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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Dave Toub, Matt Nagy and Bob Sutton spoke to the media on Thursday



Opening Statement: **"First of all I would like to congratulate Dustin Colquitt on becoming the fourth punter in NFL history to get 400 inside the 20. He's to be commended on that. That's an awesome feat."

Q:How do you coach that?

TOUB: "I wish it was me. It's really him. He's been doing it his whole career well before I got here. He has a knack for having a touch with his leg and knowing exactly where to put it, playing the wind, understanding who the gunners are, who the returner is and he just has a great feel for it."

Q:Is there a particular stat or trend you've had throughout your career that you're most proud of?

TOUB: "I'm afraid of this one. This is one where, giving up a touchdown, that's the thing that really scares me and I don't even like talking about it to be honest with you. But that's something that I'm proud of that we haven't done that in a long time."

Q:What did you say to (Harrison) Butker after he missed that first one?

TOUB: "I asked what his line was because we had the wind right to left and before I even got that answer Andy (Reid) came running over and told him, 'Hey we're going right back to you'. So really I think it was Andy more so than what I said to calm him down."

Q:Did you get a sense that he was pretty nervous?

TOUB: "I was nervous for him, but he didn't show the nervousness. His body language was excellent. Even after he hit the first one and called a timeout he was back there and calm as heck."

Q:That's a big ask?

TOUB: "It is and the thing about him, most rookie kickers, you have to slow them down, but we have to speed him up. He almost doesn't get the ball off because he's so looking at his line and pretty meticulous and poised and it says a lot about him."

Q:How much did James (Winchester) and Dustin help him get acclimated to the whole thing?* *

TOUB: "A lot. It's critical. Dustin especially. Dustin is like a kicker whisperer. He speaks that language and he talks and he knows exactly what went wrong when he misses. He knows a lot more than I know. I just know getting the ball through the uprights is good, but Dustin he knows the finer points doing it so long as a veteran and one of the best holders in the league, he knows all the finer points to kicking."

Q:Where do you feel like your return game is at?

TOUB:"Not good enough. We're not happy with our return game right now. We have to do a better job of blocking on kick returns. As far as punt returns we're getting a lot of pooch punts and they're hanging the ball up on us and causing fair catches. We're going to get our opportunities. It's a long season, any time we have 10 (Tyreek Hill) back there there's always that chance we're going to get a ball kicked to us."



Q:** How did the offensive line come through in a tough situation like that?

NAGY: "They battled, that was a tough situation. That was one of the more physical games that you're going to have. That defensive line and the way they bring it, to have Larry (Laurent Duvernay-Tardif) go down there early is tough on the guys. It's the next man up mentality which is what we've had and I thought the guys did really well with that."

Q: Did a great job on (Ryan) Kerrigan, was that a special point of emphasis?

NAGY:"Not necessarily. We knew he was a special player and he's having a great year right now. For us, that defensive line I thought they worked well as a unit so if you focus on one guy in particular, could get you in trouble. But overall, Kerrigan didn't have the numbers game, but he's a hell of a player."

Q: Has it been an unusual number of top-notch defensive lines?

NAGY:"That's what it feels like. You take that and you get with our defensive line in training camp and it just stretches out even more. Each week, I think it's a trend right now in the NFL, but it just seems every team you play has a dominant defensive line. But that's a challenge for us, so it's good."


Q:Can you talk about the play of Terrance Mitchell lately?

SUTTON:"I think Terrance had a really good game this past week against the Redskins. As I've said here before, Terrance plays every play like it's an individual play no matter what's just happened to him, good, bad, indifferent, he plays the next play and that's a really great trait. I thought he played really well, made a couple really good pass break ups in the game against Washington and I think he's getting better every week. I really do."

Q:What does the addition of Will Fuller bring?

SUTTON:"He's got great speed. That's what Will is noted for. He can run right past you and you know he's going to run past you, but he's just fast. That's the dynamic he brings. He gives them another dimension. They've got some pretty good receiving guys there. Obviously DeAndre Hopkins, 10, is an outstanding player. Will's got the great speed in there and they have about three or four guys in there that are playing pretty good for them right now."

Q: Reggie Ragland, what did you see from him?

SUTTON:"I thought he did a nice job. That's exactly right, we hadn't seen him live at all. We got him late here obviously and we just thought through essentially his work on the scout team that, hey this guy has got a chance, we think he deserves an opportunity here. I thought for the first time out he did pretty good. Like anybody who misses time for any reason the first thing you have to get back out there is your reaction time and sometimes you see what you want to do, but you just can't make your body do it quite as quick as you'd like to. I just think that part of his game is going to continue to improve, obviously the more he's out here and the more reps he gets in that regard."

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