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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Dave Toub, Matt Nagy and Bob Sutton spoke to the media on Thursday



Q: **The rookie finally missed one?

TOUB: "Yeah. We found out that he's human. He's not a cyborg. He handled it well, he came back and made another one. I told him that it's the start of a new streak. It's the start of a new streak and that's the way we look at it."

Q: Anything you saw in that kick?

TOUB: "No. He just kind of pushed it. He hit the upright, it could have bounced in, it was that close but he just pushed it right. Just a bad line."

Q: When deciding to take a ball out of the end zone, what do you teach those guys to see from behind?

TOUB: "Depends on week to week. It depends on how much hang time we're getting. It depends on what the coverage teams are, how good they are. We'll tell them five yards, two yards, nine yards. It's week to week, but we need to do a better job. We need to do a better job when we come out, we need to do something with it. We need to get that ball past the 25-yard line."

Q:Do you consider having them kneel down more?

TOUB: "Yeah we do. We consider that. It's all part of it. If we don't start getting the ball out then we're going to have to start taking a knee a little more. The pressure is on them to get the blocks and the pressure is on the returners to get it out. I'd like to – in a perfect world – put the pressure on the kickoff team. That's what we want to keep doing. Take a shot on goal. Take a shot at getting a big play. No risk it, no biscuit. That's the way it is."



Q:** Where have you seen the biggest area of development in Tyreek Hill?

NAGY:"For Tyreek the biggest challenge for sure is understanding that he's a marked man every game as a wide receiver. So he's coming into these games and they're game planning when they go into it. Last year he was kind of new to the scene and we used him in different areas. Not that we're not still doing that now, but they're putting in game plans for him. He's adjusted well to it and he reaped some of the benefits last week."

Q: What's your biggest challenge to him to continue progressing?

NAGY:"The details at that position. There are so many details and understanding the work that goes into it throughout the week, knowing the adjustments to every route and when you get in the game it might not be exactly what you saw or exactly what you thought so being able to adjust to that."

Q: Kareem Hunt just got the nine carries in the last game, but he had a good offensive day as whole so when you're looking at it was that just taking what the defense gave you or did you want to get him the ball more?

NAGY:"27 is a special running back and we understand that, so in a perfect world would you like him to get more carries? Yeah. We had 44 plays, so that's part of it. Now we do different things in the run game and we've done it all year. So it just happened to be one of those games, but you can't be one dimensional. Whether that's running the ball all the time or passing the ball you have to be able to be balanced. In this game it just so happened to be that he didn't get quite as many carries, but it's not like we're not trying to get him the ball."

Q: How different was your preparation knowing that you might have more on your plate during game day in terms of play-calling?

NAGY:"I think what it does is it forces you to play situations more throughout the week. So when you're going through different situations in the game, what if this happens? What if that happens? So it's good for you. Not that I wasn't doing that before, but all in all it's just again as a player it's one thing when you're in training camp and running plays and it's another thing when you get in the game and it's full speed. So that's how it went. It was a good experience for me and the preparation is pretty similar."

Q: When did Andy first talk to you about doing this?

NAGY:"We talked about it at the beginning of the week. We never made any concrete decisions. Coach is one of the best play callers that's ever been around in this league. He's a great play caller, but for him, he's voiced it to everybody here, he felt like we were in a position where he wanted to go this route. So we discussed it and when he felt like the time was right he came to me and said, 'Let's go do it' and that's what we did."

Q: Is there any difference in how you guys script the first 15 plays or is that still everybody in a room hashing that out?

NAGY:"We do it all together. We get together and hammer it out. We all give our ideas and it's been that way this entire year."



Q: **How do you think Revis played in his first game?

SUTTON:"I thought he did pretty good for the first time out of the box. To have 39 snaps, we looked up and said, 'OK, that's a lot for one half.' I thought overall he did good. The communication was good. From of system standpoint, he did a pretty good job. That is just a tough position to be in when you haven't played at all and you've had just two practices the week before and the three of that week. Overall, I thought pretty good and I think he is going to get a little bit better each week from a comfort standpoint. I am really just talking his own technique and that. Because no matter how much you trained and worked out and done it, it isn't the same as football movement, conditioning and response. You can't simulate it because it is happening at all different times and all different segments of your technique. Sometimes it happens after the first or second step and other times it happens down the field and you have to make that sudden movement and adjustment. I just think of it like most of these guys that are out, whether you are coming off an injury or on a team right now, I thought pretty good. And I thought he did a pretty good job yesterday in practice. I think he will just get better and better here."

Q:What is the challenge here without Marcus Peters?

SUTTON:"I think the challenge is the Raiders, to be honest. They are a very good offensive football team. They have a really good collection of weapons. From Cooper and Crabtree to the tight end and they have big old Beast Mode. They really have three backs in there that are pretty good. They have one of the biggest and best offensive lines in the league. That is the challenge, is the Raiders. So we have to do a great job against them and competing. They certainly got the best of us the last game out. We have to see if we can play much better than when we played them before."

Q:How much will it change for you defensively?

SUTTON:"It doesn't change dramatically. You guys have asked me a thousand times about why doesn't he shadow, why doesn't Marcus do this, and it is because our system is set up so, certainly Marcus is a really good football player and we will miss him, but it is just part of football. Whether it is injury or whatever. We can't really change this late and really do much different than what we would do. Guys stepping up and got to play their tails off."

Q:Is Kenneth Acker the next guy up?

SUTTON:"I wouldn't say that, I wouldn't tell you who it is going to be anyways. Honestly, we are rolling guys through both places.

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