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What We Learned From Friday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Friday


Opening Statement:** "Alright, as far as the injuries go and for the people that didn't practice today: Tamba [Hali], we sat down today, we worked yesterday, just nothing out of the ordinary. Parker [Ehinger] and [Jah] Reid did not practice today. Most likely, they'll be out; we'll give you the official thing this afternoon when we get it. It's a great opportunity this week to play against a good football team. We understand that. We've had a good week of practice. Our guys know what's coming in here. They know it's an explosive team – both sides of the ball with the Jets. Again, they look forward to the opportunity to play them."

Q: Do you feel confident about Duvernay-Tardif being ready to go?

REID: "Listen, it's truly a day-to-day thing. He did more today than he did the other day, so it's been like that the whole week. That's a good thing. Those things are a bit unpredictable, but we'll see how he does. I'm optimistic that he's feeling better – that he's making progress as he goes here."

Q: Was Jamaal Charles practice week any different than last week?

REID: "He did a good job today. It's been a pretty good week for him. I thought he got a little bit better than he was last week."

Q: Mostly scout team stuff?

REID: "Yeah, he did a little bit with the ones, but mostly scout team."

Q: How are you guys going to list Jamaal Charles?

REID: "I don't know yet. I'm going to go talk to Rick [Burkholder] and we'll see from there."

Q: What do you have structurally in place for Tyreek Hill off the field?

REID: "So, right now, he's doing everything that he's supposed to do. As far as the counseling goes, he has some things that are structured there for him. He's doing a nice job on the field. He's been a good citizen as he's gotten here – that's important. He's making, obviously, an effort to do the right things
and handle himself the right way. We've been pleased to this point with that, but again, he's staying on task which is important."

Q: Do you personally spend more time on that yourself just given your past on some things you've done with players?

REID: "Well I check with him, yeah see how things are going, but I do that with most of the players."

Q: Coach, with the road game coming up and then the bye it's the last chance to play at Arrowhead for a while, what do you expect the atmosphere to be like?

REID: "We look forward to bringing the Jets in here, this is a good football team that we're playing. We love bringing teams in to Arrowhead. The fan base is phenomenal. We know they're going to show up and be the Sea of Red. That's a beautiful thing right there."

Q: You talked a lot about energy givers, the three interior starters on the defensive line, give us a quick rundown of those three on energy.

REID: "All three of them, you could probably put the young kid [Chris Jones] in there too. They're all rotating. They show up every day and it starts with [Dontari] Poe and they all feel it. They all do a great job; Jaye [Howard], and [Allen] Bailey and Chris [Jones] they all take a lot of pride in their job. It's not a position you're going to get a whole lot of clippings written about you on. So they get in and they do their business and that's important."

Q: Since Jamaal [Charles] went down you've had a couple of backs really emerge, and Jamaal will be back at some point. Does that just give you a nice problem to have?

REID: "Yeah those guys have worked hard at their job. They're young guys so there's been some learning that's taken place, but I've been very pleased with how they've been handling themselves. Again they've got great energy, now you add Jamaal into the mix and that's a pretty good thing. That's a good problem to have right there. Knile's [Davis] not getting as much playing time as the other guys, but he's a good player too. We don't want to forget about that."

Q: You said last week that Jamaal [Charles] had indicated to you that he wasn't ready, what has he communicated to you in that regard?

REID: "I think he feels that he can do it. He has a pretty positive outlook on things."

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