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What We Learned From Friday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, QB Nick Foles, WR Jeremy Maclin and K Cairo Santos spoke with the media on Friday


Opening Statement:"As far as injuries go, [Josh] Mauga strained his groin and will have an MRI. Shannon Edwards hurt his shoulder and will also have an MRI. Nick Williams hurt his knee a bit, but he returned to practice -- we'll see how he does. Jamaal [Charles], Tamba [Hali], [Justin] Houston, and Albert Wilson did not practice. With that, it was good to get a couple live periods in. We were able to work some different situations: goal line, short yardage, and a 'move the ball' period where the guys just play the game. We got a field goal and an extra point in so it was good for the kickers likewise. Alright, the time is yours."

Q:With the decision to bring in quarterback Nick Foles, elaborate on what you liked about him.

REID: "Nick is familiar with our system and he's a good football player. He was good for me as a rookie and Chip [Kelly] his first year there. I think he's a good fit and you can't have enough of those guys. It's a tough position and you want to make sure you're fully loaded there -- I think we're doing that." 

Q:What is the challenge in splitting up the reps between five quarterbacks?

REID: "I thought it worked out okay. We'll keep working at it and see how things go, but it seemed to work okay today."

Q:What went into the decision to have [Tyler] Bray and Foles for a few, and then [Aaron] Murray?

REID: "Aaron is playing really good football right now. It's not because of Aaron's efforts or anything like that. In addition, [Kevin] Hogan is coming along and he's sharp as a tac. I was trying to get Nick a couple of reps in there with that group where maybe the protection was an inch better."

Q:What makes him a good fit for this system?

REID: "I'm going off his rookie year when he was in this offense. He handled it very well and he has good feet -- very similar to Tyler Bray. He also has a good arm and he's smart. That's a pretty good combination when you put it all together."

Q:How long do you plan to keep five quarterbacks on?* *

REID: "We'll see. I might start my own hamburger stand."

Q:Do you have to talk to other QBs before making a big move like this?

REID: "No, they understand it. Nick comes in and he handles it the right way -- he understands it too. They all came out and worked their tails off. These guys don't flinch. They love playing and when you give them an opportunity to play, they go out and play. That's how they roll."

Q:What does this move say, if anything, about how you feel about these other quarterbacks?

REID: "The one thing Nick has that these other guys don't is his experience. I think these other guys are going to be tremendous. We have a great stable of guys at that position. What a position to be in. It's a win-win situation."

Q:What does this move say, if anything, about how you feel about Alex Smith?

REID: "It's Alex's football team, this has nothing to do with Alex. In fact, Nick and Alex are friends. They were both in the Pro Bowl together and have stayed in touch. Nick knows that it's Alex's team and Alex knows that it's his team. Let's go play."

Q:Nick Foles' career has kind of a weird arc to it. How do you explain that?

REID: "There are a million things that can go into that. He's healthy right now, I don't really care about anything else. He's the same guy he was. Every system is different and I know he fits this system."

Q:Having familiarity with the system, how easily can he pick up where he left off?

REID: "We've changed a few things. He's just got to get the verbiage down. For the most part, he knows the fundamental part of the offense and most of the verbiage we use. He's a smart guy, but we're 10 days into this so he's got some catching up to do."

Q:Do you anticipate him playing in the first preseason game?

REID: "Let's see how things go this week. I'll let everyone know when we get to that point -- I'm not going to hide it from you. We'll see how it progresses and how things work out."

Q:How did Nick handle things his rookie year with it being a tough season?

REID: "I thought he was one of the bright spots. It looked like he was going to have a great future. He came back the next season and had a good year. He and Michael Vick had a nice relationship so Michael was able to help him out a bit. He did some good things for us."

Q:What did you see from the guys as far as intensity today at practice?

REID: "I think they got after it. That's why we play the game. We're still working on fundamentals, technique, tackling, and all that. They're not taking cheap shots on each other. They handle it like pros so they can get a lot of good work put in."


Q:What made you sign with Kansas City?

