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What We Learned From Monday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, Head Athletic Trainer Rick Burkholder, DL Chris Jones and LB Dee Ford spoke with the media on Monday



INJURY REPORT:"Charcandrick West, during the ball game, he fell on an outstretched left arm. His elbow shifted a little bit. It wasn't a dislocation, a sublux or anything like that. He was fine after the ball game. He came in yesterday very swollen, very stiff. So we did an MRI. It was examined by our physicians and he's got a mild elbow strain and a mild elbow sprain. He damaged some muscle and a little bit of stretch on a ligament. He's literally day-to-day. You saw him out here today with a pretty good sized elbow brace on and he went through some stuff with Barry [Rubin]. He's literally day-to-day. 

"The other guy we need to talk about is Tyler Bray. When he got slammed to the ground at the end of the half and his neck went into flexion, he's got a very small chip fracture in his cervical spine. In the body of the spine, which is away from the spinal cord. It sounds much worse than it is. We're treating it as a sprain because it's just like that. He saw two orthopedic surgeons, he had x-rays and an MRI yesterday and we had consultation with our neurosurgeon to make sure everything was going to be alright.

"Once his symptoms go away, and his symptom right now is a stiff neck. As a thrower, he's got to be able to turn his head and get his hands above his head. We think he's going to be fine. We're going to monitor him day-to-day up here and see how he does. There is no real timetable to when he will return, but we think he will be fine to return."


OPENING STATEMENT:"Rick covered the injuries outside of the guys that have been out. Zombo is out for personal reasons -- his wife had a little baby boy so he is there. Congratulations to Jeff Henderson for winning a gold medal in the long jump at Rio. He was with us during the offseason and we're proud of him for bringing home the gold.

"We had a good practice today. The guys pushed themselves through and that's tough to do after a game. They did well and had a good frame of mind to get some things accomplished that we needed to. As far as the game goes, I thought the ones and the twos did a pretty good job. The threes and the fours, we need to do a better job there. We had too many penalties and shot ourselves in the foot. We had an interception as well. It's not always the quarterback, but the relationship between the quarterback, the receiver and their relationship as those two work it out. It'll be a good picture for them to learn from. The offsides and the penalties, you can't have those. It's good for these good guys to learn that. They get to see firsthand that when you do that in the National Football League, it costs you games."

Q:Did you know Jeff Henderson when he was here?

REID: "I do remember Jeff, yes."

Q:What do you remember about him as a football player?

REID: "I remember he worked his tail off here. I know that was his primary focus at the time."

Q:On Jeff Henderson.

REID: "Well, listen, we look at it more of a trial basis. Again, he was trying to do two jobs. If he decided he wanted to go all football now, I think probably that would help him as far as catching the football more – having more time to do that."

Q:So, it wasn't a case where you guys just don't recognize talent there?REID: "Well, that probably could have been it. I recognized that he was a gold medalist."

Q:What does Tyler Bray's injury mean to the quarterback rotation? REID: "Yeah, so, we have a lot of quarterbacks. So, Aaron Murray gets a few more reps – well deserving too because he's playing well. So, we move on. That's how it rolls."

Q:What have you seen from Aaron Murray – what is it that he's improved on? REID: "I think everything. I thought he did a good job last year in the preseason when he had a chance. I think he has a full grasp. We saw him against the blitz game coming after him, and he got the ball out fast, decisive, made a couple of checks that were great. He is real intelligent – great football smarts. He brought good energy to the huddle. He missed the one throw, but other than that, I thought he was right on."

Q:Have you noticed any minor tweaks in Aaron Murray's mechanics? REID: "Not much. Some of it with young quarterbacks is getting used to the drop according to the route and the coverage that they are presented, and/or blitz that they're presented. Just how to use that drop. You probably could put that in mechanics, but it's just a matter of seeing those things and having opportunities to study that part."

Q:Would you say Aaron Murray's accuracy is better since OTAs? REID: "I haven't ever considered him not accurate. I think he's always had a pretty good feel for that."

Q:What kind of trust do you have with Tom Melvin getting the tight end group ready given that groups athletic history? REID: "So, Tom [Melvin] does a phenomenal job with the tight ends, and he's got good athletes to work with. He's got that offensive line background, so he can teach them how to block. Most of these guys can go out and run a route and catch a ball, but being able to get inside and block a big body, a big defensive end, that's not a thing that you're born with. You've got to work on that. So, he's great with that. He's also strong in the pass game, so teaching the guys that."



Q:How did it feel to get out there and play your first NFL game?

JONES: "It was pretty insane just being in that atmosphere with everybody hollering. My first NFL game it was an amazing feeling."

Q:How do you grade your performance?

JONES:"I have to get a lot of work done. I have a lot of areas I have to improve on. I need to come back here and work hard and push myself everyday."

Q:"You've played in front of some big crowds in college so maybe the size of the crowd is not that significant, but just being in that first NFL environment did you have any first game jitters?

JONES:"No I wasn't intimidated or nervous at all. I was more excited than anything. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was just excited to be out there on the field. Excited to finally hit someone else instead of my teammates."

Q:After your first game where do you feel like you need to improve?

JONES:"In a lot of areas. Hand placement, hand leverage, just the smaller things that separate a great player from an average player, those smaller details."

Q:A lot of the questions surrounding the reason you were drafted in the second round was because of your motor. Do you feel like you've answered those questions?

JONES:"People are going to have their opinion. What I can do is come out here and work hard and push myself every play."

Q:Do you feel like you've proved yourself with your motor?

JONES:"I just push myself every play."

A look into day twelve of training camp at Mosaic Life Care Field.


Q: How do you feel after that first preseason game?

FORD: "It feels good to go out and knock some rust off – by rust I mean actual game experience. It's one thing going at practice and going up against the same guys - pretty much every day and especially in preseason. You don't game plan – you just go out and play. It was good to knock some rust off and get out there and fly around."

Q: Do you feel like you did well in the game and what do you think you can work on for next Saturday?

FORD: "I did well philosophically as far as play by play, flying around. There were a couple of reads – it's going to happen – a couple times a guy got out. It's little things that you need to learn – that's what preseason is for so you never make the same mistake twice."

Q: Becoming a complete player – Coach Bob Sutton has talked about that – how do you feel like you're progressing towards that so far?

FORD: "I'm progressing. Like I said, it's pretty early to say 'I've arrived' – I've got to take it game-by-game, play-by-play. But of course, I'm progressing."

Q: In your position what's the key to great shots?

FORD: "Just attacking. It's not going to be pretty – just attacking. Being disciplined - you never know when your number is going to be called."

Q: I'm guessing every play you're expecting a drop back, if that doesn't happen how can you focus onto how to recover and maybe try to attack a different spot? As far as instead of going after a quarterback, you have to go after a runner or a receiver – what's that recovery like? 

FORD: "It's instinctive at that point. Football players got to be football players – you just make the play."

Q: Has the team given you more responsibility? You're getting more reps being that Justin Houston is injured – what have they told you they want you to do more of this year than maybe previous years?

FORD: "Being a collective – and complete – player. Defenses have to be good collectively – you have to be a complete player. Mistakes are going to happen but you have to minimize. We're trying to play perfect defense – that's a process."

Q: Do you feel like stamina wise during the game you felt good when you were out there?

FORD: "It's in training camp, so it's not going to be perfect. You have to go out and do what you do. That's the hard part of training camp, but you got to have grit."

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