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What We Learned From Friday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Thursday


OPENING STATEMENT:"I don't have injuries for you, although I don't think we had any that were real significant from yesterday. That should take care of that area for you. With that, it was great to get the young guys in. We had a chance to go back and look at the film. I've had a chance to meet with [John] Dorsey and his guys. They're putting things together and we're going through that procedure. We haven't done anything yet, but I would imagine here in the next couple days some things will take place. They're in there hammering the phones and figuring out those scenarios for the roster. With that, the time is yours."* * 

Q: Are there any scenarios where Dadi Nicolas could help you guys, even if it was in a specific or limited role?

REID:"Yeah, I think so. I think you're right on when you say a limited role potentially. He's just learning this, but he has some natural ability when rushing the passer. He didn't do a bad job on special teams yesterday either. That would be something where he would have to excel to be activated on game day and or even make the team."

Q:You don't think his injury will keep him out for an extended period of time?

REID:"No, I don't."

Q:Do you have a plan for this weekend with Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Tamba Hali?

REID:"I would tell you that, in that order, Eric Berry would be ready to go, Tamba second and Jamaal might need some more time to get himself back."

Q:So you don't see [Jamaal] playing against the Chargers?

REID:"I'm not saying that, but of the three, he's the furthest away. We'll see how he does after a couple days off here."

Q:Is it fair to say the 32 guys that didn't play are safe to assume starting or similar roles?

REID:"I hate saying absolute on something like that. Those are the ones who had been working more with the ones or with a personnel group that we considered a one. To say they're 'absolutely secure' -- I would never say that in this business."

Q: What did you see from KeiVarae Russell yesterday?

REID:"He made a nice play on the one that he batted down, and I thought he did a decent job on the outside there. He had a couple other breaks that he made. He was short on a couple catches there, but for him to make the play on the ball, I thought, was big for him."

Q: Is there some guys that made the team before that probably won't make the cut this time around?

REID:"Yeah, I would probably tell you that – yes. We always put in where there are potential holes, you know – [John] Dorsey does that – puts a board up. I remember the first year, we had a lot of circles up on the board and this year, there aren't those circles. So that's a good thing."

Q: For the years where there were a bunch of circles, did that year end up being a pretty good one or did the season look hopeful and then you never know?

REID:"Alright, well you saw it last year with us. We didn't have a lot of circles there, and we didn't start off very good. We were able to stop the bleeding, but that thing keeps going, and you're looking at a pretty average season right there with some pretty good players. Anything can happen, at any given year and any given week, and so, when a coach says he's taking it day-by-day and play-by-play, that's kind of what he's saying. There's that emotional part of it, and sometimes that ball bounces funny."

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