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What We Learned From New Chiefs WR Rod Streater's Conference Call

Six takeaways from Streater’s initial chat with local media


Newest Chiefs wide receiver Rod Streater opened the call by discussing his years with the Oakland Raiders (2012-2015).

 "The last couple of years have been awesome. They gave me my first start in the NFL, and I'm thankful for that and the Raiders organization. Two years ago, after the Patriots game, I broke my foot. It kind of pushed me back. I came through the transition of a new coach. They had who they wanted to play, had a bunch of great receivers last year—they produced and I kind of fell back on the depth chart. I was a healthy scratch and I gave it my all in practice and was ready to go, but you have to respect the coaches and what their decision was."

Streater said that the Chiefs offered him opportunity he may not have had during his final stretch in Oakland.

"I want to come in there with an opportunity to compete, and that's what [Chiefs personnel] told me. I'm excited to be a part of Chiefs Kingdom and I'm just ready to go. I'm ready to help this team get back to where they want to be, with a championship."

Streater said general manager John Dorsey made him "feel right at home" on his visit to Kansas City.

"John Dorsey, I met him when I went on my visit. He's a great guy. Him and my agent are very close and they've talked over the last couple of days and it was an easy process. I felt right when I came in. He said all the right things and it made me feel right at home, so it was just an easy process for me to get in there and ultimately fine."

Streater shared thoughts on head coach Andy Reid's West Coast offense.

"I love this offense. He gets the ball off pretty fast. I watched [Jeremy Maclin] over the last year and the other receivers. They get the ball fast to make one guy miss and go the distance. It's really, really interesting and it's a great philosophy he has going on there. I feel like I can get the ball and come up big and whether it's in the slot, like I said, YAC is very important. I feel like I can get the ball and take it the distance. I have the speed and size, and so however I can contribute, I'm just ready to go."

Streater described what he sees in himself as a wide receiver.

"I feel like my biggest strength is the fact that I am 6-3, and I can play the slot. I pretty much, my whole career, played slot, played outside. I'm pretty versatile. I think wherever the Chiefs want to put me, I feel like I can go against the nickel, whoever it is in the slot and ultimately win. Regardless of if it's inside or outside, I feel like I can contribute to the team."

Streater said Maclin and the receivers have yet to reach out to him, but he plans to change that himself.

"I'm actually going to reach out to them, get in contact with them to see where everyone is training, so I can get down there, hang out with them and learn about the whole offense."

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