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What We Learned From Monday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Monday



OPENING STATEMENT:"I really don't have any updates on injuries or anything, but as far as the game goes, kind of feel like I did last night. I thought the guys played a good, solid game. It was good coaching and playing, I thought, all the way around. A lot of different people played well – I can't really tell you anyone who didn't play well. So, then, you're still coming out with room to improve. The guys will look at it and see that there are a ton of things that we can get better at and that we need to get better at as we go on. So, with that, I'll leave it up to you guys."

Q:With Phillip Gaines, it seems like this has been a reoccurring thing, is there any concern that his injury is going to be an extended thing?REID:"You know Adam [Teicher], they're looking at it now. I don't really have an answer for you on that. It has reoccurred, and then, it gets better, and then, it comes back. I don't know exactly what they're going to decide on here. I will probably know more later today." 

Q:What did you think of D.J. White's performance yesterday?REID:"I thought he did a couple good things. Obviously, they targeted him and went after him. So, he got a few opportunities. I thought you saw him getting better and better with it as it went. There were still a couple catches made on him, but he tightened the coverage up. He doesn't back down, which I appreciate. That's a good thing for that position."

Q:Marcus Peters seemed like he had a mix of things going on yesterday as far as injuries, you think he'll be ready for New Orleans?

REID:"Yeah, I think he'll be okay. Yeah."

Q:What did you think about Chris Jones? Do you feel like he's ready for a full-time role if you need him to?REID:"We've been rotating him in, so he just got a few more snaps because [Allen] Bailey got hit on that arm there. Yeah, I mean, he could do that too. He could jump in and play more if he needed to. I'm not saying that's the case right now. We all have confidence if he had to do that, he could, yeah." 

Q:What went into the decision to play De'Anthony Thomas yesterday? How do you think he did? REID:"I thought he did pretty good. He didn't have a ton of snaps, but the ones he had he brought a little juice in there, and he had a nice third down catch in there. So, I was curious to see how he'd do, and I thought he did a good job for what he was asked to do. Really, he had a little bit of juice in there."

Q:Did you make him active this time because you thought there was something he could do against the Raiders' defense or is it something that could potentially continue going forward? REID:"Yeah, I think it could. I think we could continue that, yeah. I didn't see any reason why it couldn't. I haven't got that far into the Saints, but I would tell that wouldn't be out of the realm." 

Q:Was Knile Davis inactive due to any lingering effects from the concussion or was the decision to make De'Anthony Thomas active strictly a football decision?

REID:"No, not at all. It was a football decision. We had the other three running backs up. That was the only reason. De'Anthony could go in at running back in an emergency situation -- likewise Tyreek Hill could. We just had enough running backs up for what we needed."

Q:How much of Sunday's pre-snap motions were slated towards scheming against the Raiders and how much of it was getting back to what this team liked to do last year?

REID: "Andy [Heck] does the run-game stuff there. I would tell you that he saw some things he liked from two tight ends and our regular personnel set with [Anthony] Sherman in there. Normally it's directed toward the team you're playing. The formations, motions and shifts looked good against them."

Q:Are making all the pre-snap motions and adjustments 'gimmicky' or is that scheming up teams?

REID: "It's scheming teams up. That's what we try to do and I think it's what everyone tries to do."

Q:Is Justin Houston going to be cleared to practice this week?

REID: "I'll know more on that later today. I haven't sat down with Rick [Burkholder] and gone over all of that. The guys just started coming in, but I think we're close. I'll get that information to you when I can."

Q:After looking at the tape, was it still a good day for Alex Smith? Was there anything you noticed after review that jumped out?

REID: "He played well. He had a couple of real nice touch throws downfield. He had one to Jeremy [Maclin] down the sideline, one to Albert [Wilson] again down the sideline. Those are throws he had to kind of 'tear drop' it in there and I thought he did a real nice job with it. The one to Jeremy was really good because it was tight coverage. It was a pretty good shot."

Q:How much of yesterday's intensity came from the two weeks spent sitting on the Pittsburgh loss?

REID: "That's loaded because Pittsburgh had a day like we did against them, yesterday. That's probably the next question. I can tell you we weren't real happy with ourselves after the Pittsburgh game. I'm sure that probably had a little bit to do with it. That's the way we need to play. We need to practice that way every day, play that way every week and coach that way. That's what you strive for. We've got to keep getting better is the primary thing. We've got so many things we need to work on -- little things that we need to work on. We'll keep doing that. The guys aren't going to get too caught up in this. These things are short-lived in the NFL. You get a day or two to enjoy them as a player and then you get back on it. As a coach, you get a flight back and then this morning we wrapped it up and we're headed onto New Orleans, so it's pretty short-lived."

Q: Forty Rushes and 24 pass plays: How much of that was schemed for the Raiders and how much of that was impacted by the field condition?

REID: "I'll tell you probably a little of each. We thought that was a good way to go against the Raiders and then on the other hand we weren't quite sure what the weather conditions were going to be. It wasn't as windy as I thought it would be, number one. I really don't worry as much about a wet ball as I do about the wind blowing the ball around and what direction. The water, the wet and the rain didn't really factor in necessarily."

Q: You come off of a win, you come home to play a game, how do you fight the complacency? 

REID: "First of all, it's too early to think about complacency. We're still early in the season. It's not like we're sitting here undefeated. We had a little taste of the negative stuff and we've probably learned that you have to stay focused every week here, if you don't you have problems in this league. That's just the way it is just as a coach and player, we have to keep our minds right."

Q: Jamaal Charles really appeared to hit the field like he wanted to get back and get in the mix. Talk about his play overall yesterday and his attitude that he brought into the game.

REID: "That's why I mentioned him first in the presser last night. It was good to have him back in all areas. Is he ready to carry it every down? I don't think that's where we're at right this minute, but he got more carries than he did against Pittsburgh. His attitude from the get go has been 'give me the ball, I want to play.' He's got the attitude which is awesome. I mentioned yesterday you're talking about a future Hall of Fame player here, his numbers are astronomical. It was great to see him in the end zone, it was great to see him run hard and not shy away from contact or anything. He looked like he was all in. There was a plight there where we were feeding him a bit and he was breathing hard, but he was loving every minute of it and wanted more and that's good. He came out of the game feeling good, he came out of the game wanting more and that's how I wanted it there."

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