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What We Learned From Wednesday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, CB Marcus Peters and WR Tyreek Hill spoke with the Media on Wednesday

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Opening Statement:"As far as the injuries go, Albert Wilson did not practice today. He strained his calf a little bit yesterday. It's not too bad, but bad enough to where he couldn't practice today. [Daniel] Sorensen has a foot sprain and didn't practice today. Both of them are getting better which is a positive. We don't think their return will be too far away. Parker [Ehinger], you saw him leave yesterday, he's got a little bit of a foot sprain but he practiced today and he's fine.

"Today was a good practice. Today was a '10-10-10' practice -- it was all execution. I always like to give an extra shout out to our scout team for giving the looks we need so our offense can execute their plays. It's an opportunity for us to look at things that our defense and offense doesn't run, but we'll see during the season from other teams. Whether its coverages, fronts, or routes, it gives you an opportunity to work on those things. The players have tomorrow off and then we're back at it with a regular padded practice."

Q:What made Monday, in your opinion, the best day of going in full pads?

REID: "I'm probably stating the obvious. We've been together four years and have a lot of guys coming back. It starts with the first group. They set the tempo and then the next group knows what they're doing. The guys here have been around it and they came out and knew the routine and had energy. We also executed well and didn't have a lot of issues, offside penalties, or dropped balls. That's why I said that."

Q:Has that held up?

REID: "Yeah they did well on Tuesday. The next day is always a tough day. They came out and pushed through and they're trading back and forth now. As long as they're challenging each other, that's what you want. That's the way you get better. I've told you before, this group is like that and I'm glad they're competing this way."

Q:Has the weather helped at all or is that just a media story?

REID: "I don't know. This group here has been fed hot practices and we've handled that. We've also been through cold practices. From a coaching standpoint, I don't mind cool weather the first few days. It lets our guys get into the swing of things."

Q:Do you have a better idea of when Jamaal Charles and Tamba [Hali] might return?

REID: "I don't, no. We're literally taking it day by day and seeing how they're doing. That's where we're at on those two."

Q:What are some of the things you've seen that are positive out of Stevie Brown so far?

REID: "Stevie is a veteran player. He's getting a feel for what we're doing and asking of him to do. There's a little bit of a hesitation there, but he's getting better each day. So much of that position is moving around and having it down to where you can let your instincts take over for you."

Q:How do you best explain the team's ability to find all of this talent at the safety position?

REID: "I give the credit to [John] Dorsey and his guys. They do a good job at hunting guys up. They know what we need and what fits into the system on both sides of the ball. I give the credit to them. The guys they've brought in have incredible attitudes and have been able to help us out."

Q:Is the scout team drill for division opponents?

REID: "We're going to play teams that are Cover Two. We'll take the time to practice going against those formations that we'll see down the road. Or we can work different situations like an 'all screen' period where we work on different screen plays. We've got a little freedom to work on different looks with the scout team."

Q:With a players day off on Thursday, how do you guys approach getting this team better?* *

REID: "The guys are busy putting practice together and doing their things. They get a few hours off with a little down time -- not a bad deal. But after that, it's usually busy work with re-watching film and making sure we're headed in the right direction."


Q:Did you approach this any differently this year coming in as the number one guy opposed to what was going on last year?

PETERS: "No, not at all. I just have to step up with my leadership role. Last year, I came in with me just having to learn to become a leader and learn to become a part of this team. It's still the same."

Q:How does a receiver like Jeremy Maclin prepare you and make you better? 

PETERS: "He's a superstar. He's a top guy in this league. So, when we go out here and practice against him every day it helps me get better a lot. I'm trying to get to that point where I can become that perfect defensive player in the league. Until then, I'll continue to work with him and get better."

Q:What was the dialogue about between you and Tyreek Hill yesterday after a long play was made?

PETERS: "He's fast as hell. It's fun. That's the competition we need. That's what we'll need from him all through the season. I told him, "Man, we're going to need you to do that during the season, so just keep practicing.' He's doing a real wonderful job just coming in everyday and working, so just keep working, man."

Q:Do you have any advice for Tyreek Hill as a rookie transitioning through OTAs, camp and then the season?

PETERS: "Stay hungry. When the lights turn on you get to have a lot more fun. He's a real energetic person. He likes to dance and do all those things. So, just telling him to stay hungry and his time will come."

Q:Do you expect a lot of targets this year like last?

PETERS: "I expect the same. We got a great team all around. Defense, we lost some key points with Sean [Smith] gone, so I expect the same amount of targets. I'm just going to come with the same mentality. I've got to make my plays when they come."

Q:You talk about the leadership role – are you talking about emotional stuff? 

PETERS: "I'm talking about me doing my job and making sure I'm staying on point to where I'm not causing the team any harm. You know, I got to make sure I'm making my plays on the field. Like you said, the targets from last year were high, so I have to come out and prepare, keep preparing with [Jeremy] Maclin – top receiver in the league to get me better. You know, we've got to face some good receivers this coming year and just keeping myself prepared. So, my leadership role is, just don't talk about it – be about it. You just got to go out there and work as hard as you can to make those plays, and the rest will take care of itself. We got a team full of leaders. Like I said, last year it makes my job that much easier if I don't have to do too much – just play ball."

Q:When you guy are out here competing, you and [Jeremy] Maclin or any of the receivers, how much communication is there after practice? How much do you guys talk to one another?

