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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Dave Toub, Bob Sutton, Matt Nagy, Darrelle Revis and Derrick Johnson spoke to the media Thursday


Q: When other units are having their problems, could special teams make a game winning difference?

TOUB: "We feel like that every week. No matter what happens. When we don't make a big play, we feel like it was a bad game for us. Last week we felt like we didn't contribute to helping us win that game so it was disappointing. But we can bounce back and have a good one this week."

Q: What does Charcandrick West provide as a kick returner?

TOUB: "We were trying him in there. I wanted to see. We never did it before and I wanted to see if it would provide a spark. We didn't do a good job blocking. That game was not a good game for us on special teams and we had some guys run down free and didn't really give him an opportunity. We're going to continue to use him. In my mind we've got three guys that can do it. Depending on what return we run and stuff like that and what we're going to get in that game, we'll use a different guy. But he's got a chance."

Q: Late in the games, are you tempted to use Tyreek Hill?

TOUB: "I'm always tempted to use Tyreek Hill. But we have to be smart. He's getting so many reps. He gets so many reps on offense. I never want to lose him on punt return because I think that's a huge threat. I'm happy to have him there. Down the line if we're in a game and the situation is we have to have a kick return, Andy (Reid) will probably come to me and say hey throw him in there. That's probably what it'll come down to."

Q: His opportunities are getting fewer on punts.  

TOUB: "Yeah, what's happening if you haven't noticed is that teams are kicking rugby kicks to us. They're kicking high – they don't care about how far they kick the ball anymore. So we're getting a 39-yard kick that's a high hang time and it's impossible to get a return. But our guys are working. They're trying to get him one. He'll wait to the last second to make a fair catch to try to steal one but by then the coverage is on us so we just have to continue to do a good job blocking and hopefully those guys will miss a ball here and there. When they do miss it we'll have to make them pay."


Q: What's been the thing that made Darrelle Revis standout?

SUTTON:"I think obviously he's a really, really talented football player. Had a great skillset. I always felt watching him, his attention to detail, his work ethic, his preparation was really unique. He could have been a great player without doing any of that because he's a really good talent. But he always wanted to be more than that and he worked very diligently at it. I think those are traits that, to me, really separated him. He's blessed with really good talent but he also had these other qualities that I think allowed him to maximize everything that he had from an athletic standpoint."

Q: Do you still see that from him?

SUTTON: "He's a detailed guy. He knows the scout team receivers are supposed to be split at two yards outside the hash, or two yards outside the numbers on that route. He'll go over and say run that route from that split. That's his study and his preparation and he's a real smart football guy. I just think he does a tremendous job preparation wise."

Q: How similar is the language as to when you were with him before?

SUTTON:"From when we were together it's similar. You just have to remember that he's been in at least three different systems since then. I think it's coming back for him. I don't think it's that challenging for him from that standpoint. There's always the little things that you have to go through to have everything down but I think he'll be okay in that area, I really do."

Q: What's reasonable to expect from him on Sunday and the rest of the season?

SUTTON: "We probably aren't going to know from really playing until he gets out and plays. I just know that he's going to be well prepared. He's played a lot of football in his career and played at a pretty high level. I think he'll be fine. We talked about this a hundred times about people that just are coming back, there's that reaction time that you can't duplicate till you're out there. You can train, you can work out, you can do that, but you've got to be able to see things at those instances like that and I think the more he plays and the more he practices, the better all that's going to become. I think he'll be able to operate pretty good."

Q: What tells you that last year was just an off year and instead of a career decline?

SUTTON: "Nobody probably knows for sure. I think knowing the player and I think he was battling some different injuries. I think he said he wasn't in the best condition of his life in that regard. So I guess that's where we're laying our hope is that was an exception. There's no question that everybody as you get up there you're going to have that gradual decline and I don't care what position you are – you've got to rely on your other things that allow you to be successful. Your knowledge, your technique, your preparation and all that's got to be ramped up and do a good job. But we obviously have to wait and see, but I think he'll be okay out there."

Q: How have you seen him move out on the field?

SUTTON: "Good. Again the speed of practice is not the speed of the game. As much as we try to make it as close as possible, it's still not quite the same look that you get in a game. The guy running the card doesn't know exactly what he's doing, so you don't have that. But I think what we've seen, we got a pretty good feel that he's going to be okay."


Q: Orson Charles, I know it's been a little while since he's been out on the field, but what have you seen from him and how can he be utilized?

NAGY:"He's a strong football player that is obviously learning this offense, but he's been around for most of the time. A guy that really plays hard and plays strong and tough and physical."

Q: Has it been hard to go back through the tape the last couple of weeks on offense and see some of the missed opportunities?

NAGY:"It is. It's hard, but again that's part of the game and those guys know it. I've said it from the beginning when things go bad none of it's from lack of effort. Number one you start with that. As long as you have effort this thing will turn around. We understand that. Then you go in and you start watching the tape, number two, and you see where's the execution at. We've been saying that it's been one little thing here or there throughout and the want is there to get better and improve. The last few weeks it hasn't been there, so as coach has been saying to us all week there's a sense of urgency for us to understand that and accountability for everybody, players and coaches. It's not because of no one trying. It's not because of lack of effort. Trust me, we all want to win. We all understand what's going on and we're going to do everything we can to fix it."

