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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Jaye Howard and Albert Wilson spoke to the media


Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star):What do you think about Chris Jones so far?

HOWARD: "He's definitely coming along. I think this scheme definitely fits him. He's able to get pressure on the quarterback, he's beating guys. And that's going to translate, I feel like, once we put on pads. He's definitely staying after practice working with the coaches, working with us. He's getting better."

Herbie Teope (Topeka Capital-Journal):Did you see that Mike DeVito said he knew you were on the verge of a breakout season after he saw some good things out of you? What does it do for you when you see a guy like that say something about you?

HOWARD: "I'm definitely honored that he even puts me in that category and talks about me that way. Like I said, I learned from him, it wasn't that I was trying to take his job. I went to him and asked him pointers and stuff he was able to help me with, and it was able to help me on the field."

Nick Jacobs (Time Warner Cable Sports Channel):How has Britt (Reid) been able to help you over the past two years?

HOWARD: "He's been someone I can talk to and he's definitely helped me on the field. Just learning technique and how to play better technique. Like I said, I feel like he's going to help Chris (Jones) coming along. We got a good coach in Coach (Britt) Reid, so it's defiantly going to pay off."


Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star):We know you're trying to get better all around, but what is the main area of focus for you right now?

WILSON: "Definitely, I still feel like I'm kind of new to the offense. I really know the plays, but there's always something you can get better at. Talking to Jason (Avant), he definitely preached knowing your stuff. So there's always something you can learn in the playbook. And just getting on the same page as Alex (Smith) and working together with Chris (Conley) and J-Mac (Jeremy Maclin)."

Paylor:Did you have to make sight adjustments at Georgia State?

WILSON: "Yeah, mostly on the outside. It wasn't as many as we have now, but you know, the hitches and the comeback routes, convert those to goes (routes) and what-not. But that's mostly what we were doing."

Herbie Teope (Topeka Capital-Journal):You spent a lot of time here in the offseason with Chris Conley and Jeremy Maclin. How beneficial was that for you?

WILSON: "Definitely, just us getting on the same page and knowing what kind of mentality we all have on the field. Being able to train in the offseason with J-Mac, just as the leader he is, to pick his brain outside of football and how he's a pro was very helpful for me."

TJ Carpenter (Sports Radio 810 WHB): How's your timing with Alex Smith right now?

WILSON: "It's way better than what it was. It wasn't bad at the beginning, but we definitely have been working on it day-in and day-out. So I think it's pretty much there.'

Teope: During the offseason your Twitter page showed that you bought your parents a home. How long was that in the works and was that a surprise for them or did they know you were doing it for them?

WILSON: "Definitely it is something that I've been working on since my rookie year. Just to move them out of the neighborhood they were in. It's something that I always dreamed of growing up there in the house. It's just something every kid that gets to this stage wants to do for their parents."

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