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What We Learned From Friday's Media Availability

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Friday


OPENING STATEMENT:** "So the guys that are out are Jah Reid and Charcandrick West. Tamba [Hali], Phillip Gaines and Jamaal [Charles] are questionable. They're day-to-day, so we'll see how that all sorts out. We had a good week of practice. I know the guys look forward to playing Sunday. It's a great atmosphere in Pittsburgh and we understand that. They're a good football team and that's what this is all about."

Q: If Phillip Gaines can't go, does Steven Nelson move over?

REID: "Yeah, we'll see how he does. I'm not counting him out yet."

Q: With the offensive line looking like it's healthy, who's going to be running at guards on Sunday?

REID: "We'll see. We've rotated them all in. I'm going to see how things work after today's practice."

Q: Is there any special message to the guys who are playing under the lights?

REID: "We have a few young guys and we have a few veterans. The veterans need to talk to the younger ones and tell them what it's all about. A lot of these guys came from big schools, so they're used to playing in front of big crowds and that's what we'll have. It'll be exciting and it'll be a great atmosphere to play in. For their first time, I'm sure they'll have some wide eyes but they'll settle in."

Q: I expect you're thinking Pittsburgh will be pretty focused after last week?

REID: "Absolutely, they're always focused. Things happen in this league. They'll be focused. We understand that. We respect them."

Q: How was Jamaal Charles' week of practice?

REID: "It's been good. He's done a little bit of team, a little bit of scout. He's mixed it in and out and looks like he's getting better all the time. We'll just have to see how he does here today."

Q: I was wondering if you were a Vin Scully guy growing up.

REID: "Oh yeah, big time. Nothing better than a famous Dodger Dog and Vin Scully in the booth. He's one of those guys that even if you can't see it on T.V. or be there in person, you listen to it on the radio. You'd almost turn the T.V. off to hear him do the game. He's been doing it a couple of years too and I know he's finishing up. Tribute to all of the red heads out there, he's a great one."

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