FOLES: "I mean after we got the release done with the Rams and finished that and moved on to think about everything. It was always an opportunity to where I would go to be around respect and love. Coach [Andy] Reid was the guy who drafted me as a rookie. He's a guy that I always stayed in touch with, always thought the world of. So, as I sort of just stepped away from the game for those few days, I was able to talk to him – talk to him about how I felt. It really was only Coach Reid – that was it. I really didn't care about any other offer. I told my agents, 'That's the guy I want to play for. I need to step back and just see how I feel about everything, and then, go forward.' As you know, and the guys here know, that's a great guy to play for, so I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be back with him." 

Q:What was the impression that Coach [Andy] Reid made on you in 2012?

FOLES: "I think he got out of me more than I ever thought possible. He pushed me every throw, everything I did to just be aggressive – really helped me be the player that I was the next year and just to continue to grow. It hasn't always been smooth. It hasn't always been like those couple of years in Philly, but that's part of the game. You continue to grow. I mean last year didn't go like I wanted to, but there's a lot from last year that I'll carry on through my future in football. You grow through the hard times. It's awesome to have the opportunity to come here with these guys and just be in an atmosphere with familiar faces, guys I was with earlier in my career. It just goes back to being very fortunate and blessed to be a part of this team."

Q:What's your relationship with Alex Smith?

FOLES: "Alex [Smith] and I have gotten to know each other throughout the last couple of years just from seeing each other. From the preseason, we were both at the Pro Bowl together, so just hanging around him. Always thought great things of him as a player. He seems like an even better person."

Q:Coach Andy Reid said this is Alex Smith's team – what do you think of that?

FOLES: "It's Alex's [Smith] team. I'll second that. Alex has done amazing things. He's a tremendous leader. You can tell when he steps in the huddle and is out here that he's the leader of this team, the leader of the offense. I'm excited. It's going on his 12th year, he has so much knowledge of the game whether it's his work ethic or the plays he runs or what he sees in the defense, so I'm just excited to be in the film room. I get to learn from him, and I can spit ball things to him of what I've seen and how I've read it. It'll be great for both of us."

Q:What did he [Alex Smith] say when he first saw you?

FOLES: "We just gave each other a hug and said it was good to see each other. Just little things like, 'How's the family? How are you doing?'  He was great. He connected our wives – helped my wife out with figuring everything out. That's part of it too. She's about ready to move half way across the country, and we have to figure that out."

Q: Your career has had an unusual arc, you had a lot of success early in your career and then not so much lately, how do you explain that?

FOLES: "I think that's just the beauty of sports, you just never know what's going to happen. You would love for everything to be smooth but there's always going to be adversity. I was fortunate to have some really solid years in Philly (Philadelphia Eagles). Last year there were good moments, but all in all it wasn't what I wanted as a team. I didn't do a good enough job to help us be successful, and I take ownership of that. But I can say there's a lot that I've learned and it's exciting to be in a new place where I can grow, just learn and get back on my feet and get things going."

Q: How far do you think you are from being that player you were?

FOLES: "I feel like I'm still the same guy, same player. It only takes a few plays to get back there to get on the field and throw a few touchdowns to get back to that form. And I'm excited to have the opportunity to do it here." 

Q: What was your first reaction when you saw the playbook here?

FOLES: "A lot of it was reminiscing on old memories like, 'oh, I remember that' or 'that's changed a little bit' or 'I recognize that play but it looks different.' It was sort of surreal to see the font of the playbook because it triggered a memory of rookie year and grinding through that playbook. And just looking at Andy Reid's playbook and you're just, 'oh man, oh gosh.' But now I'm going into my fifth year, so now it's going methodically like how I study a playbook. And I've developed a regime throughout the years so I have to just keep going each day."

Q: Have you had to spit out plays like you did in Andy (Reid's) playbook in 2012 since then?

FOLES: "Last year there was some wordy plays as well. So thank goodness because it would be tough from going from a no huddle to spitting out his plays. That would be really difficult. But no I was in the huddle, and we did have some wordy plays last year."

Q: Have you had any conversations like you are the backup, you got a spot, that's your spot, when you came in here?

