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What We Learned From Monday's Media Availability

Andy Reid spoke to the media on Monday


OPENING STATEMENT:"I don't have anything to tell you about injuries. I think we came out for the most part okay, but the guys are coming in now. As far as the game goes, we've got to do a better job all the way around. As I've said, it starts with me, I'm responsible here. We're not winning games so inevitably it comes back to the person in charge. So I've got to do a better job. Every phase we've got to pick our game up. We're still sitting here in a position where we can do that and can have an effect. The way you do that is you go back as coaches and you analyze and you find those things that can make us better. Put your players in the best position to make plays and then when you're put in those positions as a player, then you need to make a play. Then you work hard at trying to get better at every part of your game and so that's where we sit right now. That's fundamentals and scheme and everything. Running the scheme and making sure that you put a good game plan together for them."

Q: Have you thought about what you're going to do moving forward on the play calling?

REID: "I haven't, although I thought we did some good things there, again we're still going through everything today. But I for sure saw some good things, it's something I've done in the past. I'm always going to do what I think is best for the Kansas City Chiefs at every spot. So I'll go through it and continue to evaluate it and whatever I come up with, I come up with there. I thought Matt Nagy did some real good things. I will say that. I thought he did a real nice job there. As did Alex (Smith)."

Q: With the stress you're going through right now, is it important to remind the team about the bigger picture about what you have ahead of you? Still tied for first in the division?

REID: "I would tell you that these are young men, they're searching. They want to do well. They don't want to sit here and be on a losing streak like we're on. They get where we sit. I talk to them about all of that. They understand that. We all have to collectively pick up our game or it doesn't change. So to make change sometimes there's got to be an uncomfortable feeling. You've got to be willing to feel that to get yourself better. So that's where we sit. Those are things that I address as a head coach. But again, until you do it it's just talk and we've got to make sure we get things done and change it around."

Q: Do you expect any punishment on Marcus Peters for what took place at the end of the game?

REID: "I'm evaluating all that as I go. Wherever I sit with it, I obviously always talk to the person first. That's where I sit right now. I haven't made any decisions either way."

Q: Do you think his behavior is a bad look for the franchise?

REID: "I think that was the wrong thing to do, if that's what you're asking. So yeah."

Q: Why did he leave the bench when he wasn't disqualified?

REID: "That'll stay between us. It's what I told you yesterday. He thought he was disqualified."

Q:Do you feel like the team lacks discipline on the field?

REID:"What I think is that when things aren't going well, you are trying to find ways to make it better. At times, frustration can set in and that's not when good things happen. It is important that you control yourself and you are dealing with young guys. They are high strung. They are competitive. There is a fine line there. You have to handle yourself the right way."

Q:When it comes to enforcing discipline, how much falls on the head coach and how much falls on the locker room?

REID:"I am always going to take that responsibility. I know I have a good locker room. You can put that one on me."

Q:How important is it having the next three games at Arrowhead?

REID:"Yeah, we know we have the best fans in the National Football League. Great stadium for them to watch. We like having the games here. We appreciate the support. That's the way we go about our business of trying to make sure we represent our city the right way. We like having the three game stretch here."

Q:Did they do something different to shut down Kelce in the second half?

REID:"Whatever they adjusted to, it sure helped out number 10."

Q:Is this a surprise how Tamba Hali's season has gone so far?

REID:"We know he has a bad leg, a bad knee. We have tried to manage that the best way we can. He has been very good with that. Working through it. He will do anything at any time. He is a true warrior. That turf up there wasn't the best thing for his leg at this time, so we held him out of that. That is just where we are at. He should be ready to go this week."

Q:Do you think Revis plays more this Sunday?

REID:"We will see how all that goes. I am not saying yes or no on any of that or giving you any number. I'm just going to play that by ear."

Q:What do you think explains the third down troubles on defense?

REID:"They did a good job on it and we didn't. I think we need to tighten things up just a bit there on the backend and also put more pressure on the quarterback. I am stating the obvious with that, but that is what I saw."

Q:How do you get pressure on the QB?

REID:"Think about that question real quick. That would be a hard one to answer. I'd hope you understand that we think about all that stuff. You certainly are not going to get all that over an interview."

Q:Has it been frustrating with the lack of pressure on the quarterback?

REID:"I am stating the obvious here. We have to do a better job all around. We have to do a better job with getting to the quarterback."

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