into that, I think you would say our guys are pretty tough."

Q:What stood out the most about Alex Smith's performance last night?

REID:"I thought his first half was one of the best first halves he's played here. We had a couple blitzes in the screen in the second half and there's a lot of things that go into that so I'll take the blame on it. I could have called a couple better plays for sure. I thought he played great football, made some great throws, led that group when they could have easily fallen apart and they finished up strong. I thought he played good football."

Q:With Daniel Sorensen, is it possible he could play in a 3-4 package if need be?

REID:"He would need to eat a little bit. He's not real big. We do a lot of the big nickel stuff with him. To ask him to get in there like you saw yesterday with the next-row lineman, it might be asking a lot.

Q:What have you seen from Ramik Wilson? Could he be the next man up?

REID:"He jumped in there yesterday and got a couple snaps there. He's definitely an option there. Ramik has played good football for us and we've asked him to do quite a bit. He's done a respectable job there for us."

Q:When Derrick Johnson left the field, did Ramik take the helmet with communications?

REID:"Yes he sure did."

Q:What have you seen from D.J. Alexander in terms of progression?

REID:"He made a couple tackles in there. For the most part, he did okay. It was limited, but he did okay."

Q: On Terrance Smith.

REID: "He's a smart kid. He would also be an option. These are all of the things that Dorsey is looking at. He's just kind of in that process of going through everything and kind of evaluating it."

Q: On Terrance Mitchell sharing reps and receiving more responsibility over Kenneth Acker and D.J. White.

REID: "We like to use the other guys too, but he has a good quickness and has a little experience. He's been a nickel and he's been a corner, so he's done both of those things and we just thought we'd give it a shot and see how he did. He's doing well at practice and we thought let's get him in there and see what he can do and he responded well yesterday."

Q: You guys ran the football during your 11-game winning streak last year, the yards on the ground haven't come as easily this year, is there a difference or a reason for that?

REID: "I don't know that. I don't have the stats right in front of me to say yay or nay on that. I'm kind of taking what you're saying, but I thought we did some good things yesterday then they stacked the box up a little bit, and then we were able to do some things in the throw game."

Q: Have you thought on the teams that have been actively working to take away the run more than last year?

REID: "I think they know Spencer [Ware] now, so they know about him and you saw yesterday they were playing those two safeties down the box and that's how we got Tyreek [Hill] up and over the top. They want to cheat those guys and play that cover four look and it gives you the opportunity to chuck it down the field."

Q: In the playoffs, how important is it to have a reliable run game?

REID: "I haven't even thought about the playoffs. We're just trying to get ready for Tennessee. I don't know about all of that. You've seen the Patriots, they've done pretty good without much of a run game. You can take it for whatever you want to take it. There are all kinds of ways. The main thing is that you win. I don't really care how it gets done and that's what you need to do.

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