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What We Learned from Wednesday's Media Availability

Chris Conley, Demarcus Robinson and Tyreek Hill spoke with the media following practice


Q:How are you doing?

CONLEY: "Doing well. Doing really well. Phase III has been going well. I think all the guys are taking everything that we've been putting in and they're embracing the concepts and they're running it at a very fast pace and at a high level."

Q: How'd you find out the news about Jeremy?

CONLEY: "Jeremy called me shortly after he got off the phone with the staff here and just let me know he wasn't going to be here anymore, that we needed to take the things that he's taught us and move forward with it, that we know what to do and that we're ready."

Q: What did you say back to him and what did you learn from him?

CONLEY: "I told him thank you and to let me know where he ends up. Jeremy is like a brother to me. We're very close, and we'll stay in contact. He just taught me how to be a pro. Really when you come from college to the pros, you don't really play football at the level that you play here. You have to learn a lot of things. You have to learn how to carry yourself, how to come out here and practice every day and how to approach it."

Q:How different is your world with him not here?

CONLEY: "Not much is different. I'm still coming out here and doing what they ask me to do. That role is a little bit different now. I'm moving around to some different spots, doing some different things that Jeremy was doing. Other than that, things are really the same. I think we're getting on a good page with our quarterbacks and our offense is moving at a good tempo."

Q: How do you take what he's taught you and use that to become a leader for this group?

CONLEY: "I think the way that you become a good leader is you have to be a good follower first. You have to be a good listener. I got a lot of time just to be able to sit back and watch him and listen, and that's the way I think you help these younger guys. You just pay attention. It's not necessarily being a 'rah, rah' guy every day. Sometimes it's coming out here, seeing what they do and waiting until the end of practice and talking to them about what they need to get better at." 


Q:What's the group like now without Jeremy Maclin?

ROBINSON:"I feel like it's the same as it was when he was here.  If one guy is down, the next guy has to step up."

Q:Do you look at what happened as an opportunity or vote of confidence in you?

ROBINSON:"I mean, it's always an opportunity for somebody to get better once another guy leaves the team, so yes."

Q:How much more comfortable do you feel this year compared to this time last year?

ROBINSON:"A little bit more comfortable because I've been in my playbook way more than I was last year.  I've been learning the plays more on and off the field, I've been learning the plays on the field more than just reading it out of the book."

Q:Was this a busier offseason for you in that regard?

ROBINSON:"Oh yeah I'd say. I definitely would say I spent more time inside the meeting room this year."

Q:What was your routine like this year to get ready for the season?

ROBINSON:"I'd say just more outside of the classroom with the coach, meeting more than usual."


Q:With Jeremy Maclin no longer on the team, you have the potential to expand your role on offense, but do you see that changing your role returning kicks?

HILL:"No, I don't. I feel like it's still going to be exactly the same, I'll just be in there a little bit more and I'll still be doing returns. As far as Coach (Andy Reid), I feel like Coach does a great job on knowing how to use me and knowing my workload and stuff. Coach Reid does a great job, Coach (Dave) Toub does a great job. Those guys do a phenomenal job with all that because they had D-Jax (DeSean Jackson), (Brian) Westbrook and all those guys. So they already know what they're doing with that."

Q:What have you done this offseason to help you try and increase your workload?

HILL:"I've just been training more. I've been here this whole offseason with the other wideouts getting my route running down and just trying to learn the game more, so I just won't be this fast guy on the field. So I've just been here grinding."

Q:Do you think there is an unfair perception that being a shorter wide receiver means you can't be a primary wide receiver?

HILL:"Naw, man. It's all about what's in your heart. Steve Smith is the same height as me and he's a dog on the field. Size doesn't really mean anything to me. I just go out there and ball and do my job."

Q:Your name came up on NFL Top 100 the other night. What did that mean to you to be recognized like that among all your peers?

HILL:"I'm not going to lie, I got scared at first. Really at first I didn't know what to say, but going back and thinking, all I can do is thank God and thank this organization for giving me this opportunity because without them, without the coaches, without all of you all, none of this would have been possible. It's definitely great. I'm hoping to be higher next year but I just have to keep grinding."

Q:When you say scared, what do you mean by that?

HILL:"I got chills, you know what I'm saying? It's your rookie year and then you see your name, your peers, people that you played against voted you on that list. It's great man."

Q:What did you learn from Jeremy Maclin in your year as a teammate with him? HILL:"With Mac, I feel like the one thing that I learned the most with him is learning how to be a pro off the field, more than on the field. We spent time together on the field but people, they really didn't see us off the field. I feel like being around Mac off the field really helped me a lot showing me how to be a man, showing me how to be a citizen, showing me how to be a great teammate to my teammates."

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