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What We Learned From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Monday

Reid spoke with the media on Monday afternoon

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as the injuries go, we don't have any. It's the same deal -- the guys are just starting to come in. Our fans are unbelievable. I've said it before -- they're everywhere. We appreciate all the support we had yesterday. We look forward to bringing them to Arrowhead this week. It's one of those kinds of games we'll have all day to think about. It's a Thursday night game and it's exciting.

"This is a short week so we're heavy into Oakland right now. As far as yesterday goes, it was a good effort and a good team effort. All three phases contributed in their own way. Obviously, Eric Berry had a big day with the touchdown and the two-point score. Alex [Smith] had a nice day, Travis [Kelce] had a nice day and Albert Wilson, who doesn't get mentioned much, had a great day with two catches that were huge. He had two slant routes -- one that iced the game -- and then obviously the fake punt. With that, the time is yours."Q:Who was aware of the fake punt on the sideline? You, Dave Toub, James Winchester, Albert Wilson and who else?

REID:"The guys up front. Sometimes the punter doesn't know."

Q:Dustin Colquitt said he didn't know. 

REID:"I know. He's the Punter. I went down the sideline and whispered it to a couple guys."

Q:But not the punter?

REID:"He was already on the field so I couldn't quite get to him."

Q:You're 9-for-11 on fourth downs. Does that give you more confidence to go for it on fourth down?

REID:"You have to pick and choose. People remember the 'two' right there, not the 'nine'. You have to pick and choose. You have to be smart with those."

Q:If you wouldn't have faked the punt, would you have gone for it on fourth down? 

REID:"I was going to punt it."

Q:Before the timeout? Would you have just taken the penalty? 


Q:Can you talk about the burden of playing Thursday night football. Obviously, the Raiders are facing the same deal. 

REID:"A lot of us have been here all night getting ready for players to come in here later today. We're making sure we have the game plan right for them. We'll continue on with it. They don't come in until later on here. We'll keep meeting and make sure we give them some well-thought out information."

Q:Is an all-nighter unusual for you in the middle of a season?

REID:"Yeah I guess. I don't know."

Q:Can I take that as a 'No'?

REID:"I don't do all-nighters all the way through."

Q:Having played Oakland before, what kind of aid is that preparing for them?

REID:"Both teams know each other. They've made some changes defensively. Not as many offensively as they have defensively. But they've made some changes that have made them better on that side of the ball. They're playing very good all the way around in the different phases. They were a little down on the defensive side early on but they've picked up in that area. They're flying around and making plays. And they know it. We'll tweak a couple things here and there. For the most part, you're doing what you do."

Q:Is it easier to face a team on a short week that you've already planned for that season? 

REID:"That part doesn't hurt. I think it's tough on the players, not the coaches. We're not out here doing the physical part of it so it's harder on the players."

Q:Being the last team to defeat the Raiders, do you anticipate them taking away things you did well last time at their place?

REID:"Yeah. You do. You've got to look at that."

Q:Thursday Night games as a whole -- there's been some discussion of their value in general. 

REID:"They're tough to get ready for. The positive is you get a few days off afterwards. Getting ready is a bit of a scramble drill, but you've got to go with it. But you do it and you move on. Like I said, it's hardest on the players. Especially the later you get in the year. Some of the guys get some wear and tear on them. You saw us rotating a lot of guys on defense yesterday. We were able to do that which helps a little bit. We tried to get everyone that was out there an opportunity to play."

Q:How unpredictable do you think Derek Carr is?

REID:"He's a good player. We had him over at the Pro Bowl last year so I had an opportunity to get to know him and how he's wired. He's fearless with his throws, he can make all of them and he loves the game."

Q:You've generally handled him pretty well since he's been with the Raiders. Anything you can point to there? REID:"No. Not today."

Q:Can I ask you that Friday?

REID:"Not Friday."

Q:Do you have an update on Jeremy Maclin? 

REID:"I don't know. I know he was making improvements last week. He practiced a little bit. We'll have to wait and see when he gets in."

Q:How well has the team responded to having two big games in a nine-day stretch. Are they focused in on what the implications are for this upcoming game?

REID:"I think it'll be focused for Thursday. That's a tough place to have the Falcons. A tribute to our team and locker room for staying focused there. You're coming off a five-quarter significant game and put out against another good football team. Dan Quinn has done a great job with that football team. To go down and play like we did is a tribute to our guys and our locker room."

Q:Did you go into the Falcons game with the mindset that you needed to be more aggressive offensively with the Falcons, who have one of the top offenses in the league?

REID:"No. Not really. You play every game differently and every team has its strengths and weaknesses. You try to do the best you can with it." 

Q:Anything you want to add on Eric Berry's day?

REID:"I thought it was cool. He got a ball for each one of his parents in the stands. How often does that happen? I thought it was pretty spectacular. He thought about doing it too. Who does the first one go to [laughing]? That's a tough decision, but he made the right one."

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