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What We Learned from Friday's Media Availability

Andy Reid addressed the media on Friday

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go: Tamba [Hali] didn't practice today, but that's what we've been doing there – nothing has changed. Parker [Ehinger], Spencer Ware are out along with Alex [Smith] and D.J. White. Again, Spencer Ware is making progress. Then, as far as Jamaal Charles – Jamaal had his meniscus trimmed, so he's on IR. That's where we're at with him. So, again, we look forward to the opportunity to play Jacksonville. We know they're a good football team. The guys have had a good week of preparation, and we're ready to roll."

Q:Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Johnson and Mitchell Schwartz all good to go?

REID:"Yeah. They practiced, yep."

Q:Is it out of the question that Jamaal Charles could come back this year?

REID:"I haven't even got that far. I can't tell you that."

Q:Jaye Howard good to go?


Q:What does it mean to you personally with Sunday being Salute to Service Day?

REID:"I think it's awesome. I had a chance to go to Afghanistan with Brad Childress, actually, when he was the head coach of Minnesota. I wish everybody had an opportunity to see that. I think we all appreciate – appreciate it a little more – when you have the opportunity to be over there and see what the people do there. They're all in. When we talk about it in this sport – everybody's in. They're all in to protect our country. It's an awesome thing."

Q:With Spencer Ware out, how do you expect the snaps to be divided between Charcandrick West and Bishop Sankey?

REID:"Yeah, we'll see. Each one of them has plays, and we'll just see how it rolls. Charcandrick [West] is going to get most of them, obviously, and we'll just see how he holds up there."

Q:What happened to Darrin Reaves?

REID:"He tweaked his groin. It was bad timing because he's a pretty good little player. He tweaked that thing, so we didn't have an opportunity to bring him up.

Q:Any chance you'll make a roster move between now and Sunday?

REID:"I have no idea. I'm just coaching the ones that are here. That's a question for John [Dorsey]."

Q:How has Nick Foles' week of preparation gone?

REID:"Listen, he did a good job. I've said this before -- that room is a good room. Those guys get in there and they cover every base. We know they're going to come out with an aggressive approach on us. Nick has played them before. They know how he operates. I'm sure they'll have a package for him. So we've got to be ready -- be ready to make any adjustments we need to make and come out and do what we do."

Q:In his past, he's had ball security issues. Is that anything you've worked with him on?

REID:"We do that with all of our quarterbacks. We haven't harped on him any more than we have the other guys."

Q:How did Bishop Sankey look?

REID:"He did a nice job. He had a lot thrown at him -- it was like learning French overnight. It's a tough deal but he hung in there and I thought he did a respectable job."

Q:Is it as difficult for a running back to come into a position like this as opposed to any other position?

REID:"They're asked to do a lot between protection, routes and actually carrying the ball. They've got a full plate there."

Q:When it comes to home life, how do you like to talk about the family support that players need to in order to perform well on the field? How important are the family members that surround them?

REID:"Significant others and wives do a great job -- especially in this business. If you're in that company, they're the head coaches of the head coaches -- the one that runs the ship. B.J. [Stabler] does a nice job with our crew of making sure everything is good in that area. We've got some good guys and great wives and significant others here on this team."

Q:How did Nick Foles look this week in practice with the ones?

REID:"He did a nice job. He handled himself well and didn't have to change anything. It was good."

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