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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Matt Nagy, Bob Sutton and Dave Toub spoke to the media on Thursday



Q:** What stands out about the Giants defense?

NAGY: "They do a lot of different things. More than any team we've seen so far. Cover 0, cover 3, cover 4, cover 5, cover 6, cover 7, cover 8, etc., they do it all. They make you prepare for a lot of different things and that's what they do."

Q: Fans breakdown a team and they are 1-8, but I'm sure that's not what a coach sees.

NAGY: "No. You go back and you watch their game film and of course people see the record, but you get to see some of these games and where they're at and where it turns within the game. You look at the Seattle game when they played Seattle and they're in the game the whole time, fourth quarter they kind of lose it. Philadelphia they're down 14-0 early, you know early in the season, they come back 21-14 and then Philly wins on a last second field goal from 61 yards. This team, they're not what their record says. They're a good football team. Yeah they are going through some things right now, but that's adversity and normally adversity brings the best out of everybody."

Q: That play at the end of the first half in Dallas, I imagine you have a number of things you could go to in that situation why that one?

NAGY: "You're in a situation there where at the end of the half you're thinking just get out of the half, but then they had the penalty and that gave us a free 15 yards. So now you're thinking is there a chance for us to be able to try to get in the end zone. You never know what can happen and that's situational football and I think it's just so important. We work as players and as coaches to go over those type of situations with the guys and the beautiful thing is that you go over it each and every week for years now and they see different clips, we show them different teams that it could happen to. For that to happen and come to fruition just goes to show that anything can happen. That was a big part of the game and those guys just did an awesome job blocking and executing."

Q: How important was it for Charcandrick (West) to get out of bounds on the play before?

NAGY: "If he doesn't get out of bounds it's the end of the half. Those guys understand that. They take notes and they listen and they execute. Again, these guys, it's such a credit to them because they get to see when that does actually happen how good it feels to run in at halftime after scoring a touchdown."



Q: **Been going with Kenneth Acker the last couple games, what's gone into that decision?

SUTTON: "I think it's like anything, we're trying to improve at as many positions as we can. We thought (Kenneth) Acker had done a good job at practice. He's obviously played for us before so we tried to look at him and see if we can get him going a little bit and improve it. He did a good job, he's still got areas that he needs to improve. (Terrance) Mitchell is still in the picture, Phillip Gaines is still in the picture, all those guys are in the picture. It's like every position on our team, you're working every week to get better. We as coaches are trying to evaluate that as close as we can. Like Andy (Reid) always says, one of our deals is to try to get the best player on the field as many times as we can. A lot goes into that, you've got to be dependable, you got to be available, all those things that go into that. But yeah he's done a good job and we just thought we had to take a look at another guy at that position."

Q: What did you think of Tamba (Hali) for the first time?

SUTTON: "I thought he did a good job. I mean he's had like no plays. No plays in practice up until the last week so I think for a guy to go out there like he did, I mean 21 real accountable plays and maybe 23 total, thought he did a pretty decent job. Tamba's always going to bring you energy – that's a staple of him. One of the most important qualities of a pass rusher is to be relentless because you're going to get blocked most of the time and you've just gotta keep fighting within the play and within the series. Again that's kind of a staple or a pillar of his, is how relentless he is. It was great to have him back."

Q: What steps have you taken to get better against the run?

SUTTON:"I think you know the run is a team effort, so that's the starting point. It's going to always involve all 11 guys. The teams that really run the ball well in this league, they usually involve all 11 on offense. In other words the receivers are very good blockers. They can get you out of the eight-man box by going in there and digging you out. So consequently, you've got to be able to answer that bell all the way across, that's the first part. The second part is you have to be able to play great technique up front. That's attacking, striking the blocker, the ability to shed and get off blocks. Defense, a stalemate isn't a win for you on defense. You've got to get off the block and make a play. On offense if you stalemate a guy, usually you got a back like Ezekiel (Elliot) or those kinds of backs, it's going to be hard. You've got to whip your blocker and go. So I think we've improved in that and as long as we keep working and it's being exact in your fits and all those kinds of things. The most important part to me is if you're going to strike and attack the blockers and reset the line of scrimmage and say okay look, this is how it's going to be. Then again you've got to be coordinated with what we spoke of at first."



Q: **What do you see with the Giants special teams?

TOUB:"Really big, physical group. You'll see, especially on kickoff, you'll see them come down and two gap a lot of guys and knock them down, so we have to get ready for a physical game. We know that's the way it's going to be."

Q:With the bye week we're at a good midway point, how do you feel like you are as a special teams unit right now?

TOUB:"Right now I think we're doing okay. There's always things to improve on. I think our kickoff return I'd like to get that going and better than where we're at right now. We've had opportunities but it's always been like one or two guys that we don't finish getting them blocked that prevents us from getting a big one. I think we're close but we're just not there yet. So we just have to do a better job blocking. Punt, I think (Dustin) Colquitt's having a nice year right now. He's hanging the ball up well for us. Our gunners are doing a good job, we just have to keep that going in the right direction. Then (Harrison) Butker's solid."

Q:How do you really evaluate the effectiveness of a punter from your perspective?

TOUB:"Making sure that he doesn't outkick the coverage. Making sure that he's not hitting a line drive ball where we can't get to it and it's impossible for our gunners and our inside guys to get there. He's very unselfish. He's a team player and he's going to give us what we need. If we ask him to hang it up that week he'll hang it up. He's not worried about his numbers, that's why I like Dustin so much. He's a team guy and that's really what makes him good for us."

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