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What We Learned from Tuesday's Media Availability

Andy Reid spoke to the media following practice on Tuesday

OPENING STATEMENT:"This week we started and just worked a little bit of our AFC West opponents. So we go our AFC opponent, so we scout that up, so if you see an interception, it's normally because the defense is up and it is a scout opponent. You will see that the rest of the week. All in all, good work today. We have had good work here. I will address the Jeremy Maclin situation because I am sure I will be asked about that. I think everybody knows, I am very fond of Jeremy. This gives him time to hook on with another team, which he will do. Jeremy can still play. This is part of the NFL business. I am not going to get into specifics with it. We go about weighing a bunch of different things. It is a decision we end up making. This is the worst part about the job, clearly. It is not easy for John (Dorsey), it is not easy for me or the coaches. But, it is decision we ended up making and we go forward. I've got a ton of trust in the young guys that they will step up and do a good job for us. The point that we have here is we've got some good players. We are OK there. Time's yours."

Q:Was there a tipping point for the decision on how long you had been considering it?

REID:"Dorse (John Dorsey) does most of that. That's mostly his area. I know he's had that rolling around for a while as he has gone through it."

Q:Was it all a business decision?

REID:"I am not going to get into it. You try to weigh everything, that is just how you do it. It is part of this game today. That's what it is. You get in there and you try to evaluate it and weigh it and then you make the decision and you go with it. You see it all over the league and that's part of it."

Q:Do you see one of the young guys being the go‐to receiver he was?

REID:"I think everybody has to be ready to go. I've never said we have a number one guy, that's just not where I have ever been with this thing. We try to mix it up the best way we possibly can. A few years ago you saw Jeremy catch a lot of passes, last year you saw Trav (Travis Kelce) with a lot of catches, and Tyreek (Hill) had a few. So you try to spread it around and put enough pressure on defenses as you possibly can."

Q:Will Tyreek get the first shot at the Z now?

REID:"You know how much we rotate people. But Tyreek would be in that position, yeah."

Q:What do you like about Tyreek's skillset at that Z position?

REID:"He works hard, he is skilled. Is he still learning? Yeah, he is still learning. I'll tell you that with receivers through a couple years here. That's what they do till they get all those defenses down. He will give you a good production I think at that position."

Q:What is it like to have that discussion with a guy you have had such a long relationship with?

REID:"I try to take the high road the best way I can. I know he is going to hook on with another team so I am happy for him there. And he still can play, he will have production. That is a positive thing."

Q:What about the guys on this side, the guys on the roster?

REID:"Listen, you know how this works. There are a lot of things that go into it and he had two good productive years for us."

Q:Trip MacCracken, your salary cap guy, is no longer with the organization. Does these two moves have anything to do with each other?

REID:"Zero. Zero on that."

Q:Do you worry about the message of "We are trying to win a Super Bowl" and then the locker room sees a guy like that get cut?

REID:"No, I don't worry about that at all. We have enough talent right here to do whatever we need to do. I don't worry about that. Plus we have a great locker room."

Q:Did you say anything to the team after that move?

REID:"No, we just move on. It is part of the game. These guys know it better than anybody, they know how this thing works."

Q:What about for a guy like Alex. He seemed to have a level of trust and seemed to go to Maclin when he needed a play?

REID:"Alex has been around. He has got guys that can make catches, too. He knows that and I think it is important that those guys know they have an opportunity and they will step up and do their thing. That's how this game works."

Q:Did you talk to Maclin and what did you want to tell him?

REID:"I did. Well, he knows I love him. I haven't changed on that. He is a phenomenal person and I wish him the best of luck. There is not much else you can say."

Q:Did you have any conversations with him on trying to rework his deal?

REID:"I am not going to get into that. I can't get into all that stuff."

Q:If Hill moves to the Z, could that affect his workload on special teams?

REID:"Listen, I have dealt with this with (Brian) Westbrook and DeSean Jackson. You can balance that out, they can do both. You just have to be aware of their workload and what's going on. But there is nothing that says they can't do both."

Q:What have you seen from the receivers that makes this decision easier?

REID:"Let me state that these decisions are never easy, that's not the issue. On the other hand, we have a lot of trust in the guys we have here. I will tell you that. They have worked their tail off, some of them for this opportunity, they're going to get a little more playing time. We have full trust that they're going to get the job done."

Q:Did you see something from the young guys at the receiver position?

REID:"They have done a good job. I don't know if I will be that specific, but we do feel a comfort there. I don't know if it was the last couple weeks or just with time here, we feel pretty good about it."

Q:How do you replace a guy like that in the locker room?

REID:"I don't think you replace him. That's not what you do. But we have other guys in there that are great leaders. They understand the game. We've got guys in here that have been around a while and have been in the league a while. I'm not taking anything away from him as a person now, he is phenomenal person and he is great in the locker room, but we have some other guys that are great in there, too. They will pick up any slack there."

Q:Do you see Demarcus Robinson or Albert Wilson fitting in that Z position in the future?

REID:"We are moving them around. You know what 12 (Albert Wilson) can do, and Demarcus, he is the young one that has come here up here a little bit and had a pretty good offseason. We will see how he does once we get going in the preseason."

Q:What do you like about the deep ball ability from Demarcus?

REID:"He can go after it. He is physical. He can run and he can do the short stuff, too. His strength coming in was he was good after the catch. Wherever you get it to him, that was one of his strengths. We'll see how he does here. And again, I am not saying he's that guy right now, but he's had a good offseason."

Q:Do you feel comfortable with the leadership in the wide receiver group?

REID:"Albert (Wilson) and Chris (Conley), they have spent a lot of time with Jeremy. And yeah, they will step that up. We have Greg (Lewis) here, too, that we have hired. Greg has been there, done that. He understands how that goes. I've got confidence in that group right there."

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