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What We Learned From Saturday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, QB Alex Smith, WR Jeremy Maclin, and TE Travis Kelce spoke with the media on Saturday.


OPENING STATEMENT: "Ones and twos, I thought did a good job. We were able to get guys in the game. Give Dorsey and his guys an opportunity to evaluate the people they wanted to evaluate. We closed this game out, which we hadn't done in the last year. That's a positive."

On injuries: "As far as injuries, we really didn't have any injuries. We had one sickness, Mitch Morse, caught the flu last night and this morning. He wasn't able to go; he tried and warmed up."

On Phillip Gaines: "He didn't have a setback. We were keeping it somewhere between eight and ten plays. He was somewhere in that area. That was good. I thought it was important for him to get back in to make sure he was confident. He did a good job when he was in there.

On red zone offense: "I thought we shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. We were right there. We need to get a little better execution-wise, but we'll work on that and get better at that."

On Alex Smith: "I gave him a lot of throws in that half, the first half there. Might have been thirty. That's going to be the most work he has before we start here, game-wise. I thought he had an opportunity to sling it around a little bit with those guys."

On the run defense: "I thought front seven did a good job. I thought the line and the linebackers were flying around right from the start. This is a physical football team. I know they are banged up a little bit, but John always has those physical, hard-nosed guys. So to be able to do what the defense did that first half, that's a plus."

On starters playing time: "There were a lot of plays – 40-some-odd plays. Almost 50 plays in the first half. We said it was good enough, and I thought the defense was ready to go.

On Reaves instead of Knile Davis: "I wanted to see him with the twos. He's been showing it. I wasn't sure if it was the competition he was going against or – I wanted to give him an opportunity. So we were trying to give everybody a look and evaluate the best we can. I thought he did a pretty good job. He's been playing well. He and Nick and that second group that came out did a pretty good job in the second half."

On D.J. White: "He's an amazing guy. I think he's 20. At practice he's that way. Today he's out there flying around. He loves doing what he's doing. He's a unique character. When guys get a little bit older, they don't enjoy it the way he enjoys it. I thought he did a good job, and he played well."

On Eric Berry's status: "Whenever that is – I'm not sure exactly when that will be – whenever that is, we will see what kind of shape he is and go from there. We'll kind of take that day-by-day and just see where we're at. I know this – I fished once or twice, and I don't count the fish before it's in the boat. When he's here, then I'll work with him.

On Eric Berry's potential to play on Thursday: "I would lean away from that. I want to see what shape he's in first. I'd probably lean away from that."

On a trade that was made today: "We made a trade today, while we were coaching. A cornerback, from San Francisco, the 49ers. Kenneth Acker. He played college football at SMU. We traded for a pick. I don't which pick we traded, but we traded for a pick. We'll see when he gets in here. He played 71 percent of the time and had two or three picks last year from what I understand. He should be a good addition."

On when he found out about the trade: "Just right here. Hot off the presses, fellas."

On if he's seen enough from the secondary: "Ones? Yeah, I think I have, yeah. I'm pretty good. Do we have stuff to work on? Absolutely. I was pleased with what I saw today."


On the red-zone play today: "Some self-inflicted deals there again today. Whether it was first, second or third down, a bunch of setbacks. Plays to be made. I felt we just kept shooting ourselves. Definitely capable. We were moving the ball. We were in great rhythm. We'd get down there and something would happen. Whether it was on first, second or third down, I felt like there were plays to be made. Got to make them down there."

On being happy with his preseason performance: "I certainly feel we are ready for game speed, as far as getting the trials, getting enough plays. There were a bunch of plays today we got in. I feel like we've gotten in a lot of different situations, whether it would be goal line, short yardage, third down, red zone, got a little two-minute today. That's kind of what you want in the preseason, get a little taste of all that stuff. Get used to it. Get rolling. I do in that respect."

On hits suffered on touchdown drive: "Just got the wind knocked out of me on the one. You're telling yourself to get up, but just trying to catch my breath."

On being comfortable with the two-minute drive: "First time operating in that. Felt good. We've had a good camp. Great offseason when it comes to some of the two-minute, no-huddle stuff. It was to get the reps out there today in a preseason game."


On where the group is at: "I think we're solid. I thought we played fairly well out here. The offense stalled a little in the red zone, something we need to correct. If you look at total yardage in the first half, it was twosomething to 30. I thought both sides of the ball, from that aspect, played well. Us as offense, we've got to convert in the red zone."

On the balance of the offense: "There's a lot of balance. Guys have stepped up from last year. I thought (Chris) Conley has had a tremendous training camp and tremendous preseason. Albert (Wilson) as well. Young guys have stepped in. So many young guys have stepped in and made some plays as well. I'm excited with what we have. Excited with how coach Reid is going to use us. If we clean the stuff up in the red zone, I think we'll be pretty good."

On the mindset heading to the regular season: "For starters, continue to get better. I think we'll go back and look at the film. I don't think the starters will play much at all, if at all in the next game. Kind of look at the film and correct some things. Some of the guys who weren't going to play, get them some reps and hopefully help us win."


On how his role has changed: "It just keeps evolving. That's the thing with coach Reid, as long as you show him you're going to grow as a player and keep perfecting your craft, he's going to give you the ability to make plays all over the field. I can't complain about that."

On being underrated: "I just go out there and play the game. I really don't care what anyone says outside this locker room. In this locker room, I know I can help this team win. That's all I care about every single day."

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