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What We Learned From Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Monday

Reid addressed the media on Monday afternoon

OPENING STATEMENT:"I don't have any injuries for you. I don't think we really had too many to start with last night, so I'm not expecting much to come out of it. After evaluating the game, there were some good things and a ton of things we need to clean up. Obviously, when your defense creates three turnovers, you've got to be able to take advantage of those offensively. That's something we've done previously and we didn't do a good job there yesterday. In red zone opportunities, we've got to score. That also helps with the second-half issues where we've struggled a bit in the last few games. When I go back through, I've got to make sure I'm giving the guys opportunities to make plays. And when they're given the chance to make them, we've got to make them. If we're in [the red zone], we've got to take advantage of it. We've got to do better as coaches and players with our attention to detail and finishing. We've got to make sure we tighten that up and do a better job there.

"We've got a good locker room and I know there's some stuff out there with [Travis] Kelce and that whole situation. I love the kid for the fact that he loves to play the game. He wants the ball and he wants to be the guy that wants to win the game for you and I'm all in on that. It's not something that's bad-hearted that he's putting out there. He was the first one to approach me and let me know it didn't come out the way he wanted it to. He just wants to be that guy that makes the play and I appreciate that. That's one thing I've told you before about him. I'm all in with guys like that. With that, the time is yours."

Q:What does that mean to you that he came to you and wanted to explain himself?

REID:"He's an emotional guy and he plays the game that way. No one wants to win more than him. I understand it. That's what makes him the player he is. For him to come to me and explain what went on and how it could be taken a couple different ways." 

Q: Do you think you need to do a better job at being more aggressive in the second half?

REID: "I look at all of that. I go through and look at all that. There're situational plays and situations in games where there is a time and a place for everything. So, that's how I go about it. I wouldn't necessarily say that. When you don't win the game, you're definitely going to look at something like that."

Q: Back to Travis Kelce, could it be a domino effect with the rest of the team?

REID: "No, I don't feel that way. We have a strong locker room. I don't feel that way."

Q: What were the Titans doing specifically to take away Tyreek Hill?

REID: "I probably could have dialed him up more – called his number a little bit more. I don't think it was really anything that they were doing necessarily."

Q: What do you expect to see from your team moving forward?

REID: "I expect us to go back and work hard, and get right back on it and fix the problems. That's what you do. You're still sitting in a pretty good situation here. You're sitting at 10-4, everything's ahead of you and you have a great football team coming in that you have an opportunity to play. So, you get yourself right, and we go play."

Q: What are the crucial points that the offensive line needs to help improve those third and ones or short yardage situations?

REID: "So, we have to go back and work our attention to detail on some things there – that's coaches and players. We're all in it. We're all in it together on that thing."

Q: Is Alex Smith doing something differently this year when throwing in the end zone? His percentage is lower this year?

REID: "I have to give him better options. I'll take that. He's always going to evaluate his part of it too along with us. So, it's a combination of things there. I'll take responsibility for that there."

Q: In the running game, last season you had all the same personnel, you had a really good run the second half of the season, is there anything you can put your finger on that's really been the difference this year as far as getting yards in chunks?

REID: "I would tell you that we can do better scheming it up, we can do better executing it. That's what it really comes down to. It's always that combination. It's the same thing with the other questions here, you come back to it and you have to do a better job of putting the guys in position and when given that opportunity, we have to make plays whether it's whatever position it is you want to talk about. You had one breakdown somewhere, the play is not going to be as successful as it needs to be. We all have a little piece of this thing."

Q: In retrospect, do you feel you should have challenged the De'Anthony Thomas possible touchdown, or after looking at it do you still feel the same?

REID: "We have to get the ball across, it was pretty clear, the official was standing right there. It's not his foot, it's the football going across that, in front of that pylon. It has to get across that pylon."

Q: What do you draw the line on that? You remember there was the issue with Spencer Ware earlier in the year where he lost the ball trying to do what De'Anthony [Thomas] didn't do yesterday. Where do you draw the line on the effort?

REID: "You can keep the ball secure and get yourself a bit lower. He thought he was all the way across. His foot was the ball wasn't."

Q: As far as you can tell his foot didn't step out of bounds as he crossed the line, were you guys looking at that part of it, I know we saw his foot inside the pylon but was he out of bounds?

REID: "He kind of kicked the pylon there."

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