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What We Learned From Saturday's Media Availability

Co-Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy, QB Aaron Murray and QB Tyler Bray spoke with the media Saturday


Q:It looked like Alex [Smith] had a nice day, particularly in that red zone drill. How's his camp going so far?

NAGY: "He's doing really well. The other night was our install number seven, that's our first red zone that we get into. So things happen faster, lanes are tighter, and for him to be able to make some of the throws he made, he's been doing that for years now, and he's really playing fast. So when we get to our first install red zone it clicks for him."

Q:Do you feel like this is his best camp?

NAGY:"So far I'd say yes. I think that just naturally occurs with it being year four."

Q:Why do you say that? What have you seen to lead you to believe that?

NAGY:"Decision-making, his decision-making is great. There's no second-guessing. We always talk about the progressions, and the protections. Right now protection wise he really knows the protections inside out. He doesn't have to think about that. He sees second level, third level, more with the coverages."

Q:You talk about his decision-making. I know there's been an effort here to get him to be more aggressive in his decision-making. How's that part of it going?

NAGY:"Good. He understands that, if there's anybody that understands where we want to go with this offense and stretching people downfield, Alex gets it. But he's also going to be smart with his decisions, and he's proven that with his track record. We're going to use time in practice to take those downfield shots."

Q:Is it reasonable to think Nick Foles could play in the game next Saturday?

NAGY:"It's a possibility. I have no idea, that's something Coach Reid will explain to us later."

Q:Could he do that at this point, or after another week would he be ready for it?

NAGY:"He's getting close. We're getting together in regards to really hammering out the scheme of the offense, the plays. You have to understand he's been through a couple of different offenses since we had him in Philadelphia, so the verbiage is a little different, but he's grinding that playbook and he's giving it every opportunity so when he does get his shot he's ready."

Q:I know he was with you guys [Reid and Nagy] that one year, and that's been a little while. He just kind of stepped right in here and in two days has gotten as much as the other backups.

NAGY:"It's a credit to him [Foles]. We're trying to give him stuff that he knows, and that he feels comfortable with. So far he's done great."

Q:Are you going to have to spend a lot of extra time with him?

NAGY:"Well you would do that with any quarterback, but with Nick he's doing it on his own. He's getting up super early and he's staying up super late, and he's putting in the extra time and work to be able to come out here and show that he can do it."

Q:What was the conversation like before you guys picked up Nick? Was there any sort of staff conversation or anything?

NAGY:"No I'm just so focused on training camp that we let whatever happens happen with John Dorsey and Coach Reid, and we let them do what they do. We're so busy right now with putting in the installs and making sure these other guys are ready to rock and roll, that's not something I'm involved with."

Q:How long do you think it is realistically going to take Foles to get the timing and placement down of the receivers?

NAGY:"Yeah it'll take some time, it's not something that's just going to happen within the next week. He's trying to learn protections, the verbiage that we have, and like you just said, that timing for the wide receivers, so all that takes a little bit of time. But as long as we all stay patient and don't get frustrated, which I know he will do and I know we'll do, we'll be okay."

Q:With a group of quarterbacks, what are you looking for when you're trying to decide positioning on the depth chart? What can they do out there to stand out amongst other guys?

NAGY:"Well I just said it over here with Alex and the number one thing we talk about is decision-making. So we are going to move the sticks, keep the ball moving, and stay away from the turnovers. Good decisions, but then on top of that, make the throws. And so far all the guys, the chances that they've been given they've done an awesome job with it and that's just a credit to them."

Q:What's the biggest thing you want Nick to improve on this week?

NAGY: "Well, we'll see. I mean right now, mentally – calling the plays is not easy. Now, he's been in the league for four years now, and so, again just learning a new language now. We had him in Philly, but some things have changed. So, it'll come. It'll come quick, and then it'll be a lot faster for him."

Q:Your thoughts on the newcomers – Rod Streater and Demarcus Robinson - in the wide receiver group?

NAGY: "Yeah, they're both doing great. You know, Demarcus [Robinson] came in here and again Coach [David] Culley does such a great job of explaining to them in detail the type of routes to run, how things change when we get to specific coverage. How does this route change? So, they're learning the techniques of that. What's your splits? We do a good job with trying to put our guys and teach them to get in the best position possible with splits, but they just they just keep practicing, and every day I think the game slows down for them."

Q:What about Rod Streater?

NAGY: "Yeah, Rod's [Streater] real smart, and I think the thing with Rod is you can see some of his experience that he's had. So you can move him all over the field, you can put him inside. You can put him outside and he might get a little different coverage against Marcus Peters that he's not ready for, and he adjusts well to it."

Q:Is this one of the most talented groups that you've had or seen?

NAGY: "You know what, I think it's safe to say that there's definitely that talent there. The speed that we have right now is excellent. You guys are seeing 81 [Tyreek Hill] out there running around. That's well documented, but just collectively the amount of guys that we have, the way they run routes and the way they break the details of the route – they all do a great job of fundamentally just making that happen."