FOLES: "No we never had that talk, it was more just Coach Reid and I having a heart to heart talk and talking about experiences. It's an emotional game, your family goes through a lot, and you go through a lot. My family has always been there for me, the last eight or nine months you continue to grow, you feel a lot of emotions about the game. I was able to talk to him because I was in Philly that last year and I got to see those emotions and he did so many great things for the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles, but it's exciting to see how well his career is taking off here and what he's instilled here. We talked about the journey of football, I don't need any guarantees. He knows I'm coming here to work and to be a part of the team. I'm not coming here to do anything except being a great teammate to these guys, help Alex (Smith) in any way. And obviously you have to be ready to play because that's part of it. We're here to play, but also my big thing is I want to be a great teammate and impact my teammates around me."

Q: I was watching the Tampa game from your rookie year, I noticed a lot of shot gunning in that and I was curious, was that just Andy's playbook or was that him tailoring what you're comfortable doing to you?

FOLES: "I remember that game. That game we switched it up and we did more shotgun, quick stuff to get the ball out fast, I think we had some injuries. We were more adapting our game for that Tampa Bay defense that year. First win, my only win rookie year, so it was a big one."


Q:You've played with Nick Foles before, what'd you like about him back in Philly?

MACLIN: "I think his poise. He had some really big years in Philly, he's a guy who knows his offense, a guy who has some experience in this league, and he and I have had some pretty good moments together. I'm happy he's here."

Q:Does he [Foles] throw a pretty catchable ball?

MACLIN:"I think he's a big arm quarterback. He kind of reminds me of Tyler Bray. Him and Bray are kind of similar in their style, and the way they throw the football. Like I said, he's a guy who's played in this league, who's played at a very high level. I think he had 27 touchdowns and two interceptions one year. He's going to help us. Clearly this is Alex's team. There's no debate about that, but he's a guy who brings experience. Those guys are going to work well together."

Q:A lot of what he's going to do is helping other guys out at practice he seems like he's a pretty bright guy. How do you feel he's going to help some of the receivers and things like that?

MACLIN:"He's a guy who likes to communicate. He's always talking and likes to know, 'what did you see because this is kind of what I saw. What can we do to make things better and get on the same page?' In that aspect he's very comfortable. He just brings experience, so I think he's going to be good for us."

Q:How do you feel like Rod Streater has taken to this offense?

MACLIN:I think Rod's done a phenomenal job. We've asked him to play outside, we've moved him to the slot and I think he's a very intelligent guy. He's picked up on the playbook really well. I think he's going to help us as well. I think the big thing for him is to keep the pedal to the metal, stay in this playbook, and be able to do everything like they ask him to."

Q:When you saw Foles today did you say anything to him?

MACLIN: "Yea I actually talked to him the other day. I just reached out to him to say congrats. We talk every now and then, and keep in touch with each other. He's a good dude."

Q:Guys move around in this league, that's what happens with players. Did it surprise you to see Nick Foles show up here?

MACLIN:"You know why it didn't, because I think it goes to show the type of respect that people who play for Coach Reid have for him, and the kind of faith that they have in him. Anytime Big Red wants you to be a part of anything he has going on, that's an honor. It didn't really surprise me that this would be a spot that he would pick."

Q:Comparing the offense in Philly to what it is now just in general, do think this will be a quick turn for Nick?

MACLIN:"Yeah, I think the base is pretty much the same, but we do have different wrinkles and everything that he needs to learn and understand. He got a few reps out here today, but he'll continue to grow as he continues to get more familiar and learn the new wrinkles that we have in this offense."

Q:How did you like the live practice?

MACLIN:"It's cool. I got a little taste of it last year, but prior to that I had two years where I didn't have it. It's good to get the guys juices flowing a little bit, and tackle some people."


Q: When was the last time you were in Rio?

SANTOS: "Three weeks ago. I was doing a program with the NFL as a Brazil ambassador for the NFL. So I went out there and interacted with fans, it was a really cool program we did down there."

Q: What kind of welcome do you get when you go back?

SANTOS: "It's funny, being the only Brazilian in the NFL they see me as this 'Cairo Santos' you know and I'm just a kicker. They kind of think I'm right up there with Tom Brady. I like that, they see me as more of an idol whereas here I'm just one of the 32 kickers in the NFL. So it's really fun going back there."

Q: How do your parents react to that?

SANTOS: "They love it. It took them to my last year of college to really understand how big football is here in the United States. Then my family finally came to the US to watch an NFL game that I was playing in; one of the games was against the Patriots that Monday night, and we broke that record. So they really got to see like 'wow, you're big time.'"

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