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What We Learned From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Friday

Reid met with the media on Friday afternoon

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, let me throw a few things at you here as far as injuries go. Tamba [Hali] didn't practice today. Justin [Houston] didn't practice today. Justin will be listed as out for you, and then, we roll from there. I just want to put a word out – my college coach [LaVell Edwards] passed away. I figured that I didn't talk to you yesterday that I would talk to you today. He was my guy. So, I'm probably one of 10,000 guys that are saying that right now. That's what made him unique. That was the thing that made him such a great person, so I'm going to leave it at that."

Q:Spencer Ware good to go Sunday?

REID:"We'll see. We'll see how he does. We limited his practices this week a little bit. We'll just see how he does."

Q: Do you know if Justin March-Lillard will play on Sunday?

REID:"Probably not. I'd probably lean away from that one."

Q:Can you describe the week of practice that the guys had?

REID:"Listen, I thought the guys had a good week. They came out in this nice windy weather that we had, and I thought prepared well. They understand what San Diego is all about and how explosive they are offensively. They have a young defense that is flying around. We have a lot of respect for them as coaches and players."

Q: Can you elaborate on your relationship with LaVell Edwards?

REID: "He was everything. I get too emotional on these things, so I'm going to leave it at that."

Q: How much of your coaching style do you see that you've gotten from him?

REID: "I saw him do it with a calm manner. He was great with people. He was a people person. You put the X's and O's aside, he was good at that too, but you put that aside, the way he handled people, I thought was just unbelievable. I guess some of that, you take, he was a great example, I wasn't going into coaching, but he's the one that talked me into it and then he called me every week from that day on. Maybe he thought he put me in a bad position or something. He was always checking on me. I always said that he probably liked my wife better than he liked me – that's why he checked on me."

Q: Tell us that story of how he talked you into coaching.

REID: "I played for him. I was a young guy going a million different directions. You're not exactly sure of the direction you want to go. I had a pretty good idea, but wasn't completely sure and he asked me if I had ever thought about going into coaching. I said, 'No, I really haven't,' and he goes, 'Well you should give it a try and I'll keep you on and pay for the extra school if you decide to go in a different direction, we'll do that.' I got in, I got the bug, and now, here I am."

Q: Those weekly phone calls kept up?

REID: "Oh yeah, they did all the way through. I knew when he was on vacation because I wouldn't get a call, but other than that I got a phone call."

Q: Did he say, 'Andy you should run the ball on third and one?'

REID: "He would never, never, never say to run the ball, never. That he would never do."

Q: Did he ever say what it was he saw in you?

REID: "I never asked him."

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