Q: How do you tell whether (Patrick) Mahomes is making progress and is any more game ready than he was at the start of the regular season if you guys were to need him?

NAGY:"There's no real way to tell that until he's put out there in that situation. One way you do watch is you get to see some of the things that he does in practice and that he did in training camp. But again, going into this training camp we had no idea as a rookie him coming in how he was going to fair in training camp. You just really don't know that answer until that happens."

Q: You've obviously worked with Andy for a long time and there's ups and downs to every season. Over the years how have you seen him deal with people questioning his lineup choices and his process without overreacting?

NAGY:"It's because of his experiences. He's been through so many different ups and downs in his coaching career and so a few years ago, we all know, we all went through it, we went 1-5. For a lot of guys that's the first time going through it and you start looking in the mirror like 'okay, what can we do' and there was never panic with coach. That's calming for everybody, for players and coaches and when you have that calm you stick together and then you focus on yourself. Usually when that happens good things occur. As hard as it is to try to stay patient and people getting frustrated, we're frustrated we understand it, but you have to stay the course. You have to trust the process and that's what every single person in this building is doing."

Q: Do you ever hear some of the rumors that you'd be an attractive head coaching option?

NAGY:"You hear it, but for me, and I know it's a cliché, I'm truly focused on just trying to get this next win. That's what's most important right now and that's a focus for every one of us coaches. It's humbling, but at the same time my focus isn't on that right now."



Q: **What are you expecting on Sunday?

REVIS:"I really have no idea of what to expect. I haven't played the majority of this year, this football season. For me, I'm just excited to get back at it."

Q:I know it's kind of a coincidence going up against the Jets and how it falls that way, but is there any extra motivation for you?

REVIS:"No, I don't think it's any extra motivation. For me throughout my career it's always been about timing and I just felt that where I was at in my training that I was fit and ready to come back to play football."

Q:Is that part of the reason you waited so long into the season to sign? What about Kansas City was appealing?

REVIS:"During my whole process of training and not being in the National Football League I took a step back and just really focused on my philanthropy work and my non-profit and continued to stay training. Through that whole process, Kansas City has always made the phone calls to try to get me on board to play for them."

Q:How do you think the fans will receive you on Sunday?

REVIS:"We will see. I'm sure it's going to be exciting to see."

Q:Do you feel like you need to prove anything to the Jets?

REVIS:"No. We have a long history. I've played there since 2007. I had an awesome time there. We had our runs, our AFC Championships back-to-back that we missed out on. Great guys, great teammates and coaches that I've been around there. Most of my legacy was with the Jets. I don't think anything personally. I'm just on another team. This is my fourth ball club throughout my career. Now I'm focused on our team goals and what we're trying to do as a team and accomplish."

Q:You played against the Jets when you were with the Patriots a couple times, so you have gotten this out of your system or at least for that portion of career right?

REVIS:"Yeah I had to see them twice in that conference and then in 2013 when I played for Tampa. Our first game Week 1 was against the Jets as well. For me personally, I don't think there's any ill will or anything to take a stab back or get back at the Jets for any reason."

Q:There's only so much that you can learn from running around at practice physically, but how have you felt the few days you've been running around with the team?

REVIS:"I think yesterday was probably my best day where I felt the most comfortable with the play calls. For the most part it's getting out there with the guys, getting the chemistry. I haven't been a part of the team the whole year, so for me it's just been taking a step back, learning everybody's personality, learning Coach Reid's personality and the coaching staff. Just really soaking it all in. It's an opportunity for me to get back playing great football."

Q:What have you learned about being around the guys and the vibe in that room?

REVIS:"Fun group. Every position group has their own personality but then you also can see how it all comes together on Sundays. I'm happy to be a part of it and I'm looking forward to it."

Q:What do you think of the season Robby Anderson's having?

REVIS:"Great. Last year we were teammates. Super fast guy. He's one of the number one deep threats in the league this year. He's playing well. He's playing great."

Q:Because it's been a little while since you've played, it would make sense that they would come after you if you do get out there playing. Is that something that you welcome if you get out there the first time that they want to see how you're doing?

REVIS:"You know what, at this point I wouldn't put it past any team or any offensive coordinator. Their game plan is what their game plan is and we have to have to focus on our game plan and execute as a defense."



Q: **What is it like seeing Revis out there as a part of the team?

JOHNSON:"Well, I am biased with the older guys. Revis is a guy that's knowledge is out the roof. He brings a lot of smartness to our group. With him on the field, he knows Sutton's defense or half of it already because he was in it. To get him out there and moving around, breaking on balls. He was the best in the league at one time and, trust me, he still has something in him. We can use him."

Q:What have you seen the last few games from the run defense?

JOHNSON:"You have to play more team defense. In order to stop the run, in order to do anything, you have to make a conscious effort to do it. You don't just go out there and say, 'Oh, we will stop the run today.' It is like, 'Hey, this has been talked about each week.' Early on, we were getting gashed at times, but now, it is talked about throughout the day. We are not going to get complacent on that. Stopping the run is going to help our team win down the stretch. We have to get tougher as this November and December comes around. Most of all, we have to win. We have to win right now."

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