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What We Learned From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Friday

Reid addressed the media on Friday afternoon

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go – with the exception of Tamba [Hali] – everybody was out here. This is normal procedure for Tamba. He's going to be ready to go and play in the game here. Everybody else is good to go too. We look forward to the challenge of playing Pittsburgh, so we know they're a good football team. Our guys have had a good week of practice, and we'll finish it up tomorrow and then get ready to play against a good football team."

Q:  Dave Toub talked about taking those interviews during his time off and the players took that time off – what did you do with the time off?

REID: "Well, I worked, and then, I went to a funeral. That's what I did."

Q:  Justin March-Lillard and Terrance Smith – do you have a sense of what you're going to do with the inside linebackers?

REID: "There is a good chance that they are all available, and we'll see how it roles from there."

Q:  Justin Houston will play?

REID: "Yeah."

Q:  How do you characterize how the guys practiced this week and their mind set?

REID: "Yeah, listen, I thought the guys practiced well. They're focused in, and they understand. Single elimination is what it is. You get yourself right and get ready to go. We know they are a good football team, so you know you have to focus in, do your job and do it well."

Q: Alex [Smith] has played well in big games historically in his career. When you're coaching him, what do you see especially in games of this magnitude that he does maybe better or different than normal?

REID: "So, what I've been telling the folks that asked that earlier in the week, I've been happy with him this season. He does so many things for us, and does it so well, and prepares so diligently for every opponent and then, he gets to now. That kind of stuff obviously pays off. He's the first one in, and the last one out and so on. He has that success in the playoffs, I think because everybody was watching it that time. You have all eyes on you, and then, they get to see what we see every day."

Q: How do you guys get to mentally or physically prepare this week for the upcoming weather that you guys know is going to hit?

REID: "We don't let that be a distraction. We've kind of played in everything this year. We'll be fine. We just go."

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