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What We Learned From Thursday's Media Availability

Andy Reid spoke to the media on Thursday



Opening Statement: **"As far as injuries go, the guys that didn't practice today were Tamba (Hali), again we went inside, he'll be ready to go though. Rakeem Nunez-Roches with ankle sprain, it's day-to-day so we'll just see how he does here. I want to put this out there, Derrick Johnson was our Ed Block Courage Award winner and congratulations goes to him for coming back off of the two Achilles tendons and playing at the level that he played at. Tremendous. He comes out every day like he's 20 years old. I wish we all could do that. He loves life and loves every chance he has to be out here. With that, we had a good week of practice. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Titans. We know they're a good football team. You're not playing now unless you are a good football team. Again, it should be a great atmosphere. Look forward to getting all of our fans out there for the kickoff and I know those tailgates are sweet, but let's get inside. Get there early then get inside and let's roll. It's time to go."

Q: What has Albert Wilson done to get better?

REID: "Well he's worked very hard the last couple of years here in the offseason. I remember telling you guys about Jeremy (Maclin) and spending time with Jeremy, learning the game. That position takes a little bit of time to get everything down and he's done it, and played well. He'll have a big challenge on Saturday here. It's a good secondary as all of our receivers will, they've had a good week of preparation."

Q: Any one area of his game that you think he's improved in?

REID: "I wouldn't say one area. We've worked him at the slot and the outside. He's done well and improved at both those slots."

Q: How did he look in practice this week?

REID: "He did good. He's fine."

Q: He's ready to go?

REID: "Yeah, he'll be fine."

Q: There's been a few times over the year where you've defended Alex (Smith) – do you think he's underappreciated?

REID: "I think his numbers and everything, it speaks for what he is and I think the world of him. I think he's a phenomenal player. This offense, I wished I would have had him when he was a kid, he could have come up through this offense, I mean it's kind of built for him and his game. He works hard. He studies like crazy. He's in early, out late. Now he's at the point of his career that he can have a say, which is kind of neat to watch. He's done a nice job."

Q: Do you think he's underappreciated?

REID: "Well I kind of went around the boulder on the first one, I'm going to stick around the boulder. I don't know. I don't underappreciated him. Right now I've got 51 percent of the vote."

Q: One point of emphasis has been to stop the run – have you seen that?

REID: "Yeah, we've done better against the run. We can always get better and this will be a nice test for us. You better not have everything there because Marcus (Mariota) can throw the ball too. So we've got to make sure we have both together and you want that whole game, that's what you want when you get into the playoffs. But we've gotten better in that area, yes."

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