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What We Learned From Chiefs Media Availability Monday

11 takeaways from coordinator press conferences

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Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson was glad to see tight end Demetrius Harris back on the practice field.

"It's just a matter of him getting his sea legs back with him," he said. "From our standpoint, it's great to have him back and to see him back on the field, but really for him to get himself into football shape is kind of the expectation we have going forward. It's just a matter of him processing the stuff we've been doing throughout camp."

Pederson was asked about what made the three-tight end set, which Harris was a part of in 2014, work so well last year.

"It's being able to spread them out away from the ball and use them in bunches and clusters," he explained. "They were athletic guys that not only run, but can also run routes and catch the football. So I think that was a little bit of a change for defenses that were scouting us and had to be prepared for that. It's something that will continue to grow as a package on offense."

Although the offense did very well against the Tennessee Titans, Pederson said there were still some things to improve upon after watching the tape.

"I think what you need to get better at is we had penalties in the red zone [and] our execution wasn't as clean as we would have liked," he said. "There were a lot of great things in the game that we definitely can build off of. The passing game was a success, but you also look at some of the runs we had and it set up some of those shorter third downs for us. We were also able to convert at a high rate on third down, so all of those are positives. We just had a couple of breakdowns in the red zone with some penalties that cost us some points during that game that we have to clean up."

With the injuries to Jeff Allen and Eric Fisher in mind, Pederson understands that the combination needs to be figured out as the Chiefs draw closer to Week 1.

"The guys we do have, we do have depth and we have experience there," he said. "Not much experience, but there's experience in those positions. We still have some time, but the time is running out and we have to get that settled before we get to Houston."

Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton was pleased with how his team played against the Tennessee Titans.

"I felt it overall was good," he said. "We had some things that we felt we needed to clean up. We didn't tackle quite as well as we had in the first two games, and I felt that was it. Maybe in some things, a little slower than how we'd like to play or adjust as a formation or play came out, but I thought our effort was really good. I thought we did a good job in the things we were trying to emphasize in that game. I would say our number one thing is to improve our tackling."

Sutton has appreciated how rookie linebacker Ramik Wilson has played in veteran Josh Mauga's absence.

"I think he's done a really good job. I think one, he's a very instinctive player," he said. "He's got a feel, and playing linebacker in a lot of ways is much like being a running back. The play starts here if you're a running back but good running backs sometimes jump out, cut outside. Sometimes they cut back because that's what the defense has forced them to do. Same with linebackers—this is your responsibility, but the ball is coming back and the guys that really play that position well have a feel for that.

"It doesn't get too fast for them; they don't just bury their head down and go. They find the football. You know—Ramik's done that. He's done that and over the time he's been here in OTAs, has done a great job of getting his hands on the ball in the passing game. Those are instinctive things and I think Gary Gibbs and Mark [DeLeone] have done a really good job getting him comfortable, getting him up to speed, and the more he plays the better he's going to get I think."

Sutton thinks that a big reason players who are signed through waivers stay with the team is that they are filling a "need."

"When you get picked up after that cut, the team you're going to has a need," he said. "It's not like when you start out, especially if you're a free agent, like Ron [Parker] was. You go to a team and you try to work your way into it, then sometimes they don't have the same need. But when you come at the end, there, there's a need and you've got to meet it."

Sutton was asked what the identity would be for the 2015 defense.

"That's hard to say," he admitted. "Ours is we want to always be tough-minded. We want to be aggressive—and when I say aggressive, I'm really not talking structurally, [but] the style. We certainly have our blitzes and all of that, but I think aggressiveness is a mindset. You want to be an attacking mode player in whatever you're doing."

Special teams coordinator Dave Toub



Special teams coordinator Toub explained why he chose longsnapper James Winchester over the now released Andrew East.

"He's got all the tools; he's got a little bit more velocity on the ball," he said. "It's very little, but it makes a difference when [Dustin] Colquitt can get that ball in his hand and he doesn't have to rush. If we do get a rush, we'd have to speed him up if we had a slow snap. It really came down to that."

After exploring the tape, Toub said the missed extra point was solely kicker Cairo Santos' fault.

"He pulled it," he said. "It's a field goal. It's a 33-yard field goal and I'm glad he got it out of the way now. You know, it doesn't show up in the regular season and that's the way we're looking at it. He just yanked it, kind of spun out of it. You just have to take a better line. We'll fix it. It was nothing else, nothing with the operation, the snap. In a whole, we're all good. It was just strictly Cairo, but it's done now. He's got that out of the way."

Toub likes that the punt returner (De'Anthony Thomas) and kick returner (Knile Davis) are returning to their roles this year.

"The fact that they're all coming back, that's a positive," he said. "Hopefully we can keep a lot of those core guys that we had last year. This time of year is always rough because you have new guys coming in every year, talented new guys coming in every year, and sometimes those other guys that you've counted on the last two years get pushed down and they get cut and released. It happens, and you have to go with a new guy. We're excited about the young players, guys like [D.J.] Alexander and Ramik [Wilson]. Those guys are all going to be able to help us down the road."

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