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What We Learned From Friday's Media Availability

Dave Toub, Bob Sutton and Matt Nagy spoke to the media Friday



Q: **Saw (Jehu) Chesson return, what does he bring to that?

TOUB: "He looked good in there at training camp doing it. He did it in college. He's got some juice. He's just a different type of guy then what we have, he's more of a straight-ahead, get outside, hit at guys. Just another dimension, just another guy that we can use."

Q: Do you take into account the kickers leg strength when you decide whose back there (to return)?

TOUB: "Sometimes, but really the weather has a lot to do whether we're going to come out or not. We know the kickers, if they bang it out the back of the endzone, we have no choice. But it's those ones that are in the grey area – that's when we have to decide what we're going to do. Is it deep that we're going backwards? Do we want to catch and stay in, catch it going forward? So that's the rule that we look at."

Q: You'll be going up against your protégée on Monday – what's that going to be like?

TOUB: "It's going to be fun. Brock (Olivo), I'm so proud of Brock. The job he's done, I watch his tape and I see the guys playing hard and he's got a really good scheme. He's got the guys flying around. It's going to be fun."

Q: Did you give him all your secrets or is it execution?

TOUB: "When you're with somebody for three years and you spend every waking moment together, he knows everything I know. You definitely take that into consideration into what you're going to do that week. You know what he knows. More importantly, he knows our players. On special teams, it's all about matchups, it's about creating matchups that favor you. He knows us. He knows us well. It's going to be interesting to see how he attacks us."



Q:** What do you need to see from Steven Nelson to know when he's ready to contribute?

SUTTON:"I think you get back to the same thing, I think they've got a pretty good handle on his physical situation, it looks pretty good. It's really more about reaction and his comfort in getting back and seeing things. That's probably the hardest thing to judge because you're still not seeing the speed on gameday. I think so far he's done a really good job in the time that he's been out there. He's got those fresh legs from being out, so he's moving around pretty good. It's just going to be the next couple days just watching him and thinking he's in the groove and ready to go. He knows the system. It's not like he's just learning the system. I think he's showing some real positive signs here, we just have to wait and see."

Q: How much was the matchup vs. execution in Oakland?

SUTTON: "I think it's a little bit of everything. We gave up a lot of explosive plays. That's going to throw things out of whack a little bit, so you've got to prevent explosive plays. Sometimes those are skill, sometimes those are matchup. Sometimes a guy makes a great big play, sometimes he might get nudged out of the way. All those things could happen, I'm not saying it did, just saying it could. There's a lot of things that happen, seriously. It's like every play, when you throw the ball the first thing you think of is pass defenders, but to do this whole thing you've got to apply pressure. You have to be able to rush, you've got to get the guy up the spot. Then a lot of times you allow things to continue because you don't do a good job on third down. So it's both things. The first and most important thing is elimination of the big play. Especially big plays that are touchdowns because you have no more chances. That sounds simple and basic, but it's really true. Get him on there and then you get your chance on third down. So that's one of our challenges going forward, we've got to do a much better job on our third downs and go. We're actually doing pretty well on the third and mediums, the low ones, the four and six, but we're not doing good on that seven to 10 range. Which would be the opposite of what you would think. We've got to really hold that down, do a good job and work hard on our ability to rush, ability to pressure, ability to stay tight in coverage. All the things that are tied I think to playing pass defense."



Q: **How has Mitch Morse looked?

NAGY:"He's doing well. It's good to see him back out. Having a guy with the veteran experience is good to see as well, as all of the other guys on the line."

Q:Does knowing the Broncos help you have success against them?

NAGY:"It helps knowing them and playing them twice a year, but they're good. I feel like we keep having the same conversation each week with these defensive lines. It's the same theme, but these guys are ranked first in the league for a reason. They're well coached, they play really fast and with 58 (Von Miller) on that side of the ball, he's a special talent so you have to know where's he's at."

Q:Even as they've been against the run, do you feel the need to try to be creative?

NAGY:"I don't know if you necessarily have to be creative. Coach Reid has done a really good job of being creative all year long so it's just kind of what we do. I don't think you necessarily have to go in and change anything per say, but you need to understand what they do. There's not a whole lot that they do other than just play fast. They do what they do scheme-wise, they do it really well and that's why they're ranked where they're at."

Q:From your perspective what makes Von Miller such a difficult match up?

NAGY:"I always knew he was a difficult matchup from the sidelines and kind of watching it and the first few years for me being up in the box you get to see it from a birds-eye view. But again, seeing these guys at the Pro Bowl you get an up and close view of what they're all about and how they play and I won't forget how at the end of the Pro Bowl this year they put him back in in the fourth quarter to go win the game and get a sack. They said 'Von get in there and go get a sack' and he did a spin move, sack, game over. I'll never forget that. He's just a special talent and the thing that he's really good at is he understands leverages and he studies film really well. You can tell he studies film and when you have that with his explosiveness it's tough"

Q:You guys had some idea what Tyreek (Hill) would do as kind of an every down guy from what he did last year. Is this what you expected, has he exceeded, is he meeting, is he not?

NAGY:"He's right where we thought he'd be at and it's not going to happen just this year. He's going to learn. He's learning each and every day and so when he does that he has to understand it's going to be a process. As long as he can improve at a few things each week and I think he's done that. You go up against guys like (Aqib) Talib in Denver and you get to see how he played him last year and how he may play him this year, you learn from that. The more he can be on the field out there on the outside and not just on the inside or in the backfield is going to really help him."

Q:Demarcus (Robinson) looked a little more settled in against Oakland. What have you seen in his progression in the last couple of weeks?

NAGY:"More and more plays. The more and more plays he gets the more experience that he has, I think his ceiling is only going to go up. He's a guy that you see him out here at practice doing the things that he does and now that he's in the first few games of his career, I think it's only going to improve. The more reps he can get the better."

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