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What We Learned From the Day Three Mandatory Minicamp Press Conference

Nine takeaways from the Chiefs' media availability Thursday


*Chiefs head coach Andy Reid came to the podium Thursday to wrap up the offseason workout program. *

Andy Reid updated the media on linebacker Justin Houston.

"They're continuing to talk and whether he's here or not, that just depends upon how things go," he said. "I don't get caught up in all that, never have. I let the business side of it take care of itself and then you move on and if a man misses, it's another man's reps. That's how we go.

"There's a lot of rules and regulations there. I don't get caught up in that. That's what [general manager John Dorsey] does. He's got to deal with all that. I don't worry about that.

"I have trust in both sides that they'll get something done."

Based on how things went last year, Reid feels confident that Houston is continuing to train.

"Do I think he's working out? Absolutely," he said. "That's just him by nature, so he's not going to let things slide."

Reid had no update to share on safety Eric Berry.

"He's having some testing done and the doctors will meet and talk it over along with Eric and his family."

Reid started the press conference with thoughts and prayers to the family of safety Sanders Commings.

"His cousin was a preacher in South Carolina that was shot and killed," Reid explained. "We're grieving for he and his family there."

Reid said his offensive line "competed like crazy" this offseason.

"They'll continue to do that through training camp, then we'll see," he added. "Again, I've said it before. We'll play the five best and we'll see how it works out through camp."

Reid confirmed the Chiefs have no interest in free agent guard Evan Mathis.

"No, we're not," he answered when asked if the Chiefs are interested.

Reid shared his overall message to the team with the media.

"We understand that we need to take it up a level from last year," he said. "That's what all the guys are striving to do. They've all challenged themselves with that. Coaches likewise. We're fortunate here to have good talent and guys that work hard. 

"They take it upon themselves that responsibility to do that and the coaches do the same."

Reid likes the positive attitude of veteran center Eric Kush around his teammates. 

"That's his personality and you want to let your personality show," Reid said of Kush. "He brings energy every day, he's done a nice job with it and it's when you get in those dog days of camp there— when it's hot, mentally and physically, you're about ready to become extinct. You just kind of push yourself through and have a guy that helps generate [energy] a little bit.

"Whether you're laughing at him or listening to him, it works either way. He's got that ability there to do that."

Reid commented on what he saw from rookie cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Steve Nelson after they missed the OTA portion of the offseason.

"I thought they did a pretty nice job, actually," he explained. "They're getting caught up with the speed of the game, which it looked like they adjusted to very well."

Reid said that he feels quarterback Alex Smith has quickly gained trust with the 2015 offense.

"Jeremy (Maclin) comes in. Jeremy's got experience in the offense, Jason Avant has experience in the offense," he said. "It just took them a short time to blend together with Alex.  That transition seems easy now that I look at it. They've really handled it right. 

"They've got good communication between them, so they're willing to talk and get on the same page, then come back and make it even a better play the next time we run it."

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