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What We Learned from the Chiefs Postgame Media Availability

12 takeaways from the Chiefs media availability after the game Friday night

Head coach Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid updated the media on the status of linebackers Dee Ford, Dezman Moses and James-Michael Johnson.

"Dee Ford has what looks like a fractured rib, but we'll see how things go here in the next day," he said. "He took quite a shot there to the ribs. [Dezman] Moses had some hamstring tightness, as did [James-Michael Johnson], he had calf tightness. "

Reid evaluated the play of his team as a whole.

"All and all, I thought we did some good things," he said. "Obviously, [we] had the 14-play drive with the ones was important. We kind of have to clean up our two-minute at the end of the half there, but we'll get that taken care of. We're playing a good football team, so we can't forget that. This group here—Pete [Carroll] does a heck of a job with them."

Reid felt that the offensive line played decently.

"For being kind of a makeshift group, with the exception of the first play, I thought they did OK," he said. "They took quite a little pop on that first one, but I thought they kind of tightened it up a little bit and it got better."

Reid spoke about the interception by quarterback Alex Smith that resulted in a touchdown.

"He's trying to put things in small windows and make plays," he said of Smith. "We're asking him to do some different things. He'll get all that taken care of. That's not his M.O. (modus operandi), so I'm not too worried about it."

Quarterback Alex Smith

Quarterback Alex Smith said that through two games, he and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin continue to make strides towards building that all-important rapport.

"I think it speaks to his abilities," he explained of Maclin, "not just physical, but if you can move around and do all of that different stuff with him and then [add the] creativity of coach [Reid] and the offensive staff to do those kinds of things … it was just kind of a taste of some of the things that he can do and we can do. It was nice to see that and nice to get a matchup on a linebacker."

Smith shared his thoughts on the changes along the offensive line for Friday night's game."It's been a lot of moving parts in camp and that's kind of the nature of it, especially with where we're at right now," he said. "Between trying to find out the five best and adding some injuries, then going against a good front. That's maybe one of the best fronts in football, so it was a good test for us. We'll look at the film and learn from it."

Smith explained what happened in his eyes on LB Bobby Wagner's interception.

"We went empty backfield and I could hear them, they checked to it," he said. "As soon as we went empty backfield, they checked and dropped a D-tackle out. I was starting in on James [O' Shaughnessy] and it kind of doubled him in there with the D-tackle dropping out and I just didn't see [Bobby] Wagner when I came to throw it off of him. Throwing it to there in the slot, I just couldn't see him. Saw him too late."

Smith said that putting together a long drive in this game was very important.

"I think it just speaks to finally staying out of some bad situations," he said. "We stalled getting into some long third downs and bad things happened early tonight, then all of the sudden we got into a better rhythm, moved the ball, got into a flow and it was nice for us. I think it was the first time we really kind of did that extended for the first group. That was good, then to cap it off we got in the red zone twice and got two touchdowns and that ended up being the difference in the game."

Safety Eric Berry

Safety Eric Berry said that this week home against the Seattle Seahawks was just as emotional as last week in the game against the Arizona.

"Definitely because, just the ride through the stadium up to the stadium, smelling the barbecue, seeing the fans out there waving, I made sure my window was rolled down so I could just take it all in. I drove extra slow this time. It was definitely a wonderful feeling."

Berry said that you have to be a Kansas City Chiefs player in order to understand why being home meant so much to him.

"Everyone is grilling out, having a good time," he said. "The kids are out there with jerseys on, throwing the football, but every time you come through, it's like they know when a player is coming. They stop and they wave, and they just give so many words of encouragement on the way to the stadium. It's almost like a pre-pep game talk. Just seeing those guys out there, it does a lot for me emotionally."

Berry detailed what he feels he still needs to work on heading into the regular season.

"Making sure I'm alert for different situations on the field, definitely angles to the ball," he said. "The game speeds up when it's a lot of game. It's different from practice. So just over-emphasizing that in practice and being aware and alert that everything is going to be at a different pace is going to help me out. I just take everything that I've done over the past years and try to put it in and use it to my advantage."

Berry senses that his recovery and return to the field means a lot not only to him, but also his teammates.

"It's been an ongoing process even from when we came in and had to do the conditioning test," he said. "Alex [Smith] was the first person I saw when I walked into the practice facility and he just lit up. It made me excited. I thought I was going to be more excited to see him, but I think he was more excited to see me.

"Just being around my teammates, I think we all feed off each other. We're a close group. It's like we've all been together for our whole lives and not just a business for us. We're a family. We come in as teammates and we leave a family."

Photos from the Chiefs second preseason matchup against the Seattle Seahawks

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