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What We Learned From Tuesday's Media Availability

Andy Reid spoke to the media on Tuesday


REID:"On injuries, I would just tell you that it is the same two guys I mentioned last night. That's what I will stick with. I will know more when they get here. Again, not much has changed since I looked at the tape. I feel the same way. I thought it was good to get back on the winning side of things. Sometimes that can be a little tough to do. We kind of battled ourselves in some spots, but I thought we also made some real nice plays. Came out with plenty of things to work on. But there were some great individual efforts. The turnovers, it was great to get those. Marcus got us going with the two turnovers, the strip fumble and the interception. Again, I thought Alex (Smith) had a good day on the offensive side. I thought the offensive line pass protected well. I thought our receivers, in particular Kelce, he had a really good game and the receivers did a nice job. We didn't take advantage of every opportunity we had down there. I will take responsibility for that. We had three other opportunities to score touchdowns instead of field goals and we didn't do very good there. I thought Butker really had a nice day. He really played well. Very consistent. He was cool under the gun, it was a really nice thing."

Q:What did you think of Steve Nelson after watching film?

REID:"Yeah, I thought he did a nice job. He made some nice plays early. He didn't have a ton of opportunity after that. It was kind of like what I was saying last night. But early, he had a couple real nice plays. He brought some energy there, too. He was fresh and a live wire so he did good."

Q:Was that the plan that Nelson would be in the nickel?

REID:"Yeah, the plan was to get him in and play in the sub group and that is kind of what we stuck to. And then we were just checking with him to see how he was doing as we went. But he seemed to be doing OK. I am sure he will be sore today, but he did a good job yesterday."

Q:How did Terrance Mitchell handle not getting the snaps yesterday?

REID:"He is a competitive guy. I am sure he wanted to be in there. That is how he is. But I thought he handled it like a pro and wasn't a distraction. He always has a good attitude and he maintained that."

Q:How did you think Acker performed?

REID:"I thought he did some good things. He has some things he has to work on but he will do that on the drawing board. He did some things that were OK. He had a nice interception."

Q:Will Terrance Mitchell be given an opportunity to re-earn playing time in a situation outside of injury?

REID:"We'll see how all that works out. That's something Bob (Sutton) will go through with Al (Harris) and Emmitt (Thomas) and we'll get together on that. It's like I said last night, sometimes you can take a step back to take a step forward and we'll see how things go as we go forward. We're going to play who we think is the best guy for the situation at that particular time, so nothing's absolutely in cement."

Q:The game log said 22 rushes for 141 yards right in the middle against the defense last night, is that where the biggest problem is against the run and do you feel like there is a solution for it if it is?

REID:"There's solutions. We have to do a better job in there for sure. Some of those came against our sub group and the matches there they got us. We've got to do a better job fundamentally, technique-wise, fundamentals, etc. It wasn't just necessarily right up the middle, it was spread around a little bit too."

Q:I know with the injury to Dee (Ford) that Tanoh (Kpassagnon) got to mix in there as well. I was wondering in talking with Bob if there was a plan to start to get him some more action or was that just a situation in which you needed somebody because Dee was hurt and Justin (Houston) took some time off at the end?

REID:"We rotate them in practice and then we've been gradually talking about getting him in the game and getting him some experience there, so he was probably going to get some towards the end of that game anyways. Not because we had a lead, but that was just the way it was going to work in the second half. It ended up working out with Justin coming out of it we kind of figured that was going to be the situation."

Q:With the trade deadline coming up do you expect you guys will be active at all?

REID:"I know (Brett) Veach is all over that. That's what he does. Honestly I'm trying to get caught up on Dallas because it's a short week. I haven't spent much time in that area."

Q:Assuming this is your 53, do you like this 53 going forward? Is this good enough to get you guys where you want to go?

REID:"Yeah I'm good with them. Absolutely, yes."

Q:Not knowing what the status is for Ezekiel Elliott on Sunday how does that change how you might prepare for the Cowboys, do you plan on him being there or look at a couple of different avenues?

REID:"He's a great player obviously. I have no idea what's happening there with it. I don't know how all of that works nor do I really care right now. We know they also have a couple of other backs, one I'm familiar with the kid that played at Washington and then obviously the kid that played at Oakland. They've got a few running backs that are pretty good football players. We'll prepare for their system and schemes that they use and go about it that way."

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