Q:What's the difference between Tyreek Hill and De'Anthony Thomas?

NAGY: "Well, there's a lot of similarities as far as their size, their speed, you know, and then their route running. So, you know with De'Anthony [Thomas] he has the advantage of being here in this offense and being able to get up and play fast. Then again with Tyreek [Hill], he's come in here and done a great job of picking up the volume that we have in this offense and playing fast as well. So, I think you can see that, and they're both special talents."

Q:Is Tyreek Hill big enough and tough enough to bring what we've seen at training camp to a real game?

NAGY: "Yeah, no doubt. There's no doubt about it. The biggest part of coming into this office as a wide receiver is the mentality of being able to handle the volume of the reps that we have with the plays, the formations, the personnel and how things adjust. He's done it so far. Now, again we are halfway through our installs, and so as the volume continues to keep growing – is he going to play fast or is it going to catch him? So, we'll see where that goes."

Q:What are the challenges with getting a guy of his size and skillset?

NAGY: "It's a good question. You know, he's a little smaller, so you have to move him around a little bit, try to get some free access for him. Now, if somebody does come up and want to press him – bump and run – he does have the ability to deep press. He's shown that. So, that's a benefit for him. But we try to do our best with moving him around, getting him in positions to where he doesn't get that jam."

Q:Did you know or think he [Tyreek Hill] could beat the press when he got here?

NAGY: "No, we thought he [Tyreek Hill] could do it, but we didn't know. Now, we know he can do it."


Q: Were you caught off guard or surprised at all about the Nick Foles signing?

MURRAY: "You have to be ready for anything in this league. You never know what's going to happen. What you can control, you have to control. That's the work you put in in the film room, the work you do out here on the practice field, and that's been my goal since day one. OTA's and heading into camp now is just to continue to work my hardest. To demonstrate those characters that I know what I'm doing, that I know the playbook and they can trust me, putting me out there and all of that good stuff."

Q: Is it any more difficult for you to see a future with the Chiefs than it was a week ago before they signed Nick?

MURRAY: "You know, the thing with the league is there is two types of things, obviously what goes on the field and the business side. As players we can't worry about that business side what's going on and stress yourself out. If you worry about all of that kind of stuff – the trades and the moves and signings – it's going to affect your playing on the field. My goal is to come out here and feel great every day and go out there and perform, so I can't worry myself with what's going on in the business side."

Q: How's your week of camp gone? How's camp going for you?

MURRAY: "I think it's been going real well. I feel great, the body feels great. I think learning from Chase (Daniel) and Alex (Smith) these last couple of years have really helped me get to this point to where I'm able to get to my reads faster. I understand defenses, really get up to the line of scrimmage and understand where the blitz may be coming from, to be able to put our offensive line in the position to pick it up. So things are definitely  slowing down. Still a lot of work to be done and that's the great thing about camp. You get the chance to every day go out and work. To watch the other guys get out there and work at what they do, and then go back inside and watch the film and make those corrections."


Q: Were you surprised by Nick Foles signing the other day?

BRAY: "I didn't hear anything about it, just all of a sudden I got a call saying that we had signed him. He's a great football player. He's played, he went to the Pro Bowl, he was the MVP so he has experience, so I mean he has to go out there and compete."

Q: A couple of people said Foles kind of reminds him of you. Do you watch him at all, do you see any of that?

BRAY: "I think it'd be a little vice versa, he's a little older than I am. I've watched him, he's a great player. He can flat out spin the ball."

Q: Is your future with this organization in your mind?

BRAY: "It's not my call. I just go out there and try to run the plays they tell me to and just compete."

Q: How does the Nick Foles signing change the competition at backup quarterback?

BRAY: "You have to come out every single day with the same mentality. You can't start sitting there counting reps thinking, 'Oh he just threw a touchdown, now I have to go throw one.' You just go compete, worry about what you can control, and let the coaches decide."

Q: So how do you stay focused on the task at hand and not worry about 'Okay if I don't make the pass I may get benched or cut later on?'

BRAY: "If you think like that you are going to end up getting cut. You have to go out there and act like a starter in this period, let's go out there and compete, let's run the offense and do what Coach Reid wants."

Q: Does something like this improve your sharpness when they bring another competitor in to your position?

BRAY: "I mean anytime you're competing that's going to help out. You don't want to sit there and be handed something, it's not how this business works. So you go out there and compete and just work hard."

Q: It's been a while since you've played in a game. You've got a game a week from today, what's that going to be like?

BRAY: "It'll be fun. Finally get to really get hit. It's not in practice where they blow the whistle, it's always fun getting hit."

Q: Seriously is there going to be some rust you'll have to scrape off even after going through OTAs and going through all of this?

BRAY: "Yeah a little bit. I mean it's been two years since I've played a game so there will be a little bit. I figured once I get hit it'll probably settle me down. I'll be ready to go."

Q: How's your camp been? How would you evaluate it so far?

BRAY: "I feel good about it. I think I've done pretty well."

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