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What We Learned from Thursday's Media Availability

The transcript from Thursday's press conference


OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, so let's talk about injuries here. (Laurent Duvernay-) Tardif did not practice today, has not passed the protocol for concussion, nor has Mitch (Morse). Tamba (Hali) did not practice today – again, he's got a little bit of swelling in his knee. (Jeremy) Maclin came out and did a little bit during the stretch period and that was about it. And then Justin Houston went through the warmups and is making progress.

I look forward to the challenge of playing New England. The guys had a good week of practice. We were able to get outside here a couple of days, which is unusual for this time of year, I thought that was a good thing. And now we have an opportunity to play the world champions, that's a great thing. Time's yours."

Q:Did you get a report on how Jeremy Maclin or Justin Houston felt?

REID: "Yeah, they did okay for what they did. And then we took them in and look at the next day."

Q:Neither Maclin nor Houston were in the team periods?

REID: "Neither in the team periods."

Q:Game-time decision for both?

REID: "Yep."

Q:On Bill Belichick Xeroxing a copy of the gameplan and plans for Chandler Jones and sending it to Kansas City:

REID: "Well Chandler, he's a pretty good football player and he's coached by a pretty good coach. So I'm sure they'll have a variety of things that they do with him."

Q:How confident are you with your sense of what New England has planned to slow down your offense and your pass rush?

REID: "They do a nice job with the pass rush as far as chip-and-goes or ball-out-quick. And notoriously, that's what they've done over the years. Bill's always going to give you something different. We've prepped for a little bit of two-deep zone, that's where his roots are – you go back to the New York Giants – so they do a nice job with that. And they play a little bit of man coverage, that's how they roll. We'll be ready for all of the above."

Q:Did you talk to Jeffrey Lurie about Doug Pederson before he went to interview with the Eagles?

REID: "I believe I did, yeah."

Q:What were some of the things you had to say about Doug and his candidacy as a head coach?

REID: "Listen, Doug's so focused in on this right now – that's where his vision is. It was a great opportunity, I thought, for him to visit with a great organization – phenomenal organization. And I think it was an honor for him to have that opportunity. Whatever happens, happens, that's not my business. But I'm happy that he had that opportunity to speak with him."

Q:Did you reach out to Jeffrey or did he reach out to you?

REID: "Well he told me you were coming here, so I better watch out what I said."

Q:You've said you like to let the guys be themselves, what made you let them put the basketball hoop up in the locker room? REID: "Well they kept telling me they had talent and I wanted to see if it was true. In case a basketball team comes to Kansas City, we'll be ready."

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