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What We Learned From Head Coach Andy Reid on Tuesday

Reid met with the media on Tuesday prior to Thursday's preseason finale

Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement:"The guys not playing from injury are Eric Berry, Step Durham's hip is bothering him and then Daniel Sorensen with a knee injury. Everyone else will be suited up and ready to go. You guys know how I roll with it. I normally give this game to the young guys and let them play. That means from the second quarter on they will get most of the reps in this game."

Q:Where was Travis Kelce today?

REID:"He is gone for personal reasons."

Q:When you talked about Chicago throwing a lot of things at you defensively and how Patrick (Mahomes) handled it, what did you like about the way he handled it and what are areas for improvement?

REID:"They gave him a nice load of blitzes. There were a couple in there that he could've done better on and a few he did well on, so that was a plus. It wasn't identifying them, it was more working the pocket a little bit."

Q:Were there a couple of times he showed a little bit too much and rushed one?

REID:"No, I don't think so. You have probably watched it as much as I did. I am focused on this game. That was too long ago. Maybe there was, you guys have all of the information. Maybe he did rush one and I don't remember." 

Q:Because Demetrius is suspended in Game 1, will you try to work him quite a bit in Thursday's game?

REID:"He will play Thursday. He has practiced with that group all week and made sure he got some reps in there. He needs to get the work in before his break here."

Q:Obviously this is the last chance for guys to show what they have, how is this an opportunity for the guys you are uncertain about to make a final impression?

REID:"That's the neat part about the game is that everyone gets to get out there and play and gets extended time. Like we told them day one, try to make the final evaluation by Brett Veach as tough as you can. These guys will get an opportunity. There will be some competition there amongst positions. We will see how it all goes."

Q:Do you have a playing time plan for Chase Litton and Matt McGloin for Thursday night?

REID:"I do not. They are going to play quite a bit. I just need to see how the first part goes."

Q:Who from the wide receivers group are you focusing on or think need to have a strong performance Thursday?

REID:"I have kind of stayed away from those questions. I really want the guys to go out and play. They are all in it to go and the rank of it doesn't necessarily matter right this minute. I just want the guys to play hard and try to capture those positions." 

Q:What have you learned through OTAs and training camp about Ben Niemann?

REID:"You always see guys who come out of nowhere. I was going to give you a Field of Dreams quote but my mind was going too fast. He has had a nice camp. This is an important game for him. This is one of those games that he has to play well and he will have some extended time in there to do so. He has jumped out at us so far."

Q:What do you expect the playing time to be like for players like Breeland Speaks who have rotated with the first group but also the second or third groups as well?

REID:"Some of those guys will get to play. I can't tell you how much. Just like the quarterback question. We just have to play it by ear and see where things go. In relation to the quarterback question earlier, whenever Chad (Henne) is out, those other two will split the rest. That's how that goes."