PETERS: "Every day when we come into the locker room. Like yesterday when I got beat, all I told Tyreek [Hill] was, 'I just have to turn around and face you up and be in the position to really play with you instead of looking back for the ball'. Other than that Maclin helps me every time we finish anything, when we are talking or walking back to the huddle. That's what's going to help us get better. For us to help each other to grow and to win the Super Bowl we have to consistently do that on a day-to-day basis, and we're going to be fine."

Q:Thursday is a day off of practice for the players during training camp, how do you utilize that day so that there's no drop off for when you get back on the field on Friday?

PETERS:"I go hang out with my son. I go relax and get away from football for a day, and let my body simmer down. When we come back on Friday then its back to full go. I just go back [home] so I can get my balance in."

Q:We saw your productivity in your rookie season, what details are you working on specifically so you're at that same level and higher?

PETERS:"I have to capitalize on all of my opportunities. Last year I could have ended up the season with more than 8 picks, I dropped a few. It's about capitalizing on my opportunities and making sure I'm not making those small mistakes that I was making last year. Even if it's just taking the wrong guess like I took in the playoffs when Tom Brady hit us over the top with a big one. It's just making sure I guess right and I make my plays."

Q:What are you seeing from the other cornerbacks fighting for spots behind you? Is there anybody that has impressed you or stood out to you?

PETERS:"We're a talented group. We just have to come along and that's what camp is for, the first couple of days of camp. As camp goes on everyone gets a lot more comfortable and the speed of the game slows down and then you start making your plays. I love the talent and everyone is out here competing, and it's been a wonderful camp so far."

Q:Steven Nelson got to run a little bit with the ones today too, he was part of your draft class, do you think he's ready to take that next step and be more productive this year?

PETERS:"For sure yes. Steve has that confidence and he has that play making ability to come out here and be successful in this league. Like I said, we come out here, we compete, and we get ready for the season. Then when it's time, it's go time." 


Q: You had said back in OTAs that nothing mattered until the pads came on and you made some plays. Now you've come out here and made a few plays in just a few days past, what does it mean to you and what does it feel like to come out here in front of these fans and makes some plays?

HILL: "To me it still doesn't mean anything, I'm just like everybody else, I've got to get better each and every day. So that's my biggest thing, just staying focused, stay in the playbook, listen to the vets and then just doing what all the coaches are telling me to do."

Q: You got a deep ball on (Marcus) Peters the other day, that had to have been fun.

HILL: "I've always been told, 'act like you've been there before'. So it was just another moment in my life. Let's make a play, when it's your time, make a play."

Q: What did (Marcus Peters) say to you after that play?

HILL: "He didn't say anything. He was just like 'good job rookie'."

Q: How's camp been different than the OTA's, with fans out here and things like that?

HILL: "Camp has been great. The fans here are great. I think it's actually good, it gets us motivated to come out here and just try to make big plays each and every day. It's real competitive out here."

Q: Have you had any interaction with the fans?

HILL: "Just signing autographs, that's it."

Q: You said it doesn't mean anything. But three days of pads, do you think or feel anything different than you did Sunday night?

HILL: "No, no I don't."

Q: You've been moving around quite a bit. As far as absorbing the playbook, how has that process been coming along? Are there any guys that are helping you see things in everywhere that you're going?

HILL: "As far as the playbook, guys like Jeremy Maclin, Albert Wilson, really all of the veterans are doing a great job helping all of the rookies out with the playbook. Whether it's the depth on the route, or whatever. All of those guys do a great job with all of that stuff, so me as a rookie, that makes me feel comfortable and can't do anything but go out there and perform well. I just want to thank those guys and Coach (David) Culley."

Q: You've been the fastest guy on the field at every level that you've played football. At camp here, how close are guys to you? Do you feel like the gap is smaller than any other part in your career?

HILL: "It's no different. Of course I'm a track guy, but there are some differences. I mean every day is competitive so I'm out her, some days I get locked up and guys don't see that, but it is what it is."

Q: How do you feel about the way you've shown you can make catches? Do you feel pretty comfortable and confident when the ball is in the air?

HILL: "I've had a few drops so I got to get better in that area too. There are some things I've been working on after practice. I got to continue to get better every day. I just can't settle for, 'I'm good at it'. I've got to get better; I've got to become a pro at it. "

Q: How have you been received by fans out here?

HILL: "Fans, they've been great since day one. It's all love out here. I can't be anything but appreciative to the fans and everybody, so the fans have been great to me."

Q: Is there any part of you that was wondering how you would be received?

HILL: "I mean not really. I was raised in South Georgia and my mom always told me 'just go out there and do you, son'. I just try to stay tunnel vision, that's it."

Q: What kind of feedback has Coach Culley been giving you on your route running and developing as a receiver?

HILL: "He just tells me that since I'm fast, just slow it down a little bit and work your speed. I mean I just need to get all of that down, and once I get all of that down I'll be good."

Q: You seem to be the guy that has a lot of fun out there. How much fun are you having out there in an NFL camp getting a chance to show what you can do?

HILL: "It's definitely fun. Each and every day I come out here and just try to have fun, but there comes a time when there's fun and there comes a time when there's work time. I know when I see Coach Reid, it's work time, but when it's fun time I'll just be out there doing my thing."

Q: It's been a week's worth of training camp, how do you describe it so far?

HILL: "Got to get better. Route running, everything, I just need to get better each and every day."

Q: Do you set daily goals for yourself like, 'hey, today I'm going to do X'?"

HILL: "Yeah, like set goals like finish plays because sometimes I don't finish plays. Like as a receiver we get lazy and if we don't get the ball, we get lazy. So I've got to learn how to finish plays like professionals do, so that's one thing I've got to work on."

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