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What We Learned in Friday's Media Availability

Transcript from the Friday press conference

OPENING STATEMENT: "Happy New Year. These are the injuries: Jah Reid and Tamba (Hali) did not practice today, Tamba, really just because we're working on the turf here and we don't want his knee to swell – both of them will be listed as questionable. Justin Houston practiced, (Husain) Abdullah practiced, both of those two are also listed as questionable.

And then, just so we head this thing off, with De'Anthony (Thomas), we put him on NFI, Non-Football Illness. It is not concussion-related. I just have to leave it at that, just no further questions on it and we move on with the Oakland Raiders. We know what kind of football team they are, we knew it when we went deep into the fourth quarter, very closely-scored with them. And we know that they're going to come in and play their hearts out and we're going to do the same. It should be a heck of a football game. We look forward to getting our fans out for it and packing Arrowhead Stadium up. Time's yours."

Q: Will De'Anthony Thomas be in your plans in 2016?

REID: "Listen, I really don't know on that. The question was 'will we have him in 2016?' I don't know that, that would be a Dorse question. I just fed you the information that I know."

Q: Was there a corresponding move to fill De'Anthony Thomas' roster spot?

REID: "There hasn't been so far. We'll see how that rolls. Again, that's kind of in John's area there."

Q: What do you think is going to be the determining factor if Justin Houston is able to play on Sunday?

REID: "Let's see how he did today. He got good work in, we'll just see how he feels. We'll take it from there. I've kind of said it's day-by-day and that's really what it is. He moved around pretty good today, we'll just see how he does here."

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