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What We Learned from Chiefs Coach Andy Reid on Tuesday

Coach Reid addressed the media after practice on Tuesday

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, just to talk about the guys that are injured: Jamaal (Charles), Tamba (Hali), Justin Houston and Mike Williams – Mike Williams has a hamstring strain, they did not practice today. They're all here, they all worked out, rehabbing and they're all making progress, which is a positive thing. (Phillip) Gaines practiced today, it was good to get him back out there, he had been somebody that had surgery, so it was nice to have him back out there.

All in all, listen, we kind of knocked the rust off a little bit today. It's a non-contact day or camp, so there's not a lot you can do with tackling and blocking and all that. The passing game, you can work the timing on that, which is a good thing. Time's yours."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star): Is Eric Berry here today?* *

REID: "Eric was not here today, no."

Paylor:Have you had any recent discussions with him?

REID: "No, Dorse does all that with his agent."

Paylor:How is Justin Houston doing?

REID: "Justin's here, he's doing good. He looks like Justin."

Paylor:Do you get the sense that he's going to be back earlier than you anticipated? Dorsey was a little optimistic.

REID: "We're all optimists because we know the kid and how bad he wants to be back. But at the same time, we just have to let it heal. Whenever he's back, he's back. Whenever it's ready, he's back and we roll from there. We're all optimistic because he is so optimistic. That's how that goes sometimes."

Paylor:Has he been here regularly over the last few months?

REID: "He's come up and down a couple times, working out down where he had the surgery and that with the rehab center there."

Adam Teicher (ESPN):Would you like to see Charles, Hali and Williams sometime during OTAs?

REID: "Probably more training camp, I'd tell you."

Teicher: Is Gaines ahead of schedule?* *

REID: "Listen, I don't want to tell you anything – he's worked his tail off, I'd probably tell you he's kind of right in there. They're all different, he healed fast, but all the times are different. Within that window of when you thought he'd be back, he's back."

Teicher:They had their surgery around the same time, is Charles behind Gaines?

REID: "I don't know the detail of the surgery for you, which was worse or not. But Jamaal is doing fantastic, too."

Teicher:So you expect him by training camp?

REID: "I think you'll see him by camp, yeah. I think that's when you'll see him."

Darren Smith (KLKC):How encouraged are you by Tyler Bray and what you saw from him today?

REID: "You know what, I thought he did a nice job. I'll go back and look at the tape on it, but he looked like he handled things well. I thought all the quarterbacks kind of handled it very well, even our rookie (Kevin Hogan). It was fun to watch."

Teicher:Bray got more snaps than the other guys, are you going to mix that up or does he need more work since he hasn't practiced in a while?

REID: "Somebody's got to be the No. 2, so he's the No. 2 right now. It's an open competition. We're only out here for so long, so we try to get as many reps with each one of them as we can, but somewhere you have to distinguish one over the other."

Teicher:Do you plan to mix that up?

REID: "We'll see how it goes. Right now, he's doing a good job and we'll just see how it rolls. It's early yet."

Paylor:Did you make the preliminary decision to go with Bray as the No. 2 based on what you've seen in offseason work?

REID: "That's kind of it, he's been here the longest of the three. You've got one from each of the last few years here. We skipped the second year."

Bob Gretz (Topeka Capital-Journal):How soon or late do you feel comfortable making the decision of who the final backup quarterback will be?

REID: "We'll just see. I'll be curious to see how they do through camp and then once we get into the preseason games, we'll see how they roll there. Whatever happens, happens, it's as wide open as you can get. None of them have experience, so it's as wide open of a competition as you can have there."

Karen Kornacki (KMBC):Are you happy with the shape and conditioning the players are in?

REID: "Yeah, Barry (Rubin) has done a nice job with his crew. 90 percent of them have been here – maybe more than that, maybe 99 percent have been here doing it (and) it shows. They seem to be in good shape, they came out here and moved around fast and they weren't huffing and puffing, so that was a good thing."

Paylor:Is Marcus Cooper working more at safety?

REID: "Yeah, we did that a little bit last year with him, we kind of moved him around. He's so smart and he's got good size, he loves to play, so we moved him around last year a little bit doing that later in the season."

Paylor:With the defensive backs, are you going to let the best guys float to the top and then mix-and-match?

REID: "Yeah, we'll try to get them all reps and see what happens. Again, we're talking first day, so we've got a long way to go here. Hey, let them go out and compete and there seems to be good competition at the positions and let's see what happens."

Michael Coleman (KCTV5): Do you judge rookies differently in this phase as opposed to earlier?* *

REID: "They were here for the rookie minicamp, so they had a little bit of an introduction. We've added more into it. Now, today, this is just the first day, but over the next 10 days here, they'll get a nice little handful of plays – more than what they've had – and we'll see how they handle it. You always give them a little bit of a grace period, some of it is brand new to them when it's time for the veterans."

TJ Carpenter (WHB):In your fourth year with Alex Smith, do you feel like there's more that he can do?

REID: "Yeah, he's so smart, we're lucky to have him. He's always wanting more and to be challenged more. We give it to him within realm, we give it to him. He just gobbles that kind of stuff up. He's not getting any younger, I know that, but he's loving every minute of it, which is kind of fun to be around."

BJ Kissel ( have you seen from the transition with Coach Nagy and Coach Childress?* *

REID: "First of all, they're friends, they're close, so you don't have that whole competition thing going between them. I would never have done that if that was the case. We get a lot done with them, they're very intelligent, they're great for the quarterbacks and for the offense for that matter. Both creative guys."

Paylor:On Steven Nelson:

REID: "Yeah, he played both inside and outside today, but he made some plays in the inside with the first group there. He really started picking up towards the end of last year. I thought he kind of took off the last quarter of the season. We were excited to see if he'd continue to grow at that inside position. He made some nice plays today. That's positive."

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