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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Dave Toub, Matt Nagy and Bob Sutton spoke to the media Thursday



Q: **Was it just a matter of time for Tyreek (Hill)?

TOUB: "That's what I said last week and then he ends up doing it. The key with him is getting him to the edge, we'll get him to the edge then all bets are off. Then everybody is just going to go up field and block."

Q: They're kicking it to him?

TOUB: "I'm not sure they really wanted to. The first one they kicked it out of bounds, that was their plan. But it's hard to do. It's hard to do that throughout the game and try to keep the ball away from him."

Q: Do you still plan on using Demarcus (Robinson) some on special teams?

TOUB: "Yeah. If a guy could help us on one phase and he's a starter and he can help us on another phase we'll use him. We're a little different than a lot of teams that way."

Q: Your rookie kicker – has he exceeded your expectations?

TOUB: "He's doing a great job. He's really hitting the ball well right now, he's got a real good rapport with (Dustin) Colquitt and (James) Winchester. He's feeling comfortable. We feel comfortable with him. He's got a lot of confidence. I mean the last kick was a 49-yarder and if you're watching the tape you can't tell if he made it or missed it. He just kicked it and it went through and there's no emotion. It's like you've got to have some celebration, it's a nice kick."



Q:** Can you give us a quick analysis of what you see on the Steelers defense?

NAGY: "They do a lot of things. I think the big thing with them, and it reminds me of the past couple of years, is you go back and you see the stuff that they do, some of it's unorthodox to their advantage. There's not a lot of tendencies. One of the things that's going to be important for us is being able to try to find any tendencies we can and work with it. Other than that just be able to play fast. They're good at what they do, their scheme is great and you've seen that the past several years."

Q: Is it the kind of offense that you feel like you still have to put up a lot of points against?

NAGY: "That's a good question. I feel personally, and we all know, that they can score a lot of points at any given time. It's a crazy game. It's up and down. You have highs and lows. They had one of those games last weekend that just didn't go right for them on that side. But they're going to fix it. They have too many good vets on that team and they're very well coached. For us on offense we try not to worry about that. We have a lot of faith in our defense and let's just control what we can control. That's the offensive side of the ball for us."

Q: I know you've faced him before but what kind of problem does 97 (Cameron Heyward) present?

NAGY: "He's a beast. He's powerful. He can be a game changer. He's special guy and when you get together on Monday morning and you start talking about players that they have on defense you put a green star next to his name." 

Q: How did the offensive line play overall?

NAGY: "Pretty good. The guys collectively did well. Again, we've seen some really tough fronts defensively with these D-Lines that we're seeing. I thought in a hostile environment early on with some of those guys, now granted J.J. (Watt) and (Whitney) Mercilus did go down early, but at the same time it's a physical game and we were really happy with the way our O-Line played."

Q: What stands out to you about (Ryan) Shazier?

NAGY: "Well, we got a chance to see Ryan at the Pro Bowl this year and see him up close and personal. He's super smart, super fast, plays hard, his energy level is out of this world and when you have guys like him on your defense you're going to succeed."

Q: Does is make it more difficult to plan knowing that Shazier freelances a little bit and has the freedom to do his own thing sometimes on defense?

NAGY: "It does. It can make it more difficult just because you have certain coverages that this guy right here he's supposed to play it this way and he doesn't because that's who he is. He's able to do that. He's been successful doing that. So he'll break some of your coverage rules that you have with the guys so it makes it a little more difficult."

Q: What does Demarcus (Robinson) do best and why can he be a good fit filling in for Chris (Conley) or wherever he winds up?

NAGY: "Very talented route runner and then ball skills. Really good ball skills. For us the biggest thing with Demarcus is going to be making sure that we don't overload him too much with a bunch of different stuff. Make sure we balance it a little bit to let him play fast."



Q:** Which (Ben) Roethlisberger do you get this week?

SUTTON: "I would imagine we're going to get the one that always plays well against us. He obviously had an off day but I think his overall work over the number of years he has been in the league speaks for itself. He's a dynamic player. Can do things that very few other quarterbacks in our league can do. His ability to extend the play and really just stay within the confines of behind the line. He has such great vision downfield, that's what makes him so dynamic in those situations when he's moving and scrambling. Big man, very difficult to get on the ground. You can be hanging on him, you can do all those things but at the same time he can see the entirety. He'll be scrambling out to his right and he'll throw it over to the farthest left corner of the end zone. That puts tremendous stress on the defense, the backend people, the cover people, really difficult because not only does he extend it, he uses the whole width of the field when he moves. Big time challenge, obviously there's a lot of weapons behind Ben (Roethlisberger) on that offense too."

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