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What We Learned from Chiefs Coach Andy Reid's Press Conference

Five takeaways from coach Reid’s media availability Wednesday


Injuries: QB Tyler Bray (knee), TE Demetrius Harris (foot), DL Dontari Poe (back) and LB Ramik Wilson (lower back strain) did not practice. WR Chris Conley left practice early with a knee strain.

Transactions: RB Cyrus Gray was released Wednesday morning.

Eric Berry Timeline (per head trainer Rick Burkholder)


November 24

It's revealed that Berry has a mass on his chest

November 26

The decision is made for Berry to go home to Atlanta

December 10

Berry began cancer treatment

May 13

Berry finishes his six phases of chemotherapy

June 22

After tests, it's revealed that Berry is cancer free

July 23

Berry returns to Chiefs for football testing

July 28

Berry passes all Chiefs football testing

July 29

Berry returns to the field

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid commented on how Eric Berry looked in his first day back.

"He looked pretty good out here today with the work that he had," Reid said. "We'll keep a close eye on him. One of the things that Eric and I talked about was just being honest with us about how [he's] feeling out here and sometimes that's hard for a player to do, especially with his makeup, but he's been great with that up to this point and I think that will continue through here."

Reid outlined the plan this week for Berry.

"We're just going to take it nice and easy," he said. "That's why he's doing these practices here. He'll work today, he'll work tomorrow [and] he'll be off the following day, like I do with the veteran players that are coming back off injury and/or the quarterbacks.

"They are veteran players. He'll get two good days of work in, we'll see where he's at, and if he just goes through individual, that's OK. If he can go through individual and then into teams there, that's okay too.

"We're just going to see how he feels and try to get feedback from him and see exactly where he's at."

Reid described Berry's attitude as "phenomenal."




"'I'm going to work out during this and I'm going to start the first game.' That's his attitude. That's what drove him through this.

"There were some tough things, some tough days for him. This wasn't a breeze going through this thing. That's what motivated him."

Through it all, Berry always felt that he would be back.

"[Berry] never had a thought where he was not going to play football," Reid said. "My concern, and I'm a dad and all of those things—I deal with young guys here—is just 'Let's get them back to where they can function in life here and have a great life, and live.'

"His thought was I've got to get ready. I'm conquering this thing and I'm going to play."

The outlook at the beginning, from the Chiefs perspective, was to make sure Berry the person was OK first.

"I told you this at the beginning," Reid explained, "with this kind of thing you just kind of put the football aside. Your mind goes to, "Hey. We're hoping and praying that he can be healthy and live a good life." And that's kind of where you're at in this. And then anything else here is icing on the cake. I wasn't even worried about the football part. Collectively, we were just worried about the person.

"Let's get him back to where he can live a good life and live."

Reid shared what he learned about Berry through the process.

"I always joke because he has red hair, you know," Reid said. "It's growing back. They took it away from him and now it's coming back. He's got that red hair and that's how he kind of goes after things, just like…(grunt). "With red hair comes temper and all of the those things and he could. That's the way it's happened—he went right after it. That doesn't surprise me. I'm sure he probably drove the doctor a little crazy every once in a while."

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