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What We Learned From Tuesday's Chiefs Media Availability

Seven Takeaways from the Chiefs media availability Tuesday

Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson explained where the team's offense stands with the game against the Arizona Cardinals coming up on Saturday.

"We're still in training camp mode," he said. "You get into these first couple of games and you really want to see everybody play, you want to get everybody on film so you can get a proper evaluation. You don't necessarily game plan for these games – we have a volume, a library of plays that we have right now that we'll pull from and keep it really condensed for the players so they can go and play fast."


Pederson was asked whether he believes wide receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. is ready to "take that next step."

"I think so," Pederson said. "I think you're beginning to see the gains and the strides from his hard work out here on the field. He's put himself in a really good position to play quite a bit for us on offense. He's a great special teams contributor for Coach Toub. He's done a nice job and I look forward to watching him in these games."

Pederson described that nothing has changed this training camp as far as preparation for the wide receivers headed into the regular season.

"We haven't done anything different," he said. "We've just probably executed better; we've put guys in positions better. Going into year three, we know our personnel now and we know the types of players that we have and we can use them in spots and use their talents to the best of their abilities. Schematically, we haven't changed anything."




Pederson addressed where WR Chris Conley stands considering the missed time due to his knee injury.

"Any time you miss significant time like he has, you're playing catch up just a little bit," he said. "That's why, when we get into these games, things get scaled down, we hone in more on specifics and they can go play that way.

"I do like where he's at mentally. He challenges himself every day, he studies, he takes notes in the meetings and he comes out here and listens and learns. Like you said, he is a very intelligent receiver and I just look forward to good things and big things from him later on in preseason."

With Zach Fulton (right guard) and Mitch Morse (center) garnering time with the first team over the past few days, Pederson explained where the team is in the process of finding the eventual starting offensive line.

"We are at that time of camp where obviously, bottom line, when you get to the regular season, you want to play the best five and there are still plenty of guys in there," he said. "We know what Zach Fulton does – he started 16 games for us last year, so now, we want to see Mitch in there and see how he handles going against the starting defensive front and spend a couple days there and see where he is at working with the first unit.

"We are still trying to put the pieces together, nothing is set. Nobody has necessarily made the team yet. We are still working on finding that five."

Allen Bailey

Defensive lineman Allen Bailey shared his evaluation of the offensive line thus far.

"They're tough guys," he said. "They've got to learn to work together a little more, but they're getting it together. Any time you get a new group of guys you always have to get that bond together. Luckily, our defensive line has been able to have a bond over the last few years."

Bailey said that he most likes going against veteran offensive lineman Ben Grubbs.

"Just because he's a crafty vet," Bailey said. "You can learn a lot from that."

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