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What We Learned From Saturday's Media Availability

Matt Nagy, Eric Fisher, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Chris Conley and Tyreek Hill spoke with the media

Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy

Q:The rookie two-minute drills out there – I know those are just four plays in a big camp but the fact that Patrick Mahomes  was able to do it in that situation, the two-minute drill, is that significant at all?

NAGY:"Yeah I think so. You want to get off to the right foot. I'll tell you one thing that happens in these two-minute drills when you have to go 75 yards and you need a touchdown to do it that first play, it's nice when you get a nice big chunk. When you only have a 1:58 on the clock with one timeout situation it helps you out."

Q: Did you like how Patrick Mahomes was able to work the safety off on that one and then comeback to Travis Kelce immediately and hit him for a big gain?

NAGY: "He's doing great. I tell everybody from his very first practice that he had when he came in and was screaming in the huddle what the play was and didn't realize he was talking to the defense to, to where he is right now looking off safeties is a huge leap."

Q: What did you think of that throw, the first one to Travis Kelce?

NAGY: "It was phenomenal. I mean it was a great throw. He's used to that two-minute stuff, it helps him out and he's throwing with confidence."

Q:Is it easier to teach a quarterback to be comfortable in that two-minute drill scenario or is it easier to teach the other stuff?

NAGY: "Easier to teach the other stuff. I think some of that is DNA. So if you have it you feel comfortable in it. Some of these guys in college when they do that they are much more experienced. When we're in our two-minute situation and the clock is rolling, there's less time to think and you're going faster so you just play ball."

Q: Did you have coaching points after that drive?

NAGY: "We told him to not get too big of a head. It's ok to run the ball and just protect it with two hands and not one hand in the end zone."

Q: Did he do the right thing on Ross Travis' corner or did he miss something?

NAGY:"No he was good. He did well. That's tough to go 75 yards in that scenario, down-four when you need a touchdown. But I'm telling you when you have that first chunk play that helps you out immensely."

Q: Does that situation cater to what he does best?

NAGY:"Yeah when he gets to play fast, play quick and then you see a lot of his tape is he's out of the pocket and he's scrambling. There's some tense moments, tight throws, some of his strengths."

Q: Does it help that he came out of a school where he's thrown so many passes?

NAGY: "Without a doubt, it gave him a lot of experience. When you're throwing the ball 60 to 70 times a game you have that many more experiences and different types of throws. Again, all the quarterbacks are doing great. He's learning from these other quarterbacks, he's understanding what it takes to be great in those situations and he's very coachable."

Q: What do you like about him that we don't know?

NAGY: "He's very calm. You can't break him down. Coach gets after him and every once in a while I'll be looking out the corner of my eye to see if he's starting to break down but he's doing great. And as of now he's pretty unbreakable, but we'll see how it goes as this test goes on."

Q: How intense does Andy Reid break down?

NAGY: "A breakdown? He'll get you. He won't be easy on you. He's at a point right now where he knows the quarterback position better than anybody. So when Coach gets on you, he's going to use all the techniques and styles that he's had coaching wise to try to get in your head. But right now Patrick (Mahomes) is doing pretty well, as are all of the quarterbacks."

Q: Are they aware, they're working with you, but Coach Reid is right behind them with his notebook. Are they aware of that?

NAGY: "Do you think they are aware of it? Yeah they know. They know he is there. So that's the presence that he has. He's the best coach back there trying to watch everything that is going on – he doesn't miss a beat, he sees it all. So when we see it on tape in the film room it's the second time he's seen it. He doesn't miss a thing and that's why he's had such a great history with quarterbacks."

Q: Does it help – for the two-minute drill – that at Texas Tech he's used to scoring quickly and fast? 

NAGY: "For sure. And the same thing goes for Tyler Bray. When he was at Tennessee he was used to do the same thing. Tyler never called plays in the huddle, everything was words and signals. So when Tyler would come out here, he's very comfortable in the two-minute mode as well because he has that familiarity of it."

Q:When it comes to Tyreek Hill, were there things you wanted to get to do with him offensively last year that you couldn't?

NAGY:"No, we put a lot on his plate last year and he handled it great. I think we were more concerned with making sure we didn't do too much. There's that balance mentally where's he's at and then physically where he's at. You take him on all those jet sweep motions and then you take him on vertical routes downfield that's a lot. Then mentally we put so much stress on these guys, I was absolutely amazed more at that, mentally, how he handled it, than physically."

Q:With an expanded role or at least more playing time, is it easy to figure out things to do with him?

NAGY:"I think so. He's a weapon in so many areas and every defensive coordinator that's out there is concerned about him because of his speed. We just need to make sure that as we go forward here we put him in the right spots, we don't overuse him and mentally you want to stick to that less-is-more mentality so that he can play fast."

Q:We understand they're not wearing pads, Seantavius Jones made a lot of plays. He made plays over good defensive players, I get it they can't hit them off the line of scrimmage, but should we be impressed?

NAGY:"I think so. He's had a great OTAs and that's neat to see. He's had a really good offseason and to see him out here on the first day making some plays like he did, that's what you want for the first step of practice."

Q:What do you think about your old wide receiver being the general manager? Did you guys ever think you'd be in this position where you are right now?

NAGY:"It is pretty neat. Brett is a guy of passion, and he's been working for this all of his life. He's very passionate about what he does and it doesn't surprise me at all that he's in this position. I'm very happy for him and looking forward to the future."

Q:Do you wish now that you'd thrown him the ball more?

NAGY:"You're darn right. He was my number two wide receiver, but he was a darn good number two."


Q:You're a former number one overall pick, coming in now you're a veteran coming back to camp. How does that feel to be taking on more of a leadership role as a veteran?

FISHER:"Good. It's good to get back to work and get back with the guys."

Q:The offensive line came together really well last year, you guys did an excellent job with pass protection. What are you guys trying to work on this year to get more together as a unit?

FISHER:"It's good to have the same group back. Just keep advancing in what we're doing. We have some stuff to clean up from last year. Come out here and work every day and get better."

Q:What is something you're trying to improve on coming into this season?

FISHER:"Same thing every year. I want to improve this year in every part of it and I think I've done that every year, so I'm just trying to repeat that. Just keep getting better."

Q:Is it easier now that you're a veteran and you know the playbook?

FISHER:"Every year it gets easier. You get used to it and you know what to expect. You know what's coming, so it does get easier."

Q:What do you do to get ready the last month before camp starts?

FISHER:"I've been training back home. Working out and conditioning. We know what to expect here so you have to make sure you come in ready."

Q:Can you talk about how far you've come as a player? You were out here as a first-round pick with all the pressure and not knowing what to expect in contrast to where you are today?

FISHER:"Like I said before, every year I try to get better. If I see myself improve every year, that's all I can expect of myself."


Q: How do you feel about the trade?

PIERRE-LOUIS: "It definitely surprised me. Seattle is two hours behind so I got the call 6:30 or 6 something in the morning, but you know everything happens for a reason. I am excited to be here. I have a job, so I have nothing to complain about. I am excited to finally, when I can, get out there and really get with the guys."

Q: Are you limited by injury or do you need to still do the physical?

PIERRE-LOUIS: "No, I passed the physical. I guess it is just rules. Seattle started later so D.J. (Alexander) has to pass his physical first before I am allowed to participate."

Q: What do you know about what this program has going for it?

PIERRE-LOUIS: "I have a lot of respect for the program personally. I have been fortunate enough to play (the Chiefs) in the regular season as well as the preseason. I definitely built respect for that time. It is a great program. I came to a great place. I have a chance to learn. I always get excited to learn and experience a new opportunity with this business. This is wonderful."

Q: When you were coming out to the draft do you remember spending much time with the Chiefs?

PIERRE-LOUIS: "Yes, I definitely do. At the Combine, we spent a lot of time talking. There are some Boston College connections here, so that is always great. It is funny how things turn around as the years go on."

Q: How will you play a role in this defense?

PIERRE-LOUIS: "I am a fast guy. I am active. This defense is very active. They get a lot of turnovers. They do a good job on defense, so I am definitely going to be able to fit in and showcase my skillset."


Q:How did Patrick Mahomes look in the two-minute drill?

CONLEY:"He looked good. He is showing signs of improvement. He is picking up the offense really well. You can see his arm talent. He has worked very hard and it is evident. Hopefully, he will continue to do that."

Q:Did you see the throw he made to Travis Kelce?

CONLEY:"I saw it. It was a good throw. But that's what they are expected to do. I know we can 'ooh' and 'ah' over it, but he is doing his job and he is doing it really well. As a young guy, that's all they are going to ask him to do is improve each day."

Q:Alex has been dealing, too. How has number 11 looked?

CONLEY:"Great. We have started off camp really strong as an offense. We started off strong through the air, which is a really good thing and we can continue to build on that and continue to stretch the field."

Q:What have you done to be a leader in the wide receiver room now that Jeremy Maclin is gone?

CONLEY:"Everyone leads differently. Mac had his own style of leadership. Mine is a little bit different. I will talk to guys one-on-one, not necessarily being a rah-rah guy in front of the whole group. I talk to each guy one-on-one, get a sense of where they are at and then also lead by example. That's the best way to lead out here. These camp days are about to get really long. There's a lot of young guys in that room that haven't gone through something like this and haven't gone through this with us. Showing them what is expected, the kind of stamina that they are going to have to have and the speed they are going to have to play with throughout camp."


Q:It looks like you and Alex are getting on the same page, what is your chemistry like right now?

HILL:"I think it is great, especially at this time of the year. I think this is actually great. We just need to continue to improve each and every day and just get better."

Q:Can you take me through the pass where you beat Marcus Peters?

HILL:"It was, obviously, a go route. So Coach (Greg Lewis), he preaches patience at the line so I am working on that each and every day. I was patient at the line, I was able to move him inside and I was able to get open. And Alex threw a tremendous ball."

Q:What little ways have you seen Alex improve this year?

HILL:"I have no idea, for real. I think he is still at the top of his game, I think he is still good."

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