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What We Learned from Wednesday's Media Availability

Bennie Logan, Jehu Chesson, Charcandrick West and Patrick Mahomes




Q:How is mandatory camp different than OTAs?

LOGAN: "To me personally, I don't look at it any differently, especially me being the new guy coming in. I enjoy both phases of it because it gives me a chance to learn the defense, get familiar with how things are going to be going this season, establish myself on the team and just put myself in position to play this season."

Q: What have you been working on personally?

LOGAN: "Individually, I'm just trying to get more familiar with the scheme, the things I can and cannot do in the system and just where my leverage is at and help support on defense. It's a different scheme for me, that's why I'm glad we had a minicamp so it can be more realistic so you can see how things are going to go. Everybody is here, so we can get familiar with the guys you're going to be playing next to you which allows you to play faster."

Q: What went into your decision to come to Kansas City?

LOGAN: "I talked to Spencer (Ware) through my free agency, and he was telling me just the chemistry they have here, how tight they are, the family and just the scheme. I played with Spencer at LSU, so he's a guy I trust and everything. I have seen the things that Kansas City has been doing over the years and I want to be a part of it to help them go farther than they went last year. Offense, defense, special teams, they've been a great team all around, so it's something I saw myself being a part of." 




Q:What do you think about practicing in the heat?

CHESSON: "Oh it's great. Hard on the body, good for the soul. We're just out here, embrace, enjoy it. The elements are great, so we appreciate it."

Q: Did you make that up or did you read it?

CHESSON: "I probably got that from Coach (Jim) Harbaugh."

Q: Just sum up your first experience of OTAs.

CHESSON: "It's been a blessing to come out here and compete with these guys. I really enjoy Coach (Greg) Lewis, how he approaches each day. He brings energy every single meeting, the guys bring energy to every single meeting. The NFL is great. My experience so far is great. I couldn't be more happy with Coach Reid and what he's been doing. We're just like everybody else, just trying to win a championship, and we don't shy away from it here. We're excited for it."

Q: How is the NFL different from college?

CHESSON: "To be honest, just splits for the field. The field is different. The game is played more in the middle. The hashes are much narrower than college ball, so that's the biggest difference coming from college to pro."




Q: Still off the Skittles?

WEST: "I'm still off the Skittles."

Q: Not one?

WEST: "Not one yet. Yet. I'm doing good."

Q: Looking back at your rookie year, how long did it take you to feel comfortable with pass protection, both the technique and the assignments?

WEST: "Year two. Yeah, rookie year you're so worried about coming out here and just doing everything right and fast. In my second year coming, it was like a night-and-day change. I could actually go out and play football instead of worrying about 'Am I doing this right?' Or 'Am I doing this wrong?'"

Q: Do you feel like that is the toughest transition at the running back position coming from college to the pros?

WEST: "Yeah, easily. Easily. We all know how to play football, we've been playing football all our lives. Now you've got guys that don't make mistakes, so you can't go out there and make mistakes. That may cost you a game."

Q: How was it having fans out here watching practice today? You don't get to practice in front of them except for a few times each year?

WEST: "It's good until you mess up and they get to see you get screamed at. They give us energy, it's not like in a game, but you have people cheering for you. It gives you a little extra motivation to go out and work a little harder."

Q: How do you see your role changing or evolving from what it was last year?

WEST: "We haven't gotten close enough to the season yet to really realize that. Right now we're all getting the same amount of work. I'm still going to come out and do whatever it is they ask me to do to help my team win."




Q: Do you feel like this is one of the best days you've had since you've been here?

MAHOMES: "It definitely was a good day.  It's all about stringing good days back to back and not having bad days. It's all about progression and I'm just trying to get better every single day."

Q: Any reason for that, did you feel more comfortable today?

MAHOMES: "Just knowing the playbook more and more, each day helps out.  You just have to stay on it and keep learning, that's how you put good days on top of each other."

Q: You guys are done tomorrow, what are you going to be doing until camp starts?

MAHOMES: "I'm going to go home, I'll train there.  I'm sure I'll have a quarterbacks coach or somebody come in and help me out a little bit.  Just trying to stay on top of the footwork and the playbook as much as possible."

Q: Do you have anyone in mind for a quarterbacks coach?

MAHOMES: "I haven't decided on one yet, but I'm sure I'll find one here in the next week or two while I'm still here."

Q: Do they have guys for you to do your workouts with or is that something where you just ask the guys here? MAHOMES: "Yea, you try to learn from other guys here that have experienced it before and then you have to have your own plan to and your own process that works for you.  I made a calendar and marked days where I throw, days where I work out and just try and do